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I guess I could toss in this tiny Song of Time .txt file, which I made myself just to use as goal music for one of my videos several years ago. (Having the Song of Time in the Time Capsule would be fitting.)
Decided to run this a few more times just for hahas. Here are some that I got:

"Super Mario Sunfa Sty worlds"
"In Miscland Totally"
"Jugt The Hack of Zoudbe"
"BaNF\rand World"
"Dibo Mnssion"
"Bows Om Rebishi"
"Mario and the Xoper of That"
"Ultry Vanilata"
"Dome Secret Onnnoscers to Dinesaur Mario"
"Kaizo SMW Thing"
Originally posted by K3fka
I did enjoy the gimmick this time around, although I wish the rate of questions appearing was bumped up a bit. I know it increases with your posting in the C3 forum, but I felt I posted a fair amount and didn't see him nearly as many times as some others. I see people with 100+ correct answers, and I'm certain I saw Chuck less than 30 times total.

Yeah, I kinda wish the questions appeared a bit more often as well. I posted a few times fairly early on, and then saw Chuck Quizmo at a somewhat regular rate for a little while, but then after that, he almost never appeared for me, and I probably only saw him around 15-ish times (don't know exactly).
Originally posted by Doopliss
So, I have a minor issue. There's a song used in SMWCP that I want to use. The SMWCP music list says they're all available on the site. However, when I try to search for the music used in Wieza Niebo, "Super Marisa World - World 5/Hakugyokurou", nothing comes up. Was it removed?

I'm not sure myself, but I do have the .txt file for it, from long ago: Link.
Originally posted by slakkmichael
Originally posted by DeppySlide
Originally posted by slakkmichael
One thing I want to point out is that; after patching in the base rom, I get this message:

Is that something I should worry about or ignore?

From what I can tell, everyone using the baserom has gotten this message. I'm not exactly sure why this happens, but according to people on Discord the baserom should still be fine to use. If you're not comfortable using it, though, I have provided the hex edit on its own if you want to patch it yourself.

I think I'll be fine. Considering it is just one level, I don't think it should be that big of a deal. I just wanted to know if it was something on my end or not.

Okay, whew. I was wondering if I patched it wrong or something when I got that message just now, but if everyone's having the message appear but it still actually runs fine, then I guess I have nothing to worry about.
Originally posted by MusicManiac

Doing a bit of investigation, it seems to be 6646's radio taisou (radio gymnastics) remix, "Romancing Taisou", as stated by lion in this post: Link.
But, lion couldn't find the port at that time, and said that 6646 might still have it.
Yeah, this page took me a good deal of time to load, especially since the comments regarding each song aren't present in the plaintext page, and I wanted to read them, but of course this causes my computer to lag like crazy...

Anyway, I guess 4th place for me is respectable, especially since I didn't have as much free time to go over the songs as I would've liked. Wow, Maniek really blew away the competition with that 120 score! Congratulations!

Oh, and while going over the songs, I noticed that number 33 said "Guessed by nobody"? But, I correctly identified this one (it helped that I recently played through it on Nintendo Switch Online's SNES library), and I was given credit for it in my score too. Was "Guessed by nobody" a mistake there?

Now for comments regarding some of the songs that I missed...

