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I'm quite new to these forums, in fact, 1st post. Anyway, since you don't need to hear my life story here's my dumb problem.
I want to add alot of custom music to my hack (keyword is alot), and I thought I understood how to do it, but alot of them don't work.
Below are my notes of what I added everything to the rom with add music and such, and I even applied more.asm because I was using the perl version of addmusic.

11=DKC2 Overworld
12=Lost World Anthem
13=FFT World Map

24=DKC Fear Factory - Don't Work

28=DKC Aquatic Ambiance - Don't Work
29=DKC Forest Frenzy - Don't Work
2C=DKC2 Lockjaw's Saga - Very Quiet
2D=DKC2 Forest Interlude - Good. Forest.
30=DKC2 In a Snow-bound Land - Ice / After awhile repeats same 3 seconds all over again
31=DKC2 Rambi Rumble - Good / Chase
34=DKC2 Stickerbrush Symphony - Don't work
35=DKC2 Hot Head Bop - Don't work
38=KSS Meteos - Perfect (A Kirby Theme)
39=KSS Halberd - Repeats itself alot
3C=LoZMM Final Hours - Don't work
3D=PM Shyguy Toybox - Works like a charm. "Fun"
3E=PW3 Cross-Examination - Don't work
40=SMB1 Overworld - Perfect
41=SMB1 Bonus - Starts then loops the 5 beats
42=SMB1 Underwater - Loops at my favorite part :(
44=SMB1 Underground - Missing a good part
45=SMB2 Overworld - Loops at a good part yet again
46=SMB2 Wart - Perfect
48=SMB2 Underground - Repeats at first five beats
49=SMB3 Airship - Perfect
4A=SMB3 Fortress - Perfect
4B=SMB3 Hammer Bros - Niice
4C=DKR Spaceport Alpha - Don't work
4D=DKR Spacedust Alley - Sweeet
4E=DKR Caverns - Don't work
50=FZ Whiteland - Don't work
51=FF6 Celes jumps - quiet.. perfect
52=FF6 Searching for Friends - about 5 seconds in sound just stops.
53=FF6 Awakening - repeatative..
54=FF6 Terra's Theme - quiet..
55=FF4 Mysdia - quiet :(
58=FF6 Decisive Battle - High pitch squeal alot? FF6 was a long time ago for me o.0
59=FF4 Redwings - Cool
5C=FE7 Eliwood's Theme - Sweet
5D=SSM Teehee Valley - Don't work
5E=MKDS Waluigi Pinball - Don't work
60=MKDS Rainbow Road - Sweet
61=PM Koopa's Village - DOnt work
62=PM Dry Dry Outpost - Add Music wouldnt let me put
64=GSC Route 10 - Quiet..
65=SF64 Star Wolf - Cool
66=Tetris B - Add music wouldn't let me put
68=Tetris A - sweet
69=YI Crystal Cave - AWESOME
6A=YI Make Eggs Throw Eggs - Infinate loop too?
6C=YI Castle - Prolax.

I read a little bit on how to turn volume up with some word documents but I just want to be sure also "#0 w255" instead of whats there would fix it, right?

I tried to not suceed the 8000 byte limit on ever 4 musics.
Any help would help.
Oh and my hack is planning on being like a 100+ exit Luigi only hack, just incase you wanted to know. I wanted to add graphics today, but that didn't work out.
If you want all of my text files with all of them, you can have them, but they all have the numbers.
Ok, I just tried it, did the cmd "Addmusic.exe smw.smc -se" and then "Addmusic.exe smw.smc". Everything said it worked. I opened Lunar Magic go in there and change to 24 (DKC Fear Factory)
Loaded up went to 105 ingame with Znes, and upon "Luigi Start!" game crashed.

^Thats basically my issue.

Anyway, I have a 4097 KB rom, First thing I did was free space.

I'll check in more.asm if I need to set a free space, but I thought I did already, the first time.

If it makes it any clearer, I had a 513 Kb regular rom, got the Lunar Magic asm in it first, expanded to 4 KB, edited again with Lunar Magic, did the addmusic.exe smw.smc -se then addmusic.exe smw.smc
Still did what the youtube shows.
I'm swapping out on new roms from my last "save" before I even tried addmusic.
You have to set the ini? um..crap.. let me try it out after i set the..

