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The Map16 numbers for the solid tree trunk tiles appear to be 10B, 10C, and 10D.
Originally posted by Poison

Endless Nights, by Segment1Zone2.

@7 up: You quoted the "6" instead of the "7", but it's number 7 that's Endless Nights.
Eating Block Story

EDIT: Version 1.1 update: Corrected a potential softlock spot I noticed, and made a few other little tweaks here and there.

ANOTHER EDIT: Version 1.2 update: Further tweaks after receiving feedback.

(There should be a "V1.2" in the upper-right corner on the title screen now.)
Oof, I wonder what happened with EduzinMMA's patch? I decided to try it myself, and just get the message that the patch is not intended for this (vanilla SMW) ROM. Man, that's unfortunate...
Originally posted by wolfnasty
SomeGuy712X Has also posted some playthroughs vids of select levels. I'm not sure if its by request or random but its awesome as SomeGuy712x is one of my favs

Usually just by request, and if I don't run into technical difficulties or get overwhelmed by too much stuff.
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Originally posted by SomeGuy712x
Usually just by request, and if I don't run into technical difficulties or get overwhelmed by too much stuff.

tbh I wouldn't mind if you did my and Evil's. Could be cool if you opened up a thread since you're taking requests. our moon is pretty easy to find, but some of the other secrets...not so much.

If I open up a thread, then I'd likely open myself up to being overwhelmed. If someone PMs me here, or comments on one of my videos with a request, then I'll get around to it eventually, but I'm probably not going to open up a full "taking requests" thread and end up pressured and backlogged for months.
Heh, these are pretty great. Perhaps you could judge this fan in the next batch? :P
Originally posted by EduzinMMA
I don't know what happened with my level. #smw{x_x}

I will put the 'ROM Game' after the official result...

Maybe when creating the patch, you accidentally selected the wrong ROM when trying to choose the unmodified vanilla ROM? Anyway, don't upload an actual ROM, but instead, try to patch it correctly next time. And, test the patch after creating it (or have others test it for you) to make sure it's working properly. (With each new version of my level, I made sure to have someone else test the patch just to make sure it worked for them, and that they could see "V1.1" or "V1.2" on the title screen or whatever.)
Yeah, I probably would've given MarkVD100's level at least a 30 in design myself, and maybe a higher creativity score too. It was pretty neat, though the timer is indeed a bit strict in some areas (although you can farm green berries in certain places, but that can be a bit tedious). And, I'm all for having multiple valid methods to get through a level. So, even though my method of getting through the level didn't make use of the blue P-switch, I still think it's cool that the blue P-switch route is available.
I'm glad you thought highly of my level, AnEvilGhost! Yeah, the last puzzle room is a bit lengthy, but it is meant to be the final puzzle challenge after all. It actually used to be even harder, but I got feedback about the difficulty of that room from a couple testers, and adjusted a few enemies and added another mushroom to the final product make it a bit more reasonable.

Also, LOL at you being unable to judge your own level. At least Mad Lad thought highly of it. Perhaps I should try out your level too when I get a free moment.
What were the last ones you fan judged, so that I can easily find them and read them on the newly sorted list? (I've been reading the newest ones on the bottom of your list as you went along.)

Also, in the rank list, you put my score down as 85/100, but you had actually given me 86/100. This would change my position from 7th to a tie for 6th.
Originally posted by AnEvilGhost
The new ones I reviewed were 27, 79, 61, 12, 76, 18, 24, 26, 5, and 70.
Sorry about the incorrect score, that was a mistake from the Excel sheet that carried over.

Alright, thanks! And, I had just played #79 myself (and will upload a video of it soon), and I totally agree with where you placed it in the rankings.
Originally posted by Poison

Sword of Mana - Chain of Fate
Wow, all that effort I went through searching for songs paid off! Of course, there are some that I feel like I should've gotten, or could've put more effort into finding.

(Also, thanks for not embedding all 132 videos into this thread, which would've likely made my computer lag like crazy. I much prefer just having standard links like what was done here.)

