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Celtics are #1!

I know it's a little old...but talk is still going around where I live:D
Originally posted by Sunnysunnysuns
Woo! Celtics Won the Championship! Finally!

Boston Owns.

It's hard to find someone that has the same taste in teams that I do. Glad there is someone on here:D

I was reading the posts in this thread, and it seems really interesting. I would like to attempt it sometime, but do you need Twilight Princess to make it work? If so, I'm afraid I can't do it. The thing is, I got Twilight Princess for the Gamecube, because I didn't get a Wii until a year later.
HyperBuu, the "pink" world isn't the second reality...but some sort of third reality. I think it's called Thirdspace within the game...

It highly resembles another hack that FPI made...
This happened not too long ago, but I thought I would bring it to attetnion. Does anyone remember the big fire that happened in South Carolina a year ago? It was the second largest disaster that took a life of firefighters. Well, one of the captains that died that day was a basketball coach at the local high school. When he started coaching at that school, he told the kids he predicted they would win the championship by 2008.

Well, he coached the same kids until his death last year. This year, they had a new coach, and they promised to win in their old coach's name. They ended up making it to the finals. It was down to the last few seconds of the game, and they were up by 2. But, with 1 second left on the clock, the other team threw the ball from the other goal in desperation, and it made it in.

It was a sad thing to watch...but the refs checked the replays, and delcared that the shot didn't count because the player threw the ball after the buzzer.

It's really a heart renching tale, and the full coverage is on Youtube. I think you can find it if you type in "Mulkey ESPN"
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Thaks for the soultion HyperBuu, but... where is the blue switch? I can't seem to find it...

On a side note, We should make a special thread just for TSRPR solutions. It's a hack discussion, not a "Find all exits, the hack doesn't matter discussion"...
Though I don't know anything special to say about the hack. >_> Anyway, amazing job FPI! If TSRP3 is only half as awesome as this, it'll be great!

Did you look in Scrap Brain Zone?
Originally posted by FPI
I noticed there is some confusion about what exactly the Second Reality is. I sure can understand it, because in the major part of the game it isn't explained very well. But there's a reason for this.

*Warning: The following text might include Spoilers.*

At the beginning of the game, Bowser tells Mario about his new Airship Fleet and such, and Mario goes on a journey to Bowser's Palace, because he think Bowser is there. The cutscene after castle #7 also tells you that only Bowser's Palace is left. I mean that makes sense, how should Mario know that Bowser is somewhere else, he didn't told him, because that would be stupid. So, normally Mario finds out about the Second Reality in Bowser's Palace which is near the end of the game.

So, everytime Mario enters one of the gateways he switches dimensions. (That also is explained in the Top Secret Area) In TSRPR it may be not that obvious, but maybe you have noticed that the Bob-Ombs and some other common enemies have different graphics as in the "first Reality"-levels. That's because I wanted them to look like they did in TSRP2, and TSRP2 takes place ONLY in the Second Reality, so I wanted to make some graphical differences between the two dimensions and tried to make the Second Reality look like it looked in TSRP2, and I think that worked very well.

And yeah, Thirdspace is "another" Dimension, but everything there is to know about that you find out during playing the levels there. And for Marty Mole: Yes, he survifes. You can see at the ending that he managed to get to the crashlanded Castle again, which makes sense, I mean the Teleporter was in the same room he was in - he sended Mario away to deactivate the power and just went into the gate. If you are going back in that room (and in the gateway) for some unknown reason after leaving him the last time, you'll actually find out that he's already gone and in the crashalnded castle.

The similar design to the Oribital station there is intended. Remember, the Roboxx build all the gateways and their base has the same design as the Orbital station so it makes sense that they are probably the ones who build the Orbital station as well. Remember, Marty Mole said that the Roboxx helped Bowser building his fleet, and that was probbaly done at this station.

