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Enough said.
I am seriously pumped for this game. The slew of new information that has been revealed is very, very interesting. I love the details that have been given about Ghirahim. I had a small suspicion that he was somehow linked to Vaati as well as others, but I'm not necessarily disappointed that he is more than likely not. I have seen many theories surrounding the game, and I have my my own as well, but I would much rather just wait for the final product.

I love the upgrade system so far, and it has a ton of potential if it is executed properly. The game will feel much more like a traditional RPG, along with the adventuring elements that have been present since the original Zelda. The graphics look breathtaking, and I have not found any issues with that since it was revealed. Being the first game chronologically (more than likely,) I am very interested to see how this links to Ocarina of Time. Nintendo has done an excellent job with giving small nods to other games in the series with each and every title, so I'm sure Skyward Sword won't disappoint.

If anything, the only thing I am a little skeptical with is the combat. I have no problem with the Wii Motion Plus, and I think it will add an extra layer of depth to the game. However, I DO think it will get repetitive after a while. By the time you have slain your 100th spider, I think you will get very bored with the mechanic and WISH you could just hack at it and see it disappear in a puff of smoke. The combat is very intriguing, but to me it can only be used so much before it becomes a hindrance.

On a more positive note, the combat system will make boss battles and more rare enemy encounters a real treat. The Ghirahim battle shown in the more recent video is a prime example. The boss fight looks VERY fun and challenging, something that Zelda games lack. Twilight Princess did have boss battles that were a bit more challenging than it's predecessors, but as a usual rule, bosses don't always change up their attack patterns. If you memorize what they do, then you pretty much have it made. Here, it seems like you have to be more quick on your toes. And for an early boss battle, Ghirahim looks pretty brutal.

Speaking of Ghirahim, I loved his dialogue. He reminds me of Zant from Twilight Princess, only with his psychotic warfare tactics ramped up by 11. I saw some posts, (mainly by the idiotic G4,) that people were afraid the story would be very childish. However, after reading his dialogue, I am pleasantly surprised. He was very snarky and dark, just what I love in a game.

This holiday season can't come soon enough.
Having Phoenix Wright in the game is enough reason for this game to be made. Period.

I might actually get this game only because of that. I'm not a huge fan of fighting games, but seeing my favorite defense attorney in a new game that will actually be stateside is great.
I've played this game so many times, it's very hard to pinpoint my one favorite course. Same goes for least favorite, unfortunately. Either way, here are my top courses for both:

Rainbow Ride was beyond awesome. It was hard, fun, and creative. Every star pretty much had its own path, with little to no paths overlapping. Many courses fell to that, but Rainbow Ride had each star totally unique. It was very challenging as well, so you really felt accomplished after each star.

Thwomp's Fortress is one of the two courses that I first think of when someone mentions Super Mario 64. Despite only being course 2, it definitely set the bar high for the other courses. The design was very enjoyable, and the detail put into the course made it a ton of fun to play. Quite a few secrets and a rockin song thrown into the mix made this course amazing.

Lethal Lava Land is like an easier Rainbow Ride. One wrong step could mean death if your health is low enough. The course is more of a giant obstacle course than an open environment. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much? Or maybe it was surfing the lava while on a Koopa shell.

There are two courses that stand out as the ones that I dread playing. The first is Dire Dire Docks. Many other people have talked about the same course, so I'll make it brief. It's boring, repetitive, small, and it's filled with water. All the wrong things to do in a course like this.

The other is Hazy Maze Cave. I don't know what it is about this level, but I just hate it. I have a lot of bad memories of getting lost in this level when I was younger, and many of the stars were just boring to get. The red coin star for example was very tedious and annoying. Not to mention that hunting down 100 yellow coins in this was a nightmare. The only good thing that really came out of this course was the Metal Cap challenge, which I really enjoyed.
Happy Birthday SNN! You're officially...

There's a lot of potential for the new Smash game. Each game so far stepped it up. Even though many people think Brawl was a step down from Melee, I enjoyed it more. Not to mention that it was jammed with new content that offered hours upon hours of fun. If Nintendo continues the pattern, the new game can be quite a blowout for them.