010 - Man, I knew this one sounded like an NES game, and I did search a bunch of them, but didn't search enough, apparently.
013 - Ooh, so I do get full credit for my Shining Force III guess here. Nice. Yeah, after I heard it while searching the Shining Force III soundtrack, and that it sounded like the same melody, but not quite the same instruments, I spent forever searching all other Shining Force game soundtracks, and couldn't find any completely exact match, so I left Shining Force III as my guess, expecting to only get credit for the series guess at best.
019 - Heh, you almost could've baited me, but when I couldn't find an exact match for any direct Pac-Man game, I started thinking about other Namco games that might use that theme, and found it!
028 - Funnily enough, one of the things I searched for on YouTube was obscure video game music, and one of the playlists had this exact song as the very first video in it!
029 - D'oh! I knew this sounded almost like a Wacky Workbench track, but it wasn't quite right. I thought about making this one of my impostor guesses, but I had already used all those guesses elsewhere.
030 - Well, now that raocow is playing Guacamelee! 2, I recognize the vibe in this song, but Guacamelee! was not on my mind at all during the contest duration.
033 - I knew that one sounded Genesis, but couldn't figure it out. Oh, well.
036 - Wow, really. You're such a sneak. Also, song #96 is originally from Pokémon Yellow, not GSC (though it does play in GSC too), so I didn't consider it as being from the same game as this one anyway.
037 - Yeah, I just left that one as a Touhou series guess when I couldn't find an exact match when searching the main Touhou games, since I figured it was probably from a Touhou fangame or something.
042 - Heh, I'm guessing none of the other guessers had played Dark Duel Stories a lot back then. Also, I feel I should mention that this song was a tad loud compared to most of the others.
048 - I put so much effort into trying to figure out this one. When I couldn't find an exact match for Sorcerer's Apprentice, I did think that maybe it went to some old mystery/sleuthing game or something, but I ended up making this my Composter guess instead. Welp. (I might've even actually played this game at some point back in elementary school.)
052 - I thought this was a Kirby boss theme or something, but nope.
053 - Super Mario Sunshine was all I could think of regarding this song.
057 - I love this remix of "Take Care" too! I recognized it as being that Gradius track, so then I searched for all games that used that particular track, and found it!
066 - Another Genesis-sounding one that I just couldn't figure out.
069 - Huh? You said I guessed this one, but I don't see "69" among the numbers shown after my name in the full results. Anyway, I had guessed this one as an imposter, called "LILT-0018 - Fragments of the World", and here's where I found it, in case this helps with the "fact check":
070 - Huh, I don't think I should have the ** after the "70" in my numbers, if this one was guessed by 3 people.
079 - If you're gonna have boot screen music, this one's hard to beat!
083 - Did my Touhou Unreal Mahjong guess count as full credit? I don't see the ^ after the "83" in my numbers. Also, this song is kinda loud too.
089 - My ears were very pleased with this version of Luna Ascension. I made sure to figure out exactly which game this was used in.
093 - D'oh, I searched a bunch of Pokémon battle themes, but somehow missed this exact one. At least I got the series guess point.
096 - This one actually originates from Pokémon Yellow, which also has Printer compatibility, and uses this same song. At least I was correctly given full credit for my Pokémon Yellow guess.
099 - Man, my mind was so sure this sounded like a song found in a modern Pokémon game's clothing shop or something.
100 - That counts as an impostor even though it's used in Shadow Dragon? Hmm... This might be a similar situation to song 69 then.
110 - At least I only paid about 8 bucks at Target for that "horrid GBA remake" that I still enjoyed, while other places were still selling it for $30.
111 - I had already wasted my composter guess on 48, but I probably wouldn't have figured this one out anyway.
117 - Welp, I guess I didn't play 3D Space Cadet Pinball enough back in the day.
121 - Nah, that didn't throw me towards Mega Man, but part of the song did give me Gradius vibes, so I checked the Game Boy Gradius/Nemesis games, and when that didn't work, I searched for any Konami Game Boy games, eventually finding it!
And, I couldn't figure out any of the Extreme songs this time. Not even close. Oh, well.
Originally posted by icrawfish
Originally posted by SomeGuy712x
100 - That counts as an impostor even though it's used in Shadow Dragon? Hmm... This might be a similar situation to song 69 then.

Ah, perhaps I didn't phrase it quite right: while the Fire Emblem theme itself is in Shadow Dragon (and, well, almost every other FE game) this specific version only plays in the OVA. They do sound pretty similar, admittedly, but it would be very strange for them to repurpose an orchestrated track from an unpopular 1996 animation and use it for a DS game in 2008. In any case, I feel safe in asserting that they are not the exact same recording, and thus not the same song. Hopefully that clarified it.

Alright, fair enough, I guess.
BTW, how's the fact-checking for song 69 going? I'm curious about that.
Also, I wonder if maybe I could help pick some songs in a future contest?
Tried it with my VLDC13 level, and it successfully identified 4 of the 7 custom songs (including one that was part of the VLDC8 soundtrack). However, it "Could not locate" 3 of the songs.

For one of them, I don't think the exact version I used is in SMW Central's music section (Remilia's theme from Touhou 6), so that's probably understandable.

However, the other two it couldn't locate are definitely on this site:
Super Mario Galaxy - Rosalina's Observatory
Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object - At the End of Spring

It is neat how it shows which level names and numbers the custom songs are used in.
Ooh, I made the top 10! Nice!

And yeah, I guess the vertical castle section at the end was a tad lengthy and tricky, but it was meant to be the effective finale after all (followed by a relatively easy boss fight to wrap things up). That castle part was originally harder too, but I had made adjustments to it after receiving some feedback about it, so that probably helped.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners! Huh, I was expecting Custom Block Party to take first place after I had played it. I guess I'll have to give VIVIDSECTION a try now to see just how amazing that level is too.

(BTW, Alex's .xlsx file took some finagling for me to get open, and I ended up importing it into Google Sheets in order to see it. Might've just been a weird issue on my end that kept it from opening in a standard way.)
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