2 - Huh, I never thought to check Sonic CD prototypes.
3 - I never even knew about this Sonic fan game.
4 - D'oh, I didn't check Tyrian for this. My mind thought this sounded like a Genesis game, perhaps the menu of some sports game.
7 - Aw, my mind was at least right about this being a Genesis game, but I never thought to check Columns III.
10 - I checked a bunch of Touhou games, including many fangames, but I didn't know about Infinite Blade Pavilion. At least I got the Touhou series guess point.
15 - Yep, I fell for that trap, and my mind really thought it sounded like is was from a Tales or Star Ocean game. Baten Kaitos never came close to crossing my mind.
29 - Welp, my mind thought this might've been a Game Gear game, totally misleading me. (I doubt I would've figured it out anyway, though.)
31 - D'oh! I had guessed this one to be the composter. I did notice how it sounded a lot like a Green Hill Zone variant, and even searched for several versions of Green Hill Zone on YouTube, but did not find this particular one.
32 - Yet another one that I thought was a Game Gear game.
35 - Huh, I thought this one sounded really familiar to me, but I haven't played or seen Night Striker, I don't think. And, I didn't associate it with Suwako's Native Faith either.
36 - Pokémon never crossed my mind with this song. Welp.
40 - D'oh, that's one I could've known, since I've played that NES Flintstones game in the past, but that was a long time ago.
42 - Argh! I KNEW this one sounded familiar, but I just could not figure it out...
45 - That's one I probably should've been able to figure out. Oh, well.
49 - I thought this one sounded familiar to me too, but Killer Instinct didn't cross my mind at all here.
60 - D'oh, I did indeed think this sounded a bit like River City Ransom, and I checked various related games, but missed Super Dodge Ball.
72 - Argh... This is I think the one I missed that bothers me the most. I knew it sounded Genesis, and I did check Dynamite Headdy's soundtrack, and yet I still somehow missed it! I figured it out a little over a week after the deadline when it played in one of the levels during raocow's MaGMML playthrough.
77 - What, seriously? That song actually has an F-bomb in its name?
84 - D'oh! So, that Touhou-like one was indeed the composter. I actually did consider picking it as the composter too. If only the LEGO Green Hill Zone above didn't fool me...
86 - Yep, I thought that sounded like Kirby too.
89 - Nuts, I had checked the Seihou series while trying to figure out 84, but I wasn't focused on 89 at the time.
92 - I had thought this one sounded like one of Pokémon's clothing shops or something.
E2 - For some reason, this one had sounded familiar to me, but I don't think I'm familiar with Grinsea at all.
E6 - Sigh... I should've gotten this game for my dad while I had the chance, since I saw it at a local shop for $5, and I really wanted him to stop smoking...
Originally posted by Ashman512
I was tried to find the VGM and found the 1st place from smwcentral

Why did you quote me twice? And, which VGM are you referring to? Also, did you mean "tired" instead of "tried"?
Why Be Right?

(I hope nothing is wrong with this level!)
Originally posted by Minish Yoshi
As for turning around while flying, you need to press A. Since this is vanilla SMW, you will not always turn around when you press A. (I think you have a 50/50 shot with each time you press A.)

Actually, it's not A. It's the run button (Y or X) you're not already using. Assuming you're flying while primarily holding Y, you need to tap X to spin around, but yeah, the direction you'll end up facing after you finish spinning depends on the particular frame, and may as well just be a random 50/50 chance.
Originally posted by JupiHornet
Done with my fan judging. You can look at it here.

Is it okay for me to reply here regarding your comments on my level? Or, should I continue to try remaining "anonymous" about my level for now? (I have stuff I do want to say, but if I'm not supposed to blatantly reveal which level is mine yet, then I'll hold off for the moment.)
Alright, I'll put my whole reply in a spoiler box then.

Originally posted by JupiHornet
Done with my fan judging. You can look at it here.

I'm glad you really enjoyed my "Why Be Right?" level! Yeah, my "automatic plan" gimmick was in mind from the very start, but I also did try my best to make this look and feel like a level that could be played normally too.

Also, that was pretty lucky getting a 50 from the goal tape, because in all of my tests, things can vary slightly for some reason, but I tried my best to make sure Mario would always collect all 7 Yoshi coins and finish the level.

I've observed four different ways the level can end, due to the "randomness". It could give you the 50 (and perhaps even finish with a fitting 712 seconds left, depending on how long a certain part early in the level takes, since there's a possible variance there too), but you could also end up with 29 or 26 stars, or you could end up missing the goal tape entirely, which will happen if the "automatic" sequence causes you to wall clip on the stack of pipes near the end, causing you to enter one of them and go through a bonus room (this bonus room is not required for 100%, BTW, and it can also be accessed by bringing a P-switch here or by finding a hidden block, so the wall clip entry is not required to access it).

