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Hi, i'm new here, although i've used Lunar Magic since years ago (2001) although i didn't do much of hacking until now, that i'm trying to goin' deep with a couple of hack projects. ;)

My problem is this:

I've moved the Mario sprite on the overworld on LM OW editor and saved the map. In the editor the sprite is placed where I want it to be. I checked twice (or maybe more :P )

But, when I run the game, Mario's sprite is stuck on its original Yoshi's house position. I even tried to put the sprite on another submap, and no change, it always starts at Yoshi's place.

I open again the hack on LM and the sprite is where I put it, so why when running the game it goes back to the original YI position?

Also, i've checked with a clean ROM to move Mario's sprite, and then it worked right on it, but not on my two hacks i'm trying to make.

Could it be some patch i've added to them? the only common thing between both of my hacks is that i've used Addmusic on them and that they have custom AllGFX.bin.
I've tried to use both Carol's and Romi's Addmusic on the ROMs, could it be a problem of using both programs on the same ROM?

If this serves a reference:
On one of my hacks (appart from Addmusic and GFX) i've added a single ExGFX set and two test custom songs.

On the other, i've also added the Much better raccoon patch, and some HEX edits (the ones to prevent Mario's sprite to go into the ground some pixels, 16x16 hitbox, fireball from Mario offset, etc.)

Any thoughts? I really need a way to change the starting point on the OW. :(

Thanks in advance.
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lol! Stupid me! *slaps head*

That was what I needed to do and never came the thought to my mind.
I've tested with a completely new game and it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot for the advice Weeabuu!

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I'm making a custom character that uses wings instead of the cape, and everything seems to work right, but I would like to improve some details.

My first question, there's a way to modify the priority of the cape when riding Yoshi?

When riding Yoshi, the cape is rendered on top of the Mario GFX, and would like to change it so that it looks behind him. How can this be done?

And second question:
When using the pink triangle to run on walls, there's a brief moment when it turns 45°, and i would like to change the X & Y offset of the cape used in that precise moment.
Also I would like to change X/Y offset of the cape on the skidding pose (Brief moment when Mario turns between left/right)
How can also this be done?

Thanks in advance.
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I had a similar issue and never got a solution while using Carol's.
I did change the header multiple times with different variations but it never worked, until I used Romi's.

With Romi's I can add all my music without problems, so I highly encourage you to use it, and don't worry, I also thought it was hard to use at first, but it's not as hard as it seems ;)
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I'm also a DeviantArt artist.

This is my url: pumo-torbernite.deviantart.com
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So, any suggestions?
I really need to know how to change the offsets and the priority!

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I would like to know, how can I disable Mario's Walking/Advancing after passing the goal?
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But i got another question:
should I put that code simply like that on levelcode.asm and on a level section?


  DEC $13C6

Is that enough, or i need to put something else before and after that line of code? Also, if I add some HDMA Gradient code to it, how should I put this DEC $13C6 code?

I'm n00bish at ASM stuff. :P

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Well, I found a way to implement the DEC $13C6 code on my Hack.
As i'm using the 'Level ends with 5 yoshi coins' Sprite by Ultimaximus, I added DEC $13C6 on the end sequence routine on the Sprite's ASM file and now the level ends when getting all coins and without walking :)

Anyway, Thankas a lot Ramp202 for the idea of using DEC $13C6, a code that I didn't even knew it existed before you told me about xD

EDIT: BTW, just in case I will download your patch.
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I've got this issue. In my hack the levels ends as soon as you get 5 yoshi coins. After getting all 5 coins if you re-enter the level again there won't be any yoshi coins (as it should be in the original SMW) and that's pretty good.

My problem is with the midway point. After passing the midway point, dying, and entering the level again it starts in fact at the midway point but the yoshi coins re-appears, even the ones I already got before.

There's a way to make the midway point memorize the yoshi coins you had picked up (place and quantity) so that if you i.e. got 3 yoshi coins, pass the midway point, die, and re-enter the level at the midway point the 3 previous yoshi coins won't re-appear and you can continue the level to get the 2 remaining coins.

Is this possible, or it's much of a trouble to mess with this?
(if it's the last, I might need then to remove midway points)
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As i'm dumb at ASM, I think I might request it. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help!
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I'm editing the colors of message boxes for one of my hacks, and it worked right on the message itself, but not on the border.

See the screenshot:

I would like that black border to be blueish like the inner message box.
How can I do it?

Thanks in advance.
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Yeah, that's also what I thought, but, which palette could be? I tried modifying palettes 0 & 1 with no success for the borders. |-O
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If it's not allowed and you want to disable mario's walking after goal tape, check out this thread I made regarding that issue:
'Disable mario walking after goal'

Ramp202 kindly gave me some tips and a patch to achieve this.
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OK, will try that. Thanks :)

EDIT: Tried that, I changed every single palette but nothing works. I still get the black border. Could this color be harcoded?
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OK, so it seems it is not an easy task at all.
Oh Well, I suppose it would be better to go back to black color for the message box bg or learn to live with that border #w{:<}
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Whoa! this surely looks like a great hack!

I can't wait to see it done to play it. Level design and gameplay looks very good on the video and the GFX balance is superb. I'm looking forward to this one #w{:>}
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I would like to request a change to my layout. I would like the link text to be red (rgb(230,0,0)), hover intense red (rgb(255,0,0)) and visited dark purplish (rgb(160,0,100)).

Also the code box text and border instead of green I would like it to be rgb(108,38,160).

Also I would like for quote boxes this image above of the quote, inside the quote box:

I think something like this:
Originally posted by Random user


As I don't know almost nothing of CSS any help would be very much appreciated #w{=D}
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Well, I must say you're pretty right on what you say, problem is I don't have an idea where to start to solve this issue, so i'm lost T_T

But yeah, I know for experience (on some other game modding projects I run) that being devoted is the best thing a modder can do #w{:>}
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Hey it worked!

Although for some reason the quote 'blah blah' gif didn't show up at start until I replaced '4 4' with 'top left'. Anyway, now it's working.#w{:>}

It turned out pretty sweet!!

Thanks a lot!

PS. some testing here:

Originally posted by Another random user
It works ;)

A test link to nowhere
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