I agree with what Supertails said though. It's going to be hard for them to find new characters from a first party standpoint. They can add some extra characters from the series they already have, like Waluigi, Midna, Daisy, Toad, Krystal, another Link iteration, Dixie, etc. There are also a few other characters that deserve to be in the game as well, mainly someone from the Golden Sun series.

But I think that having more third party characters would make it or break it this time around. Nintendo really needs to pull in some great new franchises to help sell the game and please fans. Sonic and Snake was a great start, and I was definitely excited to give Brawl a try because of it. I would love to see a character from a Tales game. Lloyd, Kratos, Zelos, Emil, Genis, etc. would offer a great new twist to the game. The fighting style in Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World make the characters a perfect candidate for a Smash game.

As far as Adventure mode goes, I hope they improve upon the Subspace Emissary. It was boring, and tedious to me. Enemies were overpowered and annoying, gameplay was repetitive and uninspired, and the plot was mainly boring. It had a few interesting twists along the way, but the main thing I liked was how certain characters interacted, and how some characters had their own personal background bleed into the game. Samus and Ridley's rivalry was the main thing that stood out.

I would love if they gave each character their own personal adventure mode, complete with interactions with characters from their series and an occasional helper. Their plot would mimic their original timeline, but they would all eventually meet up to fight a greater evil. Just my two cents.
Been playing Red Dead Redemption. I bought it last week and I'm loving every minute of it. I fell in love with the game footage before I got an Xbox 360, but I've been holding back on buying it because of financials. I finally decided to pick up a copy for 30$, and I'm glad I did. The Wild West is perfect for the sandbox style of the GTA series, but I'm glad that Rockstar didn't taint the game with the same fundamentals that are featured in their trademark series.

It's fairly tame in comparison, although you can still be a dick if you wish. I actually like that the character gives himself a What the Hell Hero? whenever you do something that goes against his morals (robbing/harming women and killing horses.)

I'll be busy with this game for a while, too bad school starts up in less than 2 weeks. I'm also still playing Team Fortress 2 on occasion.
I need 105 and 106. Thanks.
Here is roughly half of the level.

It's still un-named at the moment, but I was leaning towards Manic Mine. Feel free to offer any suggestions though.

As for the level, everything before the midway is pretty much done design wise. A few things to note:

-You can't walk through the yellow rails, but other sprites can. Mario not being able to will be noted in a message block.

-The palette isn't done with pretty much anything. The yellow rails are the top priority, as they will be a darker shade of brown.

-The sprite that falls from holes in the ceiling doesn't have correct graphics yet. I'm getting help with this.

I think that's about it, hope you all like what I have so far!
Here's mine.

It's not quite finished yet, as it's missing both Physics II and the lab that goes with it. The normal class will fill in somewhere on Wednesday I think while the lab will be in the evening on Thursday. I'm not 100% sure on the day though.

I'm not really sure if I'm ready to go back myself. It will be my first time being on my own. Even though I'm a junior in college, I stayed at home for the first two years and went to a local Community College. (Mostly because of my dad's sickness at the time.) Now that I got my Associate's degree, it feels very weird leaving to go live at a University. I'll be rooming with three other people in a condo styled area, but eh.
Originally posted by Masashi27
Out of curiosity, is Mario able to jump/spinjump on those falling sprites? or are they invulnerable?

Those sprites can be spin jumped on.

Originally posted by Slit08
It is indeed. However I really hope that it's going to be a bit more difficult and complex in the second part.

I was leaning towards making the second half an auto-scroll section with a central platform that will scroll with the screen. To keep it with the same theme, the main platform will be compromised of mine carts if it goes right.

Originally posted by tatanga
I only have one suggestion: the way the area immediately following the small blue pipe is constructed makes the player think that the yellow rail can support Mario. I think it may have to do with the "!" sign placed there. Oddly enough, it seems natural in other areas that only sprites can walk on the yellow. I'm not sure if this is a problem per se, and it could just be me.

