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I felt the new episode was a bit fast paced, a bit more than the first pilot felt. Either way, it was definitely entertaining and quite a great way to start off the season. They really fulfilled my expectations, seeing as this was a much better pilot than season 1.

Flutterbitch was definitely the best nega-pony by the way.
I like to keep my phone, 3DS, and PSP fully charged for whatever reason, so I usually have something to keep me occupied when the power goes out. Thankfully, music is a big time waster for me so I can just lay down and listen to music for hours without a problem.
I don't enjoy the traditional "college" parties many people seem to think of when the word "party" is mentioned. (As in getting as shitfaced as humanly possible.) I don't drink alcohol at all, so being around people stumbling over each other is an environment I don't like to be in.

On the other hand, I like to go to parties where the purpose is to just enjoy yourselves with others. That kind of social interaction you can only get around friends. I usually invite my friends over to my house (about 6 or 7 of them) to just relax, play some Mario Kart, eat pizza, and shoot some pool. That kind of party is what I enjoy to be a part of.
I can sit in front of the computer listening to either iTunes or Pandora while browsing between a few sites for no apparent reason for hours on end. I honestly don't know how time can pass by so fast for something that is so incredibly boring.

It usually starts with doing homework, but I eventually drift between Facebook, here, and/or Youtube for no apparent reason. I don't think it's an addiction because I can just as easily stay away if I had something else to do, but eh.
I remember playing Four Swords many, many years ago with a friend. We beat it once, but never fully completed the game. It was one of the best multiplayer experiences I had, and I really hope to get to try this out eventually. I know a friend who has a 3DS and he will definitely be getting this game, it's just a matter of us getting together on a school break or something. I haven't had the chance to try this out yet (been busy with school and stuff), but I'm really looking forward to it. If only Nintendo went the extra mile to add Wi-Fi capabilities. That would have made this game pretty damn perfect.
I'd be without a few good friends. It's hard to imagine where I'd be if I never met a few people on this site. So above anything, I'm thankful for that.
I don't really like it. The biggest gripe that I've had with recent updates is the chat sidebar. I liked it much better when you just clicked in the corner and the entire list pops up. Now, it shows both friends who are online and offline, so it's far more cluttered. Not to mention the sidebar takes up a good amount of room.

The little friend icons don't make up for it either, as it's more of a hassle to keep tabs on both the list and the display. In a nutshell, I wish Facebook would revert back to the old chat system, and definitely get rid of friends who are not currently online from the box.
Played through it most of the weekend. I still need to collect the platinum(?) keys and then beat the second and third Hero's Trial. Collecting enough ruppees for the third set of keys has proven to be a real bitch...I've been near perfect in time as well as getting every chest and have still fallen up short. I guess you have to pray for a rewarding room from the start.

And whoever said that the Hero's Trial is insanely hard on single player, I can see why. I lost all my ruppees in the Vaati's Palace area of the second door, and I pretty much raged quit after that. The shear amount of enemies that appear is insane. It's just more irritating/frustrating than anything. I really wish the levels were harder in the puzzle department, because the only difficulty is the fake difficulty brought about by huge amounts of enemies.
Originally posted by Hellsingrunner
Ponies + Minecraft + Too Much Time = Rarity Mural

Figured I'd post this here since you folks might get a kick out of it.
If anyone is interested in getting this map let me know, I'll be happy to upload it somewheres.

I've done pixel art before, but none that massive. I applaud you for actually going through with it. It seems to have been an incredibly tedious task.

Also, there have been quite a few updates that Notch put on his Twitter. It seems like there will be upgradeable armor and weapons, as well as brewing potions. That on top of more agricultural aspects is making the base game much more interesting.
He was a true visionary in modern history. He pretty much brought us the future, yet he left the world much before his own time. It's a true tragedy...his impact on society and the industry in general will continue far into the future. May he rest in peace.
When I heard about this as well as the suspicion around the whole situation, I honestly did not want to believe it was fake. Just as many people out there, I have seen how much cancer sucks. Thus, the very last thing I wanted to believe was that someone could be so pathetic to make up a reason to plug in their hack.

Yet things have shown otherwise. It could all be the truth, and if so, I'll apologize profusely and wish you all the best. But with what SNN said, it has gotten increasingly more difficult to believe your plight.

How dare you make up your situation when there are countless people out there struggling just to see one more day. Not to mention all those who have already passed. Your story has reached out to many, and I have already seen many testimonials from people who have either been affected by leukemia or another form of cancer. If anything, I am glad for the awareness, but not for your own fucking hack.

It's shameless. It's pathetic. And above all, it's a travesty to all the people you have deluded. A public apology would be ideal, but if this is truly how it is, I would hardly believe you to show your face again.

I lost my father to lung cancer in April of 2010, and between his death and the period where he was sick, it was the worst time of my life. I have never forgotten the things I've seen, and I can only pray that one day, it will get easier. But it hasn't. The pain my family and I suffered is something I would not curse upon my worst enemy.

Cancer sucks. However, you are right below it in my book.
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Foursword4's Profile - Posts by Foursword4

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