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Originally posted by FPI
Originally posted by Icarus
ok, Inferno_X had already asked the same, but i never saw a reply:
TSRP1 - how do you get to the key and keyhole in Volcano Castle. i see where they are, can't figure out how to get to them.

Right at the start, shortly after the light switch, fly up.

I'm going to go further in this as you may not make it to the top in just one flight. After hitting the light switch in Volcano Castle, fly up and go left & hit the block collect the 1-up mushroom (and the Dragon coin). From there run right and fly up again. You should be able to go up in an opening above. Keep running right until you reach the keyhole with the question "?" block that holds the key. Hit it, grab the key and voila, the secret exit is found.
Originally posted by FPI
Originally posted by Inferno_X
In tsrp2(Second reality project 2) is there a way to reach the pipe east of the one going to world 6?

Also there are 2 pipes on an island to the east of the second castle which i cant reach either.

Okay, 1 more question, is it possible to re-enter castles and the such. Since i've beaten the game a few times and nothing happens after it.

You can re-enter castles etc the same way as in the original SMW: with pressing L & R at the same time. Btw, what's the last level you've played? After you beat Zycloboo, you should at least see the end credits. And to answer your first question: Yes, all the pipes on the Overworld are reachable, there aren't any just for decoration.

Merry Christmas everybody! I got sick on the weekend but I'm feeling better now though not 100%.

Those two pipes on the island along with the piranha plant in the overworld are definitely reachable but you can only get there after you play through the "bonus world"

I was able to find ALL the Top Secret Areas (aka. TSAs) in TSRP2 and playing all of them are also challenging. I've already seen the videos made by djrelllik here about the TSAs in TSRP2:

The one BURNING question is where can these TSAs be found? I have the answers to that question. This is for those who are interested in finding the location of the TSAs in TSRP2.

For starters, Top Secret Area #1 is found in the Goomba Cave stage in World 1. However the green horizontal pipe that takes you there is inaccessible w/out the yellow exclamation "!" blocks. So you will need to complete the Yellow Switch Area (which is somewhere in World 2) and come back to the Goomba Cave & you will be able to stand on the yellow "!" blocks & be able to enter the pipe that will take you to TSA no. 1. That green pipe that goes to TSA1 is somewhat away from the beginning of the stage.

I'll post more locations of the TSAs in TSRP2 in the upcoming days and when I am fully recovered from my sickness.
Originally posted by 2731yugeip
In Luigi's Adventure 3, how do I get past this?

you can't, 2731yugeip. It looks like you have an outdated version of the Luigi Adventure 3 game and you need to obtain the updated version at Anikiti's web site:
You will need to use the 7-zip tool to open the compressed LZH file and then extract the files from the LZH file.

I've also figured out what the password is for. The password is NOT used in the actual game but it is used to access and extract the updated edition of LA3 from an encrypted ZIP file if you download the game from the creator's site. Play the newer version of LA3 (I think the readme file refers to the newer version as 1.2) and that stage should look reversed w/out the message block and fully playable with a goal to the star road to the World 7 secret house.
Originally posted by 2731yugeip
How evil.

Thank you. :)

hmm, you might be exaggerating a bit when saying this, 2731yugeip.

Apparently, SMW Central does NOT have the latest version of the Luigi's Adventure 3: The Adventure of Phantasm World game. The IPS file I downloaded at SMW Central is dated 5/7/2007. The newer version of the hack I've obtained from the password-protected ZIP file from Anikiti's web site is dated 10/14/2007. For SMW Central to not have the latest version of the Luigi Adventure 3 hack, that might be "evil" as you have said.

In the newer version of the Luigi Adventure 3 game, when playing the mini-castle next to Bowser Koopa's castle in World 8, the stage should look like this:

The red brick wall with the bird's mouth should appear on the RIGHT side, NOT on the LEFT side as it did in previous versions of the game. AND you can enter the bird's mouth and play the rest of the stage and get access to the World 7 Secret House which leads to the Bonus World (aka. "World X"). At least I've answered one of bggb's question about the mysterious World X.

