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Another improvement! This is getting intense!

315 seconds left, 5 Yoshi Coins, non-TAS
Alright, I guess I'll have to forget about the Yoshi Coins in order to keep up!

337 seconds left, non-TAS!
I'm not giving up!

339 seconds left, non-TAS!
Yet another one for me! Is this the limit?

SMWVC28, 340 seconds left, non-TAS!

EDIT: What? Round 29 has started already? But it's still Thursday, so this round 28 entry should still count!
Okay. I'm fine with that. As long as my entry counts, I'm not concerned with when it's entered into the scoreboard.
I'm just going to submit this run for now, but if I have enough time later today, I'll definitely try to improve this.

SMWVC29, 211 seconds left, non-TAS.

EDIT: Huzzah! I've improved my previous time by quite a bit!

SMWVC29, 222 seconds left, non-TAS!
Oh, wow. I was just thinking of asking here about what the music in the main part of Ninth Cave was, only to find out it's been answered already! So, thanks!
Originally posted by Driflooninja5
Karkhisi's choco contest preview
What's the music at 0:43 and 9:17?

The second one sounds like Tadpole Pond from Super Mario RPG.

Okay, I beat it!

SMWVC29, 229 seconds left, non-TAS!
Here's my entry:

SMWVC30, 6 jumps, non-TAS!

And just for the heck of it:

SMWVC30, 1 jump, TAS!
SMWVC31, 241 seconds left, non-TAS.

Better check your link for your non-TAS entry, because I clicked on it and got a "duplicate video" error message.
Just to clarify something, do you need to collect all the Yoshi Coins in this challenge as well?
Yeah, I thought the Yoshi Coins were required, but I was just making sure after watching LegendaryJirachi's video. Thanks!
Originally posted by liverpol2222
This challenge seems too hard for a NON-TASer.

EDIT: Dotsarecool, I'm 10th, not 11th.

Actually, I was able to do it non-TASed, but it took me nearly the entire time limit to do so. I may or may not upload it later. I haven't decided yet.

Also, according to the points, I should be in 2nd, not 4th (Wow, I'm in 2nd already?!), and LegendaryJirachi should be in 6th and not 9th. Dotsarecool, did you forget to adjust our ranks after the last challenge?
Originally posted by TheDestroyer
In "Toads World", whats the music that plays in the scenes that play after defeating the bosses?

I think it's the victory music from Zelda: A Link to the Past. (Like when Link gets a pendant.)
SMWVC32, non-TAS, 15 seconds left.

I can probably do way better than this though.
Improved my time by one second.

SMWVC33, non-TAS, 226 seconds left.

Also, I decided to include a clip from one of my failed attempts at the end of the video, just for hahas.
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