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first i downloaded translhextion
second i downloaded The Pokemon album music
third i opened my Rom in translhextion
fourth i pressed cntrl g and typed in x018c7
fifth i found the letters A9 and changed the letter next to it to 1B
i inserted 1B as the music in lunar magic and carols addmusic and i saved the rom and pressed f4 and the regular music showed up.
Originally posted by MarioStarLuigi
Originally posted by Maxodex
because using 2 addmusics in a ROM corrupts it.

Unless, of course, if the 2 Addmusics are Romi's and HFD's.
Although I have to agree with you. It may be Carol's Addmusic that isn't working. Try inserting into slot 11. 1B, although I highly doubt it, may be too high. I've never used Carol's Addmusic in my life, so I'm not sure how it works. Also, when you type 'x018c7' into the Ctrl+G pop-up, you don't need to look for A9. Just type in the number as soon as you get to the screen. One last question, what number are you replacing in Translhextion?

hey do you know how to use hfd addmusic if you do can you help me?
i am trying to insert the level music but i put it in and it says "No music inserted' even thought i put hte file name in the ini next to level and used the command in cmd i also put the txt file in the folder LEVEL and it has the header what do i do?

but also as a tip in the ini i put in the text file in the file name of the text music

Title music= Album.txt Nothing happens i think i need to insert the music first but it doesnt work

i ussaly make a bat file

With usage as

AddMusic.exe Smw.smc
@pause ;Keeps the Window on the screen.

and Nothing except

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Tristan's school\Desktop>AddMusic.exe smw.smc LEVEL
Invalid option
Erased 0x0000 bytes, at 0x0001F8
Removed old data by unofficial AddMusic 4.05 (current version)

Main code inserted at 0x080200

[Overworld Music]
[Level Music]
No music has been inserted

What should i do?
Thanks to you all for helping me with the title screen music.
i am using huflungdu's add music and i am trying to change C5's music
i replaced. Welcome.txt with the Yoshi's island title screen music but the music stays the same what do i do?

I am a newb lol
hang on can you retype that much simpler i type that into cntrl g and it takes me to 0000000 i cant find were to edit.
wich numbers do i change those numbers to?
I mean what letters do you change those from?
and if you already know what I meant then I don't see those letters
Hello! I have recently started playing kaizo hack's and I would like to play SMWC kaizo pack but the download link's in the thread are broken. It says File Not Found.I would like a link provided please.
Originally posted by Henix
Originally posted by tr9536on
Can I have level 170? I wanna be in a team hack.

Please tell me that's a typo and not you being a moron.

170 is a sublevel, and can't be claimed without having a main level.

EDIT: Also Maxodex, I have not seen a single completed level link on my forums, especially one from you.

No it's not but im not a moron i didn't look in lunar magic i just asked for a level that wasn't on the list.

EDIT: I would like to claim a level just assign me one is this a choco hack or vanilla or a choconilla? Ask JDC i am good at level design.
Originally posted by Thomas
Here ya go.
Could have just PMed Ultimaximus or someone, though, instead of making a whole thread.

Lol I didn't know.
Take That

Hey what is carols youtube username?
Here is the submap i made for the grasslands map of JDCgames collab hack.

EDIT: i hope it's half as good as his.
Hey i am trying to tas some kaizo hacks but i dont know how to keyjump

I hold down (A) my slowdown button and jump i drop it a little on the peak of my jump but then i grab it when i try to jump and catch it can anyone tell me how to keyjump better?
The thing is im using Zsnes.

EDIT: how do you jump and pick it up at the same time?
using slowdown i can at least jump with it but im going to fast and i dont land on it.
Like i said on JDCgames ill claim level 19 i have took the base and im working on it, ill need a sublevel though.

Here is a nice background from ロマンシング サ・ガ

Idk how to rip it.
Originally posted by Wormer21
You'll need to release it in the right moment (probably when you're at the highest point of your jump) and when you fall on it, press the run and jump buttons to jump with it in mid-air. I did it once but it was accidentally. Try to do it with big slowdown (ie. 5x if you use ZSNES or 25% if you use Snes9X). Well, I think Snes9X is much better than ZSNES if it goes with TASing. Also it uses frame advance so it would be much easier to practice with frame advance. Also, you can do it like shelljumping by throwing it on a wall and catching it in mid-air. I saw people doing keyjumps this way.

Ill try that.
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