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Got up to the Forest Temple last night, and I'm loving every minute of it. The improved graphics breathes new air into this dated game, and makes it look brand new. For people who played it before however, you can still pinpoint marks of age. Mostly with dialogue, which is still very awkward at times. I would had hoped that Nintendo would have done a re-translation of the game, unless they wanted to keep some of the quirky dialogue for nostalgia.

Many people criticize the game for not having any worthwhile new content. While I can agree that it would have been a great addition, it is not required. Ocarina of Time was a game ahead of it's time when it came out. A 3D adventure of epic proportions that captivated the hearts of millions. And while I played the remake, I could see exactly why that happened. That charm that I captured me on that Christmas day when I first popped the cartridge into my N64 is still there, just with a fancier paper wrapped around it. I would have loved if Nintendo actually went with the original idea for Ocarina of Time and made a Light Temple, but that was the only thing I was hoping for.

The game is still huge, and a blast to play. ANYONE who is a fan of the series or the genre should give it a go. While it's definitely not the best Zelda in the series, it is the one just about everyone knows of when the world "Zelda" is mentioned.

But I agree, Majora's Mask deserves to be remade, as it was much better than Ocarina of Time. I see it as the black sheep of the franchise, yet it stands as my favorite game in the series thus far. Only time will tell if it gets the royal treatment, but I wouldn't count on it.
The first forum I registered on was the old Nsider forums. It was right around the time Four Sword Adventures came out, which is one of my favorite games. Obviously enough, the "Foursword" part of my name came from that, while the 4 was used since the name wasn't taken.
I have one, but I barely use it besides keeping up with friends. Recent changes made Facebook turn to shit, and the user interface is seriously inconvenient all around. It's a real shame too. Myspace was very similar, and it steadily became more and more corrupt. Facebook is following a similar trend. It won't be long before a new social networking site comes around to bring back the "basic" and "friend oriented" style Facebook was known for a few years ago.

And then marketing companies and advertising bureaus will scoop that up too.
Originally posted by Camerin
But it was when "13375P34K" was added to the Facebook language options that I lost all faith in the social network and its 'progress' toward 'convenience' and 'user-friendliness'.

Not to mention that Facebook did away with the whole "secure connection" thing. (The whole "https" versus "http" thing.)

It's still there, but they disabled the automatic secure connection and hid the option where most people wouldn't look.
I already consider some people I know on this site to be "friends in real life." Just because I haven't met them personally, I know them on a level that is closer than many people I have actually interacted with in person.
Cars cost money. And many cost a very large amount. Why is it so hard to see why people get attached to theirs? Cars help people go about their daily routines...and many people make their living off of cars. It's really not hard to see why people get so upset.

Take it into perspective. I bet there is something each and every one of us holds dear. If someone was to damage it, would YOU treat it lightly? For example...your computer? Your TV? Your gaming system? Your brand new grill? A set of power tools? Your drafting table?

When we spend our hard earned money on something, we sometimes develop this "connection" with it. Especially if you have to fork over a lot to get it. When you spend thousands of money on a vehicle, you can understand how it is reasonable for someone to get angry from a dent or scratch.
My third chapter for my fanfic is up on Equestria Daily now. For those who read the other two, or anyone interested in reading all three, youc an find them here.
I always did the Spirit Temple last. As a kid, I never gave the thought to do it first. Since the event that triggers Bongo Bongo escaping the well occurs RIGHT after you finish the Water Temple, it also seemed to me that that was the intended order. MajorasMask9 covers the other reason I believed the Shadow Temple came first. You HAVE to get the Lens of Truth before you can complete the Spirit Temple, and you usually do the Bottom of the Well right before the Shadow Temple anyway. At least, on a first playthrough you more than likely would. Now, I usually get the Lens of Truth as early as the Fire Temple because it's more convenient for me.

So yeah, the Spirit Temple seems more like a definitive final temple to me. With Koume and Kotake being Ganondorf's mothers, from the temple actually being his old base of operations (in Child Link's time.)
I bite my fingernails and pick at my toenails. It's a pretty bad habit, but I've gotten better than before. I used to bleed from both, and actually caused my toenail to grow back ingrown.

Besides that, I have some some sort of speech issue. Sometimes when I talk casually, I completely forget the next word or trail off. Pronouncing the words wrong is another typical issue with this. I think it's some kind of speech impediment, but I'm not familiar with it.
Don't really have much of an idea on the level, but one thing I did think of was using some graphic trickery plus the countdown platform sprite from Super Mario World to imitate a minecart on a rail. It's hard to explain, so I'll have to try it first and see how it looks.

I'll be doing some brainstorming on paper either tomorrow or this weekend to get more ideas.
Originally posted by AxemJinx
Are you going to time it so the minecart falls off the track when the original timed platform would fall normally?

That's the idea, yeah. Not really sure how it would work out in game, it might not even line up correctly. I'll have to test it and find out.
Slot 28 for a tweaked generic falling sprite.

Slots 29 and 2A for a 2 second and a 3 second timed lift.
People move on, it's as simple as that. Personal issues sometimes gets in the way, and you have no real reason to make your personal life known to the internet.

Regardless, there are some people who I would generally feel concerned about if they just dropped off the face of the Earth without a word. These are people who I generally care for and whatnot, so it would definitely be a shock if I got no word from them. I know they feel the same way about me too.

I guess what it boils down to is what kind of community you are in, and how connected you are. If you talk to someone every day for years, and then you just suddenly stop going online, of course they will be concerned. But, if you just post here and there on a forum, it will be less likely for someone to pick up on your absence. That's just how the anonymity of the internet works.
Been playing Mass Effect 2 on Insanity. Definitely one of the hardest challenges I've ever gone through in a game. Beat Horizon last night, and anyone who played the game knows how much of a pain the final scene there can be. Definitely dreading the next big dungeon, but should be smooth sailing until then.

Also been playing Team Fortress 2 lately. It's an excellent way to kill some time as well as having a blast doing it. I've picked it up fairly quickly, but I'm still catching on to some of the more advanced strategies. Also played on a custom Ponyville map, and it was glorious.
1B7 please.
As you get older, you have less and less money for things like video games. I barely buy games anymore, and most of the time I only get them from friends and family on holidays (mostly Christmas.) Once in a while, I'll pick up a game that I missed, so it's relatively cheap and doesn't take a dent out of my budget. There are times when there is a big game that I can't wait to get, so I usually preorder it and then put in deposits every few months. That's what I'm doing for Skyward Sword and Mass Effect 3.

Anyway, the last game I bought was Ocarina of Time 3D.

I only play Team Fortress 2 so far, but I'll be getting some new games when I save up some money on the side.
I don't have a lot done at the moment, but I have a few screens and figured I would show some images of what I have.

A minecart track. As I mentioned before, I'm using the timed lifts for these sections. I'm utilizing the extended time sprites for 2 and 3 second intervals as well.

A section with a falling sprite. It obviously doesn't have any graphics yet, but it will just be a boulder.

Just a generic shot with some wooden platforms.

Another minecart track.

I'll be gone for a week, so I won't be working on this for a little while. I'll continue to show screenshots when I get back and start working on the level again.
Originally posted by Milk
I'm assuming the tracks are passable by Mario (and sprites) from above?

Right, the tracks that have the rails on them are not solid, while the brown tracks CAN be walked on. The rails are yellow now, but I'll be changing it to a darker color eventually.
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