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The songs in that set I linked to don't require sample banks or anything else special to work. What exactly is the error?
Sure, why not? I guess I'll participate.
Here's a level I kind of just put together:

Lines and Stuff

I did plenty of testing, so I think I've worked out all the bugs, but if