If anyone here has trouble getting the newer version of the Luigi Adventure 3: The Adventure of Phantasm World hack, feel free to contact me by email. I have the newer version which includes access to the special Bonus World. Click on my username and find my email address.

Originally posted by mxjdmx
I need help in luigi's adventure. I'm at world 5 level 5, the forest world. I need to find the secret exit to continue, but I have checked just about everywhere and I cannot find it. This is the level where the normal exit just loops you around to the level before it. The only thing I can think of is maybe using a feather to fly over the normal exit, but I don't believe I have found a feather in any of the levels.

In the Luigi Adventure game, there are NO cape feathers in the game. Anikiti has mentioned about this in the readme file of the game.
Incidentally, with this work, since game nature collapses, Feather and Yoshi do not appear.

I guess from your description, mxjdmx, if it's the level with the motorized ropes, try to look for a small pipe at the bottom of the stage, a little bit before the normal goal post. Be careful when you find it because you may end up falling into a pit when jumping off one of the motorized ropes. Make sure you land on top of the pipe. Enter this pipe and you will be taken to a lava room where you have to ride a skull platform to the key and the keyhole to the secret exit.

What does the stage look like? Post up a picture if you are able to do so.
Originally posted by fabio
Originally posted by Troopa Pride
Originally posted by S.N.N.
I forgot to ask:

What effect are you talking about, because I don't remember using any in that level besides the lava >_>

When I move in levels with fuzzy's, the screen shakes.
Come to think of it, ever since I redownloaded znses,Ive been getting all kinds of errors with YI.

That's easy to fix. Just push 8 on your keyboard to disable the New GFX Engine. That fixes the scrolling glitch. Just don't keep it disabled too long because some other things will look weird with the New GFX Engine disabled.

Anyway SNN, I've already told you how awesome your hack was after beta testing it earlier. I loved the level design and the remixes of some of the song. 5-3 was epic win. The level was long, had an awesome theme to it, and it was fun at the same time.

This was a known GFX "timing" problem with the ZSNES Emulator as noted in these ZSNES forum threads:

I've played the YI: Kamek's Revenge hack and runs pretty well. Pretty good with ZSNES 1.51 and somewhat okay with Snes 9x 1.51. I don't mind having the "New GFX engine" in Zsnes off for a long time when playing YI: Kamek's Revenge.

keep doing Google and Yahoo searches, Dark Waffle and Pebbles. You may find a "good" YI v1.0 rom out there. otherwise, contact me'll figure out what I mean - can't say it here.
Originally posted by TooManyToasters
"This archive is either in unknown format or damaged." Damn, I really wanted to play this... I loved TSRP1.
EDIT: Also first comment FUCK YEAH

You may want to download TSRPR directly from FPI's web site (or download it again). Sometimes web browsers quit downloads prematurely and you'll end up with partial and corrupted downloads.

I'll give TSRPR a test run on both Snes 9x v1.51 and ZSNES 1.51 tonight on my XP SP3 machine.

Originally posted by FPI
@TooManyToasters: Hm, since it seems to work for everyone else, I guess that's a problem on your end? Maybe try redownload it, or get it from my website instead? It's in a rar-archive there, so maybe this do the trick.

the RAR archive can be opened in either WinRAR or 7-Zip. then the IPS file containing TSRPR can be extracted from the RAR file.
Originally posted by Mericles

What I would also give is where to find the hacks. There is one hack that does puzzle me on where to find it, Bowser's Final Kidnap. I think it was Ghettoyouth and I that were interested as to how and where to find it)

Read the comments at this page:

ask a guy named "3nable". he was the one who made the Bowser's Final Kidnap hack. it's too bad he didn't uploaded a copy of his hack at this site. you may also want to try contacting the guy who made the Youtube video playing some levels of the hack.
Originally posted by Imma firin mah lazer!

