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DSS v0.01

I've made a proper prerelease.

It includes everything listed under the "Features" in the wiki and readme.md.

You can test DSS right now and can help me to test the stability of the system and the documentation in the wiki (not priority).

Please don't contact me via DM or PMs, there's a big chance I'll ignore them or reply with a wiki link. Try to keep everything in this thread!

Before reporting any sprite not working check the issues page in the repo.
DSS v0.02

This version includes some fixes related to Yoshi.

DSS v0.03

This version includes fixes related to spinning coins and garbage tiles in score sprites.
DSS v0.04

Fixed an issue with yoshi's fireball.

DSS v0.05

Fixed a bunch of issues. Check the changelog in the wiki.
DSS v0.06

What's changed:
  • Garbage collector now properly marks as unused graphics if !dss_vram_dest is changed
  • Made Bowser's bowling ball compatible
  • Bowser fight and Lemmy fight now work properly
  • Disabled special world graphics upload
  • Added FindAndQueueGFX routine for PIXI
  • Fixed dry bones showing a glitched tile if the projectile wasn't loaded
  • Fixed ground grinders crashing the game
  • Fixed mushroom in a buble using the wrong graphics
  • Fixed the boo stream's lead boo having glitched graphics
  • Fixed the blurp not being properly flipped in certain situations

If you're using a previous version, you need to check out the uberasm list changes in the installation guide, some things were added and others were moved.

Originally posted by JamesD28
Missing %FindAndQueueGFX()

Whoops! I forgot about this one!

Originally posted by JamesD28
- Some enemies (such as the koopas and bullet bill) are glitched during the credits/cutscenes.

That's due to their graphics in SP1 being non existant. I don't think I'll fix these on my own as I've never done anything with the credits :P

Originally posted by JamesD28
- The following sprites have glitched LM displays

Those sprites don't have proper displays as they weren't converted to use DSS. They're too situational to be actually used with the system even though I did create tilemaps for other unused sprites... but that's another story.

Originally posted by JamesD28
The stationary Boss fireball is also broken in terms of functionality. The one spawned from Ludwig works fine though.

I'm not sure if this one even works outside the boss room... so I'll leave it like that :P

Originally posted by JamesD28
- The Bowser fight is a hot mess :')

Fixed! Thanks to DSS's flexibilty, you can define which tiles will be overwritten first with the system and avoid this horrible situations.

Originally posted by JamesD28
- The Dry Bones Bone has glitched graphics for a frame after being spawned the first time. Subsequent Bones are fine.


Originally posted by JamesD28
And for the record, I really love this. #smw{:peace:}

DSS v0.07

This is possibly the last beta version this patch receive. It includes very minor fixes which can be found in the changelog

I've also opened a page in the wiki to host a list of resources compatible with DSS.

If you're using a previous version, you need to check out the uberasm list changes in the installation guide, some things were added and others were moved.

I'm still looking for feedback about how it feels to build levels with DSS, I've received feedback from a few people but the more, the merrier.
Apparently I've never pushed the fix. I've silently updated the release with the fix (same version & same link).

I won't offer support this patch. Not even updates. I'm done releasing things to the general public mostly due to me wanting to focus on my own projects.

I'm truly grateful for all of those years you guys have been supporting my work on this patch, but all good things must come to an end.

Anyone is free to fork the repo and continue working on it.

DSS v1.00

It's finally done.

I'll limit myself to only provide bug fixes and updating the compatible sprites page on the wiki.

Special thanks to the testers I had during the process:
  • anonimato
  • Ayami
  • Big Brawler
  • Carld923
  • gusano
  • IvanSword
  • JamesD28
  • LMPuny
  • yupilongas
Is the second suggestion from here going to be added into the next version? I kinda want it for my team hack and I'm not exactly sure what was the final decision during our posts.

Hopefully it'll release soonish if the suggestion from the link is added, but I don't want to test everyone's luck asking for releases for my own convenience :P
Originally posted by FuSoYa
They've both already been added for the next version. When are you planning to do your team hack?