Anyway, for all the unanswered questions... I guess you have to wait for the last part in the trilogy. ;) ... which will take some while, I might add. :p

@HyperBoo: It is indeed a stupid error that Mole Ruins#2 is called like that. It happens to me that I sometimes miss the most obvious things. Howewer, the level names in the secret world are intended to be like that. You may have also noticed that the status bar has different colours in the levels there. That's not a mistake. Howewer I don't think I will release a bug fix just for the MoleRuins-fix. It#s just too much trouble, because I always have to make sure that LM doesn't corrupt anything which happened in TSRP2 and also quite a few times in TSRPR, but thanksfully the last few tests worked very well. So... at least it's not as bad as "Green Yalley" which was in TSRP2. Unless something more important pops up, I probably won't make a bugfix-release, at least not just for that, simply because it's way too much trouble to do that.

Ahh...that answers a lot:D
I ended up going back to Thirdspace and reading Marty's message again just so I can understand it more.
Also, I beat ChaosComplexx today...and the connections were even MORE obvious. I thought it was really neat how you took your designs from that and put it in TSRPR:D
Does that mean that Chaos Complexx was in ThirdspaceXD
Originally posted by FPI

Something like that. In the hack "Chaos CompleXX" you see probably the result after the Roboxx fired their glitch cannon. Anyway, it's not really part of the TSRP-series, because in Chaos CompleXX, the "ingenious" hacker talks to the player all the time in the message box text and that wouldn't make any sense at all unless it's a garbage hack.

I thought it was genius how you incorporated the so called garbage hack into this secret world. I didn't play Chaos Complexx until after I beat TSRPR. But what set it in motion was when you named that huge level Chaos Complexx. It was sometimes hard to notice the similarities, because like you said, it's a garbage hack. But this would fit in nicely with what the Roboxx wanted. It's like this is what would happen if Mario didn't stop their plans:D

@Keyblademaster: That's supposed to happen. There is more to the level than that...explore the area before that a little bit.
Hello! I think it's time for me to start a thread on my hack. Some of you may have seen me post some screenshots here and there, but I would like to have everything in one place, so here it is.

My hack is called Super Mario: The Legend of the Rift, and if you can't tell...the plot is going to be a little bit on the dark side:D

The basic story is this:

Princess Peach is concerned with the odd patterns that are occuring across the kingdom. The land in general seems to be getting...darker, without any clear explanation. The water is becoming stagnant, the wind is losing it's breath, the plants are withering, and warmth no longer abounds. A Toad scholar suggests that it may have something to do with the elemental seals that reside outside the borders of the Mushroom Kingom.

With haste, Peach asks Mario to travel to this mysterious land that is full of myths and legends. One of these tall tales may give a hint to why the land is dying.

Anyways, most of the story will be told through message boxes that are littered around the levels. Some may tell the past, some may describe the future. I've put a lot of thought into what goes in these boxes!

Now, onto business. My hack currently consists of two worlds. I was going to release a demo sooner, but I realized that most of the levels were downright atrocious, so I scrapped a lot of my earlier ones and I'm in the process of remaking them. Now, here is a list of the current levels along with screens and descriptions...

World one doesn't have a's a short world with six levels.

Level 1: The Beginning, formally Yoshi Plains

This is the first level that I remade...err...remaking.

The path branches off pretty early in the level. The top leads to a pipe that brings you into the cliffside. The bottom brings you to a path that is cleaved out of the mountain.

A screen of the cave area. What's in the box?

After the midway point, you'll find a path that is impassable without a springboard. A nearby message box hints to find it within the clouds...which haven't been made yetXD

Level 2: Lush Forest, formally Yoshi Woods

This level is being no screens yet!

Level 3: Lakeshore Valley, formally Yoshi Valley

I'm not sure if this level will be remade. Right now, it's reminiscent of the valley level from the original...although not entirely, since I created it from scratch.

Level 4: Lake of Hope, formally Yoshi Lake (see a trend yetXD)

This is a gentle level that starts on a bridge, goes underwater, back up, down under, then back up to the exit.