Where can i find Zycloboo if is in a level? is a request similar to that of WYE (whiteyoshiegg)

it should does an appearence, but i didn't found him.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Just beat the level "Braindamaged Finale" in Thirdspace.

You can also find Zycloboo in the expanded ending sequence of TSRPR after finding ALL 117 exits AND beating Browser's Starship afterwards. The game will say "THE END" instead of saying "Let's find the all exits" and then will show Zycloboo.
Originally posted by Ansem
I also played it till the last level but I never found any of the switch palaces or all of the sonic stages and since I have not seen the Yoshi Island Submap anywhere I think there might be a second secret world other than the Sonic-themed one and therefore I also think that the secret exit for Scrap Brain Zone may lead to the second secret world and therefore I wish FPI would tell us how to find this secret second world.

Locations of the 4 switch palaces are given in the Top Secret Area stage after finding the secret exit from Dead Disco level.

The "secret second world" is really called "Thirdspace" and the secret exit to that is NOT found in Scrap Brain Zone but in Crashlanded Castle.

Originally posted by Ansem
I played the level known as "Chaos CompleXX" and I can't seem to get out of there and I would like to know what I'm doing wrong

watch these Youtube videos on how to beat the Chaos CompleXX stage:

Realize that this stage takes a long time to beat.

Noticable difference between v1.0 and v1.1 of FPI's TSRPR hack: go to the secret exit of Yoshi's Final Flight level and at the end of the flying portion of that level, a "?" block containing a key and a keyhole will appear instead of a goalpost.
Originally posted by Mericles
In response to Erpster's post on here:

Ah, I haven't checked the comments section of the Youtube videos in a while(sometimes I do if it is a game or hack that I cannot find anywhere but on the video). I do know that Ghettoyouth tried to ask the Host that presented the videos, for the hack but there was no answer, and now I know why. I will try to obtain it.

Thanks. Now I will uncover one of the few SMW Hacks that I cannot get.

Hey Mericles.

It was actually a guy named AppleCore who made the Bowser's Final Kidnap hack a long time ago. I'm now playing a game based on his old hack called Kaos Islands which used to be posted here at SMW Central but was taken down and is working on fixing some problems with his Kaos Islands hack.

Read about the Kaos Islands hack here:

perhaps you can ask AppleCore about the old Bowser's Final Kidnap hack he made more than a year ago.
Originally posted by Brian94
Can you send me the hack in PM?

hey Brian94. I have a copy of it (found it from a Yahoo search). let me know if you want it. otherwise, wait for AppleCore to release a bug fixed version of it here at SMW Cenrtal.

Some suggestions/improvements to this game I like to make, AppleCore. Add the "Continue and Save" prompt after beating the "Koopas Evil Tanks" stage so that gamers can save their progress before playing Bowser Koopa's castle. In the "Hot Traped Maze" stage in world 3, there seems to by only 3 "A" coins that I can find when I looked everywhere so add two more "A" coins in this stage for a total of five for an extra life. About that "pipe" next to the Ghost Fortress on the overworld map of world 4; it's inacessible and doesn't go anywhere, even when I completed the Ghost Fortress stage. Also the "Pipe Fortress" stage in world 4 seem to only contain four "A" coins so add one more "A" coin in this level to make it 5. One last thing, how about adding another heart container in Larry's Castle in world 5.

Other than that, this hack is pretty good. hope you can make an updated version of this hack before year 2008 ends.
Originally posted by Rudex84
HI all...I want to know if this is the final version of hte hack, beacuse I found all but the stars bring me on such strange level in wich if you finish it normally or with the key nothing happens...the star in the first level doesn't work...I press B but I remain there...someone can help me?

P.S. with LM I saw that there is a way to go to the blue house on the 4th world...but I couldn't fine any key anywhere...

please...I'm desperate...:)

actually, Rudex84, I can access three of the four star roads on the overworld map of worlds 2, 3 and 4 without having to beat any of the star world levels normally or with a key. it's just that the star road from world 1 on the overworld map that does not work; it's inaccessible. AppleCore didn't completely finish making the star road from world 1 which is why it does not work, even though you pressed B. right now, don't worry about it.

at least in this updated release of Kaos Islands, a few of my concerns were addressed (like that pipe next to the Ghost Fortress in world 4 on the overworld map; it's now a shortcut back to world 1). AppleCore made a few tweaks in the Koopas Evil Tanks and the Bowser Koopa Castle levels; they're now a little harder than in earlier versions of this hack.