In addition, in the first half, there exists another non-required bonus room pipe, which won't be entered while playing "automatically", but it should be pretty obvious which pipe it is, and there are a couple ways to enter it. Inside is a hint towards how to get the secret exit in an "automatic" fashion. (And, doing the secret exit that way can vary in one of two ways, from my testing, but as far as I could tell, would also always work, which was the most important thing.)

Anyway, I hope the actual judges discover the gimmick and think highly of my level as well!
34th place... You know, I was afraid something like this would happen, despite me placing a few hints within the level itself, particularly the blatant "YB→" in the blocks after the normal goal.

So, KTB and patcdr clearly figured out the gimmick, and gave me excellent scores. NopeContest didn't figure it out, but still gave me a decent score. And, to answer NopeContest's question (and anyone else who may be wondering), the gimmick of my level is to hold Y, B, and right to "semi-automatically" complete the level. There is also a "semi-automatic" way to reach the secret exit, which is hinted at in an optional bonus room.

And then, I look at Sinc-X's score of my level, which is a horrible 16. I'm sorry, but that HURTS. Not only did he not get the gimmick (and refuse to modify his score after learning about it later), but he insulted (yes, I'm saying "insulted" here) my general level design as a whole, which was meant to still play like a perfectly fine level even if the player didn't get the gimmick.

It especially stings because a fan-judge that had been a real judge in the past gave me a perfect 60 score, and that gave me high hopes that I'd do really well in this contest. I didn't expect to actually take first place with all 60s or anything, but I thought I'd be almost assuredly well into the top 10.

Sorry if I came off as salty in this post, but honestly, I kinda am.
Originally posted by JupiHornet
Fan judge that gave your level a 60/60 here :V
The thing is, as much as I liked your level, I would have been shocked if anyone else had such strong feelings toward it like I did (which is why I added that part at the end of my review about how I hope it does well, because I had a feeling that at least one judge wouldn't quite "get" it).
That's not to say that I think your level's bad (obviously I don't since I gave it a perfect score), but automatic levels are one of those things that just aren't for everyone. I don't particularly agree with what Sinc-X said about your level's gimmick (I would probably have agreed with him more had the level been fully automatic with nothing more to it than that, but that's not what your level is), but again, not everyone likes those kinds of levels. Nothing in his review screams "insult", he just didn't like the level. That's pretty much it. I wouldn't take it so personally; 34th place is still very good.

Yeah, I suppose. But seeing that 16 did immediately seem very insulting to me, since I feel the level should've at least been considered "average" quality without the gimmick. I guess my method of creativity just can't please everyone. Also, I was apparently the unlucky one to have the highest Max-Min range out of all entrants. (Maybe I should get a trophy for taking 1st place with that? :P)
Originally posted by StackDino
Hello everyone! I saved some japanese ports and i'd like to know their name:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The first three songs seem to have been ported by the same person who ported the song "Metal Slug 2 - Living on the Deck".
Can someone help me please?

Number 6 is Gradius III - Easter Stone.

Some of the others sound familiar, but I'm not entirely sure on them right now.
Originally posted by Poison
Does anyone know the name of this Music

Sounds like Kirby 64's boss theme, but with a higher pitch. But listening further, it may be a remix or medley, maybe?
Is there a way to easily download all the tracks, for those that want to do so like usual anyway?
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Looking at the page source and tracking down the files, I think this should do it.

Thanks! I typically like to rename the song files to include my guesses as I'm listening to them. (For example, if the first song was the first level's theme of Donkey Kong, I'd rename that file to be "001 - Donkey Kong - 25m.mp3".)
Huh, I initially thought you just simply place the tree trunk over the ledge and the game will make those particular tiles act like flooring for you, but looking at Forest of Illusion 1 in Lunar Magic and fiddling around a bit, it seems like that's only true for half of the Y positions for some reason. So, if you and other sprites are falling through the ground behind the tree trunk, try moving either the ground or tree trunk itself 1 tile vertically and then see if that works.
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