Just a little pic of the above water part.

And underwater.

Level 5: Forgotten Isle

This level is home to an ancient shrine. Deep inside, you'll find the Earth Seal, but that's not all... I don't want to reveal too much, but when the Seal is broken, a path to the inner sanctum is revealed. What could be in there?

Within the palace.

Outside the palace.

Inside again.


Level 6: Castle of Patience, formally Yoshi Castle (who saw that coming:D)

This is a rather short castle...and will more than likely be remade by the time the final release comes out, but it's not on my list right now. The castle is pretty straightforward...just wait for blocks to move out of the lava, and jump across until they fall back down...genius right:D

World 2 doesn't have a theme either...a little bit of everything here, but it does have one important story element...

Level 7: Flooded Isle, formally Salty Isle (reference to Demo world was NOT intentional)

A basic pic.


This is a straightforward level, with portions of the island sinking underwater.

Level 8: Cavern of Fire, formally Misty Cavern

Could this cave be linked to the Seal of Fire? Nah, but it does have a lot of lava in it!

Level 9: Lakeshore Plain, formally Misty Plains

Just a basic level...this will be remade as well.

Level 10: Ghost House (can't think of a decent name yet...)

My first attempt at a Ghost House. The first part is basic that opens up to a maze of sorts.

Leave me alone!

Level 11: Pipe Fort

This was one of my favorites back when it was made. There are a few secrets to be found here.

A little secret room.

Level 12: Dark Lake, formally Misty Lake

A lake that is shrouded a dark blue hue...possibly due to whatever is occuring in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Level 13: Spooky Storage, formally House in the Mist

This house is made up of boxes, looks like the Boos just moved in!

This level is currently on the "to be removed" list, but I kept it here for now as a placeholder.

Level 14: Venus Shrine

This level has some sort of ambience in's so...silent. Some may say it's peaceful, but some may say it's creepy. Whatever the case may be, this shrine must hold some sort of purpose.

This level is entirely optional. But, this is one in a long series of levels that mainly serve to contribute to the elaborate story that I am planning out.

So peaceful...

Nothing is up here...Mario is just chillin

This silence really gives me a creepy feel...which I hope stays true for everyone else.

Level 15: Forbidden Isle, formally Big Boo's Hideout

This island has all sort of goodies. Seems to be some sort of storage that the baddies use to hold their goods.

This level was made as an idea for my previous plot, but I haven't changed much of it since then. A message box in it still has a message that contributes to my last plot, but I'm not too worried about it right now.

Level 16: Castle of Skill

The second fort built by the Ancients. This castle seems to have been built to test the mettle of the younger warriors. Can Mario overcome the trial?

Under the castle.

World 3 isn't even made yet, but one level is...

Level 17: He's A Pirate

Mario boards a ship as it departs from the island. With a tip he recently gathered, he hopes to travel to the island in the north. Some say a castle that was built on an interdimmensional rift lays in the middle of the forest.
However, he soon realizes the ferry he boarded has a story of it's filled with pirates.

Arr...He's a pirate!

A secret area. There are a BUNCH in this level.

The hold, which is yet another secret area, but a bit bigger and elaborate.

EDIT: That's all I have for now!

Well, that's it at the moment. If you would like to be a beta tester, let me know ASAP, I might need one soon. Any other help would be appreciated:D


(Quote the post to get the code!)
Originally posted by antiguy1372
This hack seems interesting; I like the plot, and some of the levels seem nice. I have a few complaints though:

-Level 4, in the underwater area. The wall that you have that leads up to the corner is cut off.
-Level 5, outside. There are too many cement blocks. Maybe you should use the same FG as that of the inside.
-Level 16. The red wall is cut off.