You're a genius. I can't believe that's why it failed, I'm retarded.
I guess it seems that I forgot to fix the .ini after I switched to Perl and failed with the n spc certain music, so I switched back to Romi's, I didn't change the ini until you said it, and i didn't think I had to.

You freaking rock.
How do I change the game file select screen, such as
Mario A
Mario B
Mario C

like maybe to Luigi A, B, C...

What files would I have to use to change it too?
I want to change all Goomba's pallets to Pallete 8, without like adding a whole new cfg. Pallete 8 happens to be Luigi's colors, and I just finished adding YI Goomba's sprites, pixel by pixel. If I have to add a whole new goomba sprite as a last resort, then I'll have two pointless Goombas sitting in the sprite area.
Is there some kind of xkas that can do this for me or something? I'm really a noob at this stuff.
You rock, thanks.

I thought there was tool like that, but all I could find was the cfg editor found in Sprite Tool. Thanks again.
I'd like to even know the beginning on how to do this, but this is probably the fewest bit of asm I would need for a hack, so I'm going to ask, without trying to learn all the advanced asm and such.

I'd like to know how to put exgfx to use for certain powerups. I'd like for these powerups to be available all the time, kind of like the Cape+Raccoon patch. But I'd like for things like Hammer Mario. I haven't experimented with it yet, but maybe with the Hammer and Boomerang powerups I could make something up, but I guess this would be my main question:
How would I switch Mario gfx for more powerups? And would it even be possible midgame, like for Hammer mario have like SMB3 Hammer mario graphics. I can provide my own exgfx, I just want to know if I were to implement stuff like Cape+Raccoon, Hammer, Boomerang, and maybe some other stuff, how would I make it so that I can change so Mario changes exgfx when I get the powerup, and available all the time during the game.

If you get confused reading my three paragraph essay asking a simple question heres the tl;dr version: How can I implement exgfx with custom powerups?
Chachii, I can already port exgfx easily into my rom, thanks though.

Shellface, since I'm easily a retard, I'm worried about this:
; To use more than 2 GFX files: If you don't know ASM then just move along, you probably
; won't be able to do this.
that I found in there..
So how would I use it with the Hammer / Boomerang patch? I'm sure there is a bit of code I would need to use to put in the Hammer / Boomerang patch to call up the exgfx or some weird thing like that.
I'm clueless on asm, the best I could do is copy and paste.

Thanks so much for your help :)
Yeah thats the one I'm planning to use, but I thought it was just a pallete swap and not exgfx. I'm not even sure if it is a pallete swap.
Both if its possible,
I don't know anything except how to read comments for asm..
They don't have a guide about it, but I know it's possible, if someone can change graphics with level asm, I'm sure it's possible for someone to change graphics with a powerup.
I'm using KilloZapit's SMB2/Doki Doki Panic Health Bar, and I want to know how to either A) Gain a health point when I get any powerup OR, B) if Mario gets damaged, just removes the powerup without losing a health point.

; -------------------------------------------
; Patches
; -------------------------------------------
; Mushroom Item
org $01C510
	db $00, 00, 00, 00 ; Disable mushroom giveing item
org $01C515
	db $00 ; Disable flower giveing mushroom
org $01C51D
	db $00 ; Disable feather giveing mushroom
org $01C524
	db $00, 00, 00, 00 ; Mushroom always trys to make you big
org $01C561
	JML Mushroom ; New Mushroom pickup code
; -------------------------------------------
; Status Bar
org $8FC8
	JML Healthbar ; Change Mario/Luigi text to health
; -------------------------------------------
; Map Mode Code
org $9E2C
	JML Newgame ; When starting a new game from titlescreen
org $0491DB
	JML Startlevel ; Whenever you enter a level
org $A0E6
	JSL Endlevel ; Whenever you go back to the map
; -------------------------------------------
org $F5D5
	JML Hit
org $F60A
	JML Death
org $F5F8
	NOP ; Disable item box getting used when hurt 
org $F600
	NOP ; Disable power up takeing when hurt (we do this elsewhere)
; -------------------------------------------
org $8C89 ; Status bar rearangeing
	db $3E, $2C, $3E, $2C, $3E, $2C, $3E, $2C, $3E, $2C, $3E, $2C, $3E, $2C, $3E, $2C
	db $3E, $2C, $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $4A, $38, $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $4A, $78
	db $76, $38, $26, $38, $FC, $38, $27, $3C, $27, $3C, $27, $3C, $FC, $38, $2E, $3C
	db $26, $38, $FC, $38, $27, $38, $27, $38, $19, $38, $26, $38, $27, $38, $27, $38
	db $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $64, $28, $26, $38, $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $4A, $38
	db $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $4A, $78, $2E, $3C, $2E, $3C, $2E, $3C, $2E, $3C, $FC, $38
	db $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $FC, $38, $FC, $38
org $8E6F ; Time
	LDA $0F31
	STA $0F0C
	LDA $0F32
	STA $0F0D
	LDA $0F33
	STA $0F0E
;org $8E8C ; Score?
;	STA $0EFC,x
org $8F55 ; Lives
	STX $0F17
	STA $0F18
org $8FEF ; Dragon Coins
	STA $0F24,x
; -------------------------------------------
org $F2E0 ; Midway Point Healing/Powerup
	JML Midwayheal
; -------------------------------------------
org $128000		; address to put code
; -------------------------------------------
db "STAR"		; Write RATS tag
dw Endcodeblock-Startcodeblock
dw Endcodeblock-Startcodeblock^#$FFFF
; -------------------------------------------
Startcodeblock:		; code starts here
; -------------------------------------------
; defines

