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Pringles. The original mostly, although the sour cream and onion are okay. Tostitos are pretty good as well...excellent choice when I throw a get together with some friends. They tend to get eaten very quickly alongside some salsa.
Haven't played it much so far, but I already pre-ordered Ocarina of Time so that will change very soon. As for the system itself, I have no problems with the 3D effect. I haven't actually sat down and played for more than an hour yet, so I don't know what the long term effect on me will be. But, I have been able to play for about an hour with the 3D on the highest setting no problem.

The one issue I do have with it is that I can't get the system to update. Seems like it is a somewhat common problem with the system though.
For replay value, make sure you have a good amount of secret exits in the hack, but don't make it seem worthless to the player. Have the exits lead to brand new levels instead of just creating a shortcut. Personally, a non-linear level will not make me replay a level. I need an incentive to play through a level a new item or reward that lies somewhere within. That's just my personal preference...a really fun and interesting level might make me want to play again though.

For enemies, think about what the theme of the level is. Is it a beach? Use critters that you see near a beach (crabs, seagulls, etc.) Is it a forest? (Insects, wolves, bears, etc.) Snow? (Penguins, walrus', etc.) Granted, this works if you are going for a more natural approach. Your big bad may have an army of troops like the Koopas are to Bowser.

As for a plot, I can't really help you on that. Everyone has a different idea on what makes a story good. Some like epic tales, some like humorous stories. Some prefer it darker and edgier, while others believe it should be more light hearted. Find your niche and stick with it.
Originally posted by Bobby322
I tried to find a way to fix those, but couldn't find the correct tile pieces.

I'm not familiar with the tileset but you may need to use ExGFX to make it look the way you want it. Some creative usage of map16 might also work, but I'm not too sure. I guess it depends on if you were planning on making the hack pure Vanilla or not.
You haven't given a lot to go by so far, but I must say that I love the graphic choices you've showed. Definitely going to keep an eye on I would love to see the ideas you have for level design.
Zelda with menu on the right. I also like the Night theme....I swap the two every few months or so.
Seeing as other people have been sharing their contributions to the pony community, I thought I would show mine. Here is the link to the fanfic I wrote. You can see both of the chapters on the post.

Seeing as I love writing, ponies, and The Legend of Zelda, I took a shot at combining the three.
I am quite pleased with this E3. To start out, Nintendo's conference opened up with a beautiful orchestra and montage of the games in the series. Loved seeing Skyward Sword thrown in there as well. The news that there will be a total of three Zelda games released this year was great as well...and I hope I get to play them all. I already tried getting Link's Awakening from the eShop, although it still won't work for me, eh. I really hope that Four Swords is available on the eShop as well. As far as I can tell, DSi Ware is on there so I don't see why it shouldn't be. I've been dying for an online Four Sword adventure since the DS was released. The release date for Skyward Sword was something I was a bit nervous about, but I'm glad they are keeping it on the Wii, as well as releasing it this year.

My impressions of the 3DS and it's first party lineup hasn't changed much. Still planning on getting Super Mario 3D and Kid Icarus when it comes out. Probably won't grab Star Fox, as I was never a big fan of the series. Already got Ocarina of Time preordered so that's already taken care of. I will definitely be getting Luigi's Mansion 2 though, but I assume that will have a 2012 release. It was ironic hearing the news about it, since my friend and I were just discussing the Gamecube and Luigi's Mansion 1 beforehand. We were both pretty ecstatic by the news.

Now...the WiiU. Some people are amazed, some are left wondering what to think of it. I for one and very happy with how it looks. I just wish they didn't use the name. It sounds so childish...and just plain stupid to me. They could have came up with so many different names...even the Wii 2 would have sounded better. But I digress...I will definitely still buy it regardless. The graphics looks amazing, and I almost shat my pants when I saw the Twilight Princess look alike it glorious 1080p. Now -that- is the Zelda game I've been waiting for. The new functionality with the WiiU is nifty, having a portable "window" into the gaming world that you can move around. I love the idea of being able to "stream" a game to the controller and play with it.

I couldn't care less for the gimmicky games though, but I guess they aren't really games yet. They seemed to drive home the fact that there are no games yet, but just demos on what to expect. Give me my Mario, Metroid, and Zelda and I will buy the console. Oh, and Smash 4. So unlike Nintendo to announce it with a new console, but it was still a pleasant surprise.

I see why Nintendo took the approach it did. So much criticism for the Wii was how it only appeals to casual gamers, and any "hardcore" games are -usually- watered down. The game footage for the WiiU aimed to show that this new console will break that boundary and create a Nintendo home console that will appeal to both types of gamers. I just hope that these games are unique and not just ports of these games that are already on Xbox360 and PS3.

