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While I searched the web on several unused SMW Sprites, I came across an unused skull raft. It says the ASM pointer is $87D9, while the used one is $87DE. I used sprite tool to change this pointer to $87D9 to test this, but it just makes the skull raft disapear.

Does anyone know how to use it?
Thanks for the help; I couldn't find anything on this anywhere! I copied the skull raft sprite code to an unused sprite, $12, using asm pointer $87D9. Then ran it in a cave level, and it works! So I guess this means it's not a beta sprite, but rather just the wrong code.

Also, here's a picture that is close enough to it from the

Thank you a lot Ice Man. I searched everywhere for hdma scrolling effects code without success, and here it is. I didn't want to use d4's hdma kit because it was buggy.
Well, I finally got this working. Here is some code you can use for a VWF Dialogue pause menu. When you press pause, it will play the correct sound and display a VWF Dialogue. So this will enhance bio's orignal pause menu.

Here's the code:


!Message = #$0050 ; Message to display
!VWFState = $727E00 ; VWF State register address

ORG $A233

INC $13D4
JSL Main


LDY.b #$29

ORG $1596F8


rep #$20
lda.w !Message
sta.l !VWFState+1
sep #$20
lda.l !VWFState
bne Return
lda #$01
sta.l !VWFState

STZ $13D4

credit not wanted.
I'm trying to invert a hex value in asm. I want to know if there is a function to switch a value like 00 to 0F, 01 to 0E or 02 to 0D ect.
Well Iceguy, the second code is what I wanted.
Here's what I did:

LDA $95 ; your number
STA $00
LDA #$0F
SBC $00 ;A now has 0D

It makes the level get darker as you go further, instead of getting brighter.
I made a horizontal level that can scroll vertically, but sometimes the line guided chainsaws' smoke appears on the other side of the screen. This is also the same with torpedo teds with the same scrolling layout in a water level. Is there a way to fix this so it doesn't look bad?
I had the level mode set to 0. When I set it to 1, it reduces the smoke a little (also reduces number of sprites on screen.) But this problem even occurs on the original Nintendo levels (F.) So I guess this wouldn't be a big deal since Nintendo did it?
Yes, you could put it into levelasm. Then you could disable cape flying for certain levels or for all levels.
I like the forest and mushroom sets the best, because they have classic enemies and platforms.

My least favorite is the banzai bill because the banzai bill takes a lot of gfx space up.
My favorite japanese hack is probably Brutal Mario OW Demo (with the good overworld.) I have also wanted the boom boom sprite in this hack. If you have one and want to PM it to me, I have a few links to some rare japanese hacks, including VIP Mario 5 I can PM in return.
I found version 1.51. But I'll have to PM it to you because the file contains an SMW ROM.
I think water levels are all-right. They are pretty easy being able to go at a slow pace. To make a good one, I would recommend adding lots of enemies to fill up the boring slow parts, and add some good secret parts giving it a challenge. It's still hard to come up with a good water level though and I wouldn't put a water level for the last level unless the overworld matches.
I like #7 the best. Although #6 is still very good (2nd favorite)!
I know that Roy has been working on it, but, I would want an easy, customizable mode 7 for the overworld and levels. I could spend hours making 3D levels and an awesome overworld. Although, this will probably be possible if Roy keeps up his hard work!
Originally posted by Crobat the Grinch
I have to ask, why can't we give links to Japanese sprites? I didn't find anything about it in the Forum rules, and I've been a bit curious about it. I mean, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal imo.

Well Crobat, the reason why is probably because most japanese programmers don't want their sprites to be distributed widely or hosted on other sites. Since were allowed to link to some sites though, japanese sprites should be simple to find by a link to the site that has the sprite.
Well even though there are alot of sprites in which the authors let you have free use, some people do want permission (I think Carol does anyway.) So as long as the sprite isn't one like Carol's and the author grants free use, posting the link should be fine... right?
Well that's understandable why "they" want permission, as it's there hard work. But it sucks because usually the japanese sprites are pretty good. And as a side note, if japanese sprites were released to the sprite section, they wouldn't be as popular. That's why Brutal Mario is so good, because it contains insane ASM coding for the sprites and game itself, and if the sprites were released, then Brutal Mario would just be another "already fought that boss 10,945,023 times" hack.
Yep, the Tanasinn and Julius sprites are both about 160 KB. That's around 8000+ lines of code! *I would have a heart attack if I had to code something like that!*
I see the ideas in my head, by thinking of a landscape design. Usually I will put random stuff as I go. I also look at level layouts from other hacks and get ideas from them.
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