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Sound like fun, Sign me up.
Good luck for C3 everyone. So far my favourites is the Newer Super Mario Bros. U announcement and AwesomeZack's YI Styled Mario.
The Super Mario 64: Partners in Time Demo looks like it deserves a slot.
Originally posted by MV250
Why is nobody giving me their opinions in my thread? I can see 30 people downloading my C3 ZIP file, but they never gave me their opinions of my compositions. It's making me kinda sad.

Thread Link

My advice if you want constructive feedback is to ask on SMWC's IRC channel. Usually you can find a lot of helpful users who are willing to critique your work, and can also be a signal boast for your work itself.
One thing I really love about this hack is it's artsyle. I think you captured the M+L PiT aesthetic really well.
Honestly I'm fining it hard pressed to find a good server to play on. The new casual mode don't appeal to me and all the old community servers I used to play on died out when quickplay first came out.

It's a shame as well as some of the changes like teleporters taking on 50 metal to build and all mediguns matches the speed of the patents sound like great additions to me.

Anyone know any good UK servers?
Honestly, it did a great job at giving SMWCentral unintentional publicity. It came out just as creepypastas was reaching peek popularity and everyone mentioned it came from this site as well as quite a few linking back to that original thread Adam made.

I think I remember one youtube video where a person actually got in contact with Adam to get to the origins of the hack or something.
I don't think I ever showed off a picture with my hair going white.

I reckon by the next time I post here it will will have completely turned.
Look like a definite improvement. If it's a vector graphic, I dare say it should replace the current logo. #ab{^_^}
How did it feel when Brock Lesner broke your 23-1 Wreastlemania winning streak?
Two words: American Males
Looks awesome, I think you did a great job on the object placement. I forget if it's possible in SM64DSe but maybe you could make the course have the quicksand attribute to keep people on the shell?
Small question, have you thought that much into the promotion of game? Do you have promotional materials ready or are you going to cross that bridge once everything is finally done?
It's kind of interesting that ideas for the Wii U Gamepad just naturally evolved into just off TV play, considering games like Nintendo Land and Zombi U did make good use of the Gamepad and things could have gone more in that direction if the Wii U really took off like the Wii did.

It's also interesting that living room off TV play wasn't shown off in the Switch reveal ad. Perhaps it wasn't shown off to minimise people getting the Switch confused with a upgraded Wii U due to how heavy off TV play was featured in Wii U promotions?
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I remember when I first started using internet forums, I went on a Sonic forum and immediately started making trash threads and posts about how Sonic sucks and how Mario is better, ect. Years later, when I was more active on the internet I was searching my Username and came across those posts and felt bad about them. I decided despite being years later then I would apologize and did just that.

I like when people apologize and take responsibility for themselves on the internet because there is nothing forcing you to do so and it's always seen as a breath of fresh air with the usual drama internet forums create. Like Gloomier said, it's a sign of maturity and it's hard not to respect that.
PC game development sucks massively. You are almost always guaranteed to have unexpected problems after shipping and unless you have a similar enough PC to test on, it's hard to even debug the problem.

The best you can do is to prepare for unforeseen problems beforehand and prepare debugging tools for customers to give if they are experiencing problems as well as to expect to dedicate a month after release to just sorting every issue that comes your way out.
I'm really loving the HUD Sprites. That star one looks amazing.
I'm 22, though I was 13 when I found out about this site. I find it uncomfortable and weird to think that my account could be older than some of the newest members registering on this site today.

My 7 year old nephew lurks around this site sometimes, he even asked me about Lunar Magic though he seems content with just using Mario Maker to create levels.
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Vinnyboiler's Profile - Posts by Vinnyboiler

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