While they weren't show at E3, I am still looking forward to Paper Mario 3DS, the new Kirby games, and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. At least Paper Mario and Kirby got trailers to view online.
Originally posted by Neutron
I've been reading that fanfic and damn, it's good. Somehow, LoZ: MM and MLP: FiM fit quite nicely.

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it! I'm having fun writing it, can't wait to finish it and see what everyone thinks.
I give credit where credit is due. People who create custom content to be used in hacks are top priority for me. Especially people who go out of their way to make graphics and/or custom music specifically per your request. When I make a credits sequence, those are definitely the people I find myself needing to mention.

For people who ripped/ported songs, I don't believe it is required to credit them, but I still try to. When I made a credit sequence for my hack, I realized it would be far too long if I gave credit to every single user who created something I used in my hack. Instead, I did what SNN mentioned and have a line saying "...and everyone else who I may have missed." Or something along those lines. It's just courtesy to say thanks.
I'm glad I wasn't disappointed when going into this.

How is this a full hack? One level? And a Kaizo one at that. You should really learn how to take screenshots as well.

If anything, I suggest you show this in the Kaizo Hacks subforum.
You need to be more specific. Not everyone played that hack you know. I'm one of them, but it sounds like he used Teleport Blocks. If Mario was moving right and then hit the block, he was probably just teleported to a new level.

If that's the case, you can download a wide range of teleport blocks from the Blocks section of the site.
Well, America's Got Talent started a few weeks ago, and there have been some spectacular auditions so far. I really hope more novelty acts go through to the end instead of the usual singing acts. Don't get me wrong, people who sing are very talented. But my view on their place in the show is skewed because of all the acts that have been similar in the past.

Last night for example, there were some fantastic acts. This act in particular blew me away. I have never seen anything like it, and I would love to see what more they can do.
>Equestria Daily
>OC Remix

>Usually bothering the fuck out of SNN and Supertails.
>Lunar Magic occasionally
I have actually gone back and played games from my youth that I never finished because they were too hard. At least with savestates, I was finally able to beat them. But regardless, no one is forcing you to use it. I don't emulate anything past the 16-bit era so it doesn't bother me much. With games like Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mass Effect, Super Meat Boy, and other hard "modern" games, savestates aren't there to help.

Also, the Nintendo 3DS has a savestate feature for virtual console games. I found it interesting at least. It's a bit limited, with only being able to have one save at a time, but it's a feature nonetheless. I found it interesting.
1) Majora's Mask - Gotta give this game credit for being so bold. The three day gimmick would seem repetitive to many, but it works beautifully. Love the setting, love the characters, love the darker plot, love the music, love everything about it.

2) Oracle series - Can't really pick between the two. They are so alike, yet so different. They both have their strong points, and playing them both really drives home that sense of accomplishment. Definitely the best 2D Zelda experience.

3) Four Swords Adventures - Taking what I loved about A Link to the Past and throwing in that charm that was in the Four Sword title. Truly a blast to play with a friend, even though I never got to beat it from start to finish. The single player mode was genuinely fun and engaging, with a ton of areas to explore and a unique spin on the traditional Zelda formula. I really hope that Nintendo makes a brand new adventure using online multiplayer.
My first hack was eventually edited heavily into Legend of the Rift. Some of my very early levels can still be found in the ROM, but just about everything that is playable is more recent. Cavern of Fire is actually the oldest level in there. I made that level within the first year of hacking. Flooded Isle is also a bit dated, with the first half being older than the cave level. I added the second part a few years later to extend the level.

Either way, all of my old levels can be found on my Youtube channel. They were pretty terrible, but I honestly had a ton of fun making them.
If you do not find enjoyment in hacking, don't do it. The sole reason you should hack is because you have fun while doing it. Otherwise, your work is uninspired. That being said, there are plenty of resources on this site to help your hack be more unique. All you have to do is look through it until you find some sort of inspiration. With all the ExGFX you can insert into your ROM, you can make a huge variety of levels and settings. Custom music can further drive that experience you are aiming for.

Not every hack has a good plot. Many people believe you shouldn't have an intricate plot in a Mario hack. Gameplay is the most important aspect. If your hack is fun to play, people will enjoy it.
Suicide Mission from Mass Effect 2. One of the most brilliant pieces I've heard in a long, long time. Not only that, but it suits the finale of the game perfectly. It honestly brought a tear to my eye.
The day is finally here. Me and my friends have been pissing ourselves in anticipation for Ocarina of Time 3D, and it's finally here. I have to say, the game looks downright breathtaking. It could possibly be my nostalgia boner that is making the game look so good, but it is definitely everything that I expected it to be.
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