!Health = $0DC4
!MaxHealth = $0DC5
!MarioHealth = $0F44
!LuigiHealth = $0F45
!MarioHeartsFound = $1F2C
!LuigiHeartsFound = $1F2D
!Powerup = $19
!MarioPowerup = $0DB8
!LuigiPowerup = $0DB8

; -------------------------------------------

	LDA !Health
	BEQ Death
	STA !Health
	CMP #$01
	LDA #$01 ; Get rid of flower or cape if you have them
	STA !Powerup
	BRA Endhit 
		JML $00F5F3
	STZ !Health	
	LDA #$09
	JML $00F60F
; -------------------------------------------
	LDX #$08
		CMP !Health
		BPL Empty
			LDA #$3F
			BRA Set
			CMP !MaxHealth
			BPL Blank
			LDA #$3E
			BRA Set
			LDA #$3D
			STA $0EF9,x
			BPL HeathBarFillLoop	
	JML $008FD8
; -------------------------------------------
	LDX #$00
	LDA !Health ; Mushrooms heal you...
	CMP !MaxHealth
	BPL Checkitem
	INC !Health
	BRA Checkbig
		LDA !Powerup
		BEQ Getbig ; And make you big if you are small
		LDA $0DC2
		BNE Endmush
		INC $0DC2 ; But only gives a reserve item if you are big with full health.
		BRA Endmush
		LDA !Powerup
		BNE Endmush ; And make you big if you are small
		LDX #$02 ;Set mario to expand
		STX $71
		BNE Endmush2
		JML $01C57A
		JML $01C565
; -------------------------------------------
	LDX $0DB2
	STZ !Health
	STZ !MaxHealth
	LDA #$01
	STA !Powerup ; Start big
	STA $0DB8 
	STA $0DB9
	STZ $0DC1
  	JML $009E37
; -------------------------------------------
	LDY #$03
	LDA #$01
		BIT !MarioHeartsFound,x
		BEQ NotSet
		BCC BitCount
	STY !MaxHealth
	LDA !MarioHealth,x
	BNE HasHealth
	STA !MarioHealth,x
	STA !Health
	LDA #$02
	STA $0DB1
	JML $0491E0
; -------------------------------------------
	LDA !MaxHealth ; Skip this on init
	BEQ .Skip
	LDA !Health
	BNE .Alive
		LDA #$01
		STA !Powerup
		STA !MarioPowerup,x
		LDA !MaxHealth
		STA !Health
		STA !MarioHealth,x
		LDA #$03
		STA $44
; -------------------------------------------
	LDA !Health
	CMP #$01
	BNE .Skip
	STA !Health
	LDA !Powerup
	BNE .Skip
	STA !Powerup
	JML $00F2E8
; -------------------------------------------
Endcodeblock:		; code ends here	
; -------------------------------------------

Thats the code I have, I made it so that he's always big, but I just need a bit of help with the powerup issue...
Since I don't know anything about coding, I looked at a SMB3 Powerdown patch, a small one, and I knew it would have a thing that like "If you have cape or flower", and I used that code from there. I tryed something like this, and it worked:

	LDA !Powerup    ;\
	CMP #$02      	; |If Mario has a flower or cape
	BCS kthx

	LDA !Health
	BEQ Death
	STA !Health
	CMP #$01
	BMI Endhit
	STA !Powerup
	BRA Endhit 
		JML $00F5F3

	LDA !Health
	BEQ Death
	STA !Health
	CMP #$01
	BMI Endhit
	LDA #$01 ; Get rid of flower or cape if you have them
	STA !Powerup
	BRA Endhit

I don't know what any of that does without the explanation beside them, so I guess it helped me out that way.