I may want to ask him if he still has a copy of his old Bowser's Final Kidnap hack; I'd like to play it. A few gamers out there are still searching for it on the web but will come up emptyhanded.
Hi RandomRamen. Try this PAR code out: 7E1497FF

I saw this code on very few sites I've Googled. With it, Mario is invincible; Even though he doesn't look like he is, but he can pass through enemies, walk on munchers/spikes without getting hurt.

According to SMW Central's RAM Map, $7E:1497 refers to "Flashing Invincible Timer"; giving that ram address a value of FF seems to product infinite invincibility time.

Caution: this code will not work if Mario is riding on Yoshi. He must be by himself for the code to function.

Also check out this video on different SMW Item Box codes beginning with addres $7E:0DC2-
Originally posted by mariomaster4000
Luigi's Adventure was brilliant enough as it is, but of Anikiti to tone done the difficulty and polish the hack really made my day. I was struggling on the original, but on this version, I'm much better at it, and it's a ton more fun now that half of the chaotic stuff has been removed. Now all that's left is the what I would call challenging parts. God job on the hack, Anikiti!

well Anikiti did release another updated version of the hack titled "Luigi's Adventure Annual Update" on his japanese page in late April 2009 which was as hard as the original but just featured custom music tracks. But the recently released OSE edition of the hack is a little easier and made for the general audience. And it features mini-bosses in almost all the levels of the last world which makes it more challenging. It was nice of Anikiti to add more midway points in most of the levels in the OSE edition.

Much like FPI making an easier "SNES version" of his Second Reality Project 1 hack.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
You can throw my Yoshi's Island ROM Map up there if you wish, even though it is already in the YI hacking forum.

Applying tape to this as well.

can you also post up the link to the Yoshi's Island RAM Map, S.N.N.?
Originally posted by Artsy2
Seeing as this thread looks busy with people who need help, please PM ME if you can help me.

Game: Luigi's Adventure Overseas Edition

I cannot find the Red switch palace. Can someone tell me what level it's in and how to get it? Also, I need help finding the secret on Yogurt bridge.

If you can help me with at least one of these, that'd be great.

Hey Artsy2. Go to this page.

Fall into this "fake pit" in the yogurt bridge level and it will take you to an uncharted section of the level and keep going left until you reach the secret exit to a water level called "Brackish Waterlake." then beat that level to reach the red switch palace.

took me a while to find this secret path in that level the very first time I played it cuz I thought you would die when falling into that hole. pretty clever of Anikiti to hide the secret exit of yogurt bridge in a fake pit.

visjoner: you forgot one secret exit in one of the levels of the fennel forest world in the picture you've shown. there's a secret exit in the fennel forest 4 stage that leads to the blue switch palace.
Judging by the copyright years mentioned on the TSRP3 title screen, it looks to be due out sometime in 2010; perhaps around the second half of year 2010.

I can recall that TSRP2 was released near the end of year 2006 and TSRPR was released in mid-2008.

I'll be looking forward to playing TSRP3 late next year.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15

I second that. The addition of the "Area Bosses" in this OSE edition makes it even more special.

well, Aqualakitu, I've played up to the last world of the game; used some save states there since I've been battling those "Area Bosses" there; the Homing Power Thwomp boss is a major pain in the A$$ to defeat.
Originally posted by FPI
Originally posted by DragonIce6780

EDIT: updates already.

Looks like you got the idea from Luigi's Adventure?

actually, FPI, that OW pic you shown is from Anikiti's Luigi Adventure OSE hack and not from his original Luigi Adventure hack, which had a slightly different OW map.
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