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Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Yes, I was wondering, what song is this:

Mario X World 5th - SPC file.

It is the music for that Ship level in World 3.

That's "Anxiety" from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. It plays in the ghost ship stage.
Originally posted by Karatekid5
Adventure Land - LotSS - Goonie Gradiation
What's the music? It kinda reminds be of Animal Crossing.

That one's Mega Man ZX - Green Grass Gradation.

(As for the other one you asked about, I don't know.)
Originally posted by ZMann
In this level, what music is playing (aside from the default castle music at the end and beginning)?

Sounds like "Endless Battlefield" from Final Fantasy Adventure for Game Boy, but with an intro added to the beginning of it.
Originally posted by mockinchrist
What is the music in this level.

Siren - Bright Club Lane.
The name of the music was in that video's description.
Originally posted by SnowyRumia5
What's the music in this video at 6:32 and the music in this video at the beginning

Okay, I asked about the second one, and Sacredfire059 told me what that song is:
CUSTOM - At The Beach.

However, I tried this song out myself and got an error message when I tried inserting it, but I figured out the problem. If you go into the text file and put a semicolon before "Song Duration" near the top, it'll work correctly. (I don't know how nobody noticed this error before. I mean, it's kind of hard to miss...)
Here's my entry:

SMWVC34, non-TAS.
Your "have a (failed) run" link goes to my entry. Better fix that.
Do you have to complete the level? Or is the challenge done the instant you reach the coin quota?
My entry:

SMWVC35, non-TAS, 250 seconds left.

I'll probably be trying to improve this later, though.
Originally posted by Karatekid5
Isla Luna
What's the music in this level?

It's Mushroom Forest from Little Nemo for the NES.
I'd say keep the challenges coming, but the levels don't have to be done in order. You can mix it up a bit, and it would be okay to occasionally revisit levels we've already been to before if you come up with something interesting for them.
I'm still here, and I'll probably be uploading my entry at some point tomorrow.
I decided to do a TAS run for this one:

SMWVC36, TAS, 1 second left.

I'll be putting up a non-TAS run later.
Okay, here's a non-TAS run:

SMWVC36, non-TAS, 226 seconds left.

Didn't feel like waiting around for the clock to hit 1 this time.

I think the timer would actually have to display 0 for that. Too bad there's no Yoshi in the level to do the avoid time up death glitch with...
Alright, I've decided if I'm going to be stuck with first, I may as well do it as fast as I can!

SMWVC36, non-TAS, 258 seconds left.

(This video took several upload attempts, but YouTube finally processed it properly. I wonder what the heck the problem was...)
Originally posted by falconpunch
What is the music in Super Mario: The Infection Stormy Fortress music called?

Do you mean the main part of Stormy Fortress, or the boss? Well, here's both:

The main part (where there is music) is Underwater City from Rudra no Hihou.
The boss fight is K. Rool's theme from Donkey Kong Country 2.
Originally posted by Gamma V
Originally posted by Lightmaster
Originally posted by Gamma V
What's the song that plays in Quicksand Quandary from Essence Star? I'm considering using it in my hack if it's in the music section.

Surface part or cave part? I don't know which is the one for the surface part, but in the cave part is Cave Story - Geothermal.

Sorry that I can't help you with the other one, if it's the one that you are needing.

It is the one on the surface. I know the underground tune because I have it in my hack too. I'm wondering about the surface one because I'm looking for a good Egyptian-sounding tune for athletic levels.

I found out what the song on the surface is. It's Monkey's Love Song from Mother 3. However, I don't think I saw it in the music section (but maybe I overlooked it by accident).
Originally posted by ManuMaster654
Glitch Mr. It is your video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGkO03bzi64

I would like to know the name of the song in it.

I can answer that.
It's Twilight Space from Super Bonk.
If you need an old version of Forest Maze, I happen to have one. It's included in an old set of 27 addmusic songs that I've been hanging onto: Link.
Forest Maze is "33.txt".
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