Aside from that, this hack looks very nice. I would like to beta test this, because it has the potential to be a great hack. :approve:

Thanks for the compliments and complaints:D
Level 4 was one of the ones I plan on remaking eventually. Many of the levels in world 1 are some of the first levels I made when I started LM, so I plan to remake them.
On Level 5, I used the cement blocks on purpose, because it's supposed to be a short outside portion. I didn't think it looked that bad...any suggestions?
On Level 16, I'll fix that wall problem:)
And I'll put you down as a beta tester...I just need to finish remaking the first level before I have anyone testing it.
Ah, that looks really nice. I approve!
Here is my Brawl code, I'll need to look up my Mario Kart code.


I would love to play...just PM me!
I made foursword4 as my name on Nsider Forums way back when the first Foursword Zelda game came out with ALttP. Since then, I've registered my name as foursword4 pretty much on every forum I've been a part of:D
In my hack, I'm trying to change the color of one of the switches. I'm trying to make the green switch purple. Well, I know both blocks and the switch itself use palette number 5, but how do I change the color when the switch is hit as well as when the block is struck?
Originally posted by antiguy1372
Originally posted by Neonrage0
Originally posted by HyperBuu
Good luck dude, Dry Bowser is fucking hard to unlock. >_<
The game is very unfair the most time in 150cc and Mirror.

I hear that, I'm even stuck on 150cc Flower Cup. Why? Blame Wario's Gold Mine for having barely any walls.

Heh, Wario's Gold Mine is actually one of my personal favorite tracks. It's really fun to play.

...that is, unless you're time-trialing it. It's a bitch to time trial (that shortcut can be too hard at points, like when there's a cart blocking it)...

I actually dont use the shortcut on time trial, i find using a mushroom to get up that hill do be just as effective.
Originally posted by antiguy1372
I'm not following the "ask me" fad. This is something completely different. I'll ask you questions, and you answer me!

1. What is your favorite movie? It's tough to pick one, but if I must, I would say Taladega Nights.
2. Do you like chocolate?
Yes...but I try to stay away.

3. Which do you enjoy more: hacking SMW or playing SMW hacks?
Hacking, although I do more playing:D

4. Have you played Touhou? No.
5. Do you have a Wii? Yes, but it took me forever to snatch one.
6. Which SMW hacking tool (aside from Lunar Magic) couldn't you do without? Dunno...haven't had much time to expermient yet.
7. What number question is this? Is this a trick question.
8. How much longer do you think it will be before SMWC is wiped again? Hopefully not anytime soon.
9. What do you think is the most important aspect of a SMW hack?
Level Design

10. Same as above, but excluding level design.
Originally posted by Giga
*pushes antiguy out of the way*

Test plz? =D

This looks really, really awesome. I love plot related stuff. I just really wanna test, and get a peek at what's to come. =D

Maybe you should write the game out as a story and put it up somewhere after you're finished?

Sure, you can test it once I'm ready for a release.
Throughout the game, specific message boxes will tell the story from a past reference, a present reference, and even from the future. But I put them out of in the Venus Shrine, one message box is labeled "The Rift Ch. #1," and another is called "The Seals Ch. #4"
Nothing at the moment unfortunately...
The latest game I bought was Super Paper Mario, but I breezed through that quite quickly. I occasionally play MKW and SSBB online, but it's not a routine.
However, I'm eagerly waiting for a few games to be released, such as Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Dawn of a New World.
Originally posted by Ersan
I just saw this (Dutch):

I'll translate it bit by bit, and removed unimportant stuff:

Arnhem - Hail and powerful windblows caused major damage. *unimportant stuff here*

The hails were as big as pingpong balls, that damaged cars a lot.

Because the powerful wind, the trees were "blown down". Nobody was injured. The traffic has problems now (Like a whole row of cars).

(Note added by me: German people, be aware!)
The storm is heading for Eastern Europe now. The "Deutscher WetterDienst" is warning for a storm in the most parts of the country. In most countries there are warnings about a heavy storm, heavy rain or extreme heat.

Europe is doomed? o.o

Wow, that's really frightening. Makes me wonder exactly what is happening to the world.
I would love to join, but what time is the tournament exactly gonna start.
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