As I mentioned, the behavior of the yellow rails will be referenced in a message box that I didn't put in before I patched it. I'll be darkening the palette to a dark brown too, which I hope will help the problem quite a bit as well.
I would like 1AA. Thanks!
Been very busy of late, not much time to work on this level. However, here is a small update.

This is the first few screens for the second half. Basically, it's an auto-scroll stage. Three minecarts scroll with the stage, staying on the bottom rail, and you must avoid obstacles as you reach them. I have two ideas I want to throw in, but I have to test them both out thoroughly before I cement them.
I was only ten years old at the time, and the day started like any other. Since the first plane struck the tower around 9ish, I was in school already. I remember my teacher turning on the TV after we got the news, and it stayed on for most of the day. Many people already said that they didn't fully grasp what happened because of their age, but I know that I was terrified from what I saw. Death was very real to me, and seeing such a level of destruction was something that registered.

We continued our work as normal, but a lot of the kids in class were more focused on the news. Eventually, my teacher just stopped her lecture and allowed us to work on our homework and watch the news. There was a lot of commotion out in the halls, and students from other classrooms were mingling into classrooms with their friends. Before we knew it, the towers collapsed. It was a truly frightening sight, and I still remember it to this day. The principal issued a moment of silence soon after through the intercom, which most of the students obliged.

Since then, I've learned quite a bit about the strucutral aspect of the tragedy. I've watched various videos, documentaries, and even read a few books about it. It is truly a horrific time in our short history on this Earth, and I can seriously not understand why anyone can not feel sorry for those who lost their lives or the many more who were affected by event.
I'd like 1AB and 1AC please.
Got Portal through the Orange box on my Xbox, but I'm glad it's free through Steam. I was always interested in PC games because how easily mods and custom content could be added, and Portal is no exception. I remember looking through some custom maps a few years ago, and I'm glad I finally have an incentive to give them a go.
The level has been complete design wise for a few days now, but I really wanted to touch up a few loose ends and test it more thoroughly. However, I got way too much work to handle right now so I figured I should put the IPS on here as is so everyone can give it a go.

Here is the level.

Everything is done minus the aesthetics. I still have to make the auto scroll parts look more attractive, because they are quite bare right now. The first part of the level is pretty much complete though.

Few things that I need to fix:

-Message box palette is incorrect.
-The final room will be a transitional screen, which I haven't changed the graphics for yet.
-Make the auto scroll sections look more attractive.
-A few miscellanea palette things, mostly with the sprites.

The first part remains mostly unchanged from the first patch I put up, but I fixed a few things people pointed out. The auto scroll section may or may not be a hit or miss. I find it quite fun, but it was absurdly hard for me to design in a way I originally intended, and many people might find it too "boring". However, I'm pleased with the second auto scroll section.
Originally posted by Vic Rattlehead

SNN has been showing me your work for a while now, and I have to say that you are extremely talented. I'm quite jealous honestly, because having such a talent that you enjoy yet can become profitable is a good investment. I would buy one of your plushies in a heartbeat if I could actually afford anything right now, they are just -that- good.

Your Rainbow Dash one is my personal favorite out of them all by the way. It's much more polished than your other one, and that shows wonders on how skilled you have become, and WILL become.
The End Run, made by Jack Wall. This masterpiece is played during the area right before the final boss in Mass Effect 2, and it captures the moment perfectly. It's hard to put into words, but if you haven't even played the game yet, what are you waiting for?

Music wise, I finally decided to just purchase the soundtrack off iTunes rather than ripping a few songs that I wanted at the time.
I've gotten to the point where I can't play single player the way it is. I just feel so...unaccomplished I guess? Instead, I like to use a slew of mods to enhance the experience, and offer more to the game. I tend to shift through a bunch of different mods, but most of the "better" ones are still incompatible with the new patch. Shouldn't be much longer since lots of mods are already updated.

Multiplayer is a bit different though, and I still like to play on my server with Supertails or Kc whenever they get the time.
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