I probably have alot of unnessicary stuff in there.
Edit Read if you want:

Actually I need a bit of help. I'm trying to combine SMB3 Perfect powerdown patch with it, so everytime that I get hit, I don't have to go through all the phases of dying, like Mario shrinking when he gets hit (I don't want small mario graphics for a certain hack I'm making) So I would like it if he had a certain time of invulnerability, like regular SMW invulnerability, but when he gets hit the SMB3 Powerdown cloud comes over him...

I tried putting it in the health patch at the same address area that SMB3 Powerdown hijacks, and I'm failing because it has the preventative of the item box falling.

I'll give you more info in a bit, on the other stuff I try..

tl;dr version:
I'm failing to combine smb3 powerdown with doki doki panic health patch.

Edit: I fail, I just got it to work. The second thing I tried after posting o.0

Okay new project, I'm kind of using a SML theme too, and there is a patch that makes Mario jump higher if he has cape, If I don't get it to work, I'll post what I'm using or trying to use..
I'm no pro at asm hacking, but I used a Doki Doki Panic health patch which I had a bit of the same problem.

I suggest looking at this for a help.
Well with that patch, I didn't like when you had a powerup other then Mushroom, that it would take your powerup and a heart or that the other powerup wouldn't give you a heart.

I can help a little bit with it, making it when you lose cape or flower, you don't lose a health.

Also if you figure out how to combine it with SMB3 Powerdown patch, it looks nicer then when you get hit as Big Mario, and it plays the shrinking animation but doesn't give you small Mario.
I've been playing alot of Yoshi's Island lately and I've been wondering, how would I get all of that flowery layer 3 working? Yoshi Island uses alot of ex-animation even on layer 3, so does SMWC even have a patch for that kind of awesomeness?

And if it's not possible, is it even possible for layer 2 to have priority over layer 1 on the first couple of lines, and that only?

Layer 3 is hard to understand for me... o.0
OH OH! I used the Doki Doki health patch and had some issue with it too. Do you not want him to be small mario at all or do you? There's a simple way to do it too I'll give you a couple codes. I'll give you the smb3 kind where you have a flash of smoke.


	LDA $19       	;\
	CMP #$02      	; |If Mario has a flower or cape
	BCS Endhit

	LDA !Health
	BEQ Death
	STA !Health
	LDA !Powerup
	CMP #$01
	BMI Endhit
	STA !Powerup
	BRA Endhit 
		JML $00F5F3

	STZ !Health	
	LDA #$09
	JML $00F60F

If you don't like the "Lose hearts if Cape/Flower get damaged" uncomment them.

; Perfect SMB 3 Powerdown
; Revised by ICB
; found in SMwiki, Submitted by aiyo

org $00F5F8
JML Main
org $1fb000 ; Freespace
db "STAR"        ;\
dw $0080, $FF7F  ;/ A RATS tag used to protect 80 byte

LDA $19       	;\
CMP #$02      	; |If Mario has a flower or cape
BCS to_super  	; |then jump to Big Mario code.
STZ $19		; /set Mario to normal ($00)
LDA #$0C	; \ Play another sound
STA $1DF9	; / that is closest to SMB3 sound
JSL $01C5AE	; \This is the 'get cape' animation, for the smoke puff
LDA #$11        	; /and we play it for a very short time
JML $00F61D	; Jump back

to_super:            	;\ 
LDA #$01      	; |Set Status
STA $19       	; /To Big
LDA #$0C	; \ Play another sound
STA $1DF9	; / that is closest to SMB3 sound
JSL $01C5AE	; \This is the 'get cape' animation, for the smoke puff
LDA #$11        	; /and we play it for a very short time
JML $00F61D	;| Jump Back

All I got done before my mom got mad at me, I'll come back and edit it, but all its missing is mario shrink canceling.

Edit: No idea how to stop that :(
I g2g for now but I'll see if I can get to it before someone else.
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