I'm still in the base ROM design process, adding resources and ensuring everything works as expected.
The goal is to start designing levels sometime around June which by then, hopefully, the ROM should have quite a fair amount of external resources that display just fine in Lunar Magic and possibly have their tooltips translated to Spanish.
DSS v1.01

Some fixes I've compiled regarding custom sprites support while also adding some small scripts to make editing ExGFX files less of a pain with so many separate files.

Very nice update, thanks! It wasn't hard to setup either.
Small update: I archived/made read-only the powerups GithHb repository. If anyone wants to make their own modifications, please fork the repo. You don't have to notify me about your changes either. Thanks.
I exactly don't care about it. I don't play kaizo hacks and won't do it in the future, so I just ignore anything regarding them and it's fine, I'm aware I'm not the public for them :P

I just don't enjoy playing that kind of levels, regardless if they're the most creative thing in the world or not.
I haven't tested anything with the latest SA-1 Pack. Can't guarantee I'll find a fix, but I'll check it at some point.
Not gonna fulfill the request by any means; I'm just here to provide a base I had for removing tileset specific crap from slopes which may (or not) be useful Link.

It's a (maybe full?) disassembly of the slope code with some adaptations. Good enough for making player-hurt slopes. The file comes with a example block inside.

Images with context behind the files (from SnesLab): [1] [2]

Slope assist tiles aren't required as those aren't handled by this code.

The routines have the Slope Pass Glitch Fix 2.1 patch baked into the code, but you should be able to figure out which code I added and be able to revert or make toggable the fix.

Nerd talk and other stuff I said regarding this resource can be found on the discord, #qldc-showoff, #qldc-no-regrets or whatever name they change it to. Link to message.
The important info is here anyway, so it's not very important what I said there.

There's barely any docs/comments on this, I have no clue how most of the code works and it's been a long time since I did this, which means I will not be able to provide assistance if anyone who takes on this decides to use what I did. Good luck!
I've made possible to use up to 510 different ExGFX files with DSS, which is effectively double the amount from the previous versions.

The next DSS version will feature those extra ExGFX slots alongside with minor extended, smoke, score and spinning coin sprites support, which will require the user to migrate to the current early version/master branch of PIXI. Due to that, the 2.00 version of DSS will be released after said PIXI version is also released.

You can mess around with the implementation which I barely have tested at the time of this post by downloading the master branch of the GitHub repo and downloading PIXI's master branch... which might not be exactly up to date right now.

For bug reports you can either use this thread or talk directly in my channel at SnesLab (link on my title).
This is a work in progress project!

Powerup Expansion Kit
Makes possible to expand the maximum amount of powerup states.

Check the issues page to know what's missing from the project.

Misc info
  • Powerup and GFX insertion determined by list files
  • No bloat/powerups included other than the default powerups
  • No dynamic powerup items and projectiles (this sucked so much omg)
  • List parsing powered by asar (no external programs needed = no need to support too many things at once)
  • Easy to understand folder structure, everything customizable is contained in two folders
  • Automatic handling of pointers, data insertion, freespace management and other stuff
  • Literally better than the horrible mess that the Custom Powerup patch was

I have zero intentions of providing support to people who are 100% clueless about programming for the SNES, this project is made to fulfill my own purposes and I'd like to keep it that way. However, I will provide assistance to those who want to study the code I made for the project regardless of their intention. I also don't really care if you borrow code, hijacks, ideas or whatever from this repo, it's public after all. File organization and other things are subject to change.

  • Asar 1.81 (idk if I'm using features from it, might as well force people to update their Asar)
  • DSS v2.00 (might not be very needed, but this is my project and I need it :D)
  • PIXI v1.40 (whenever it comes out, also I don't even know if I use some of the new features lol)

I may not keep updating this post, but I'll try to answer as many replies as possible (if there are any lol)
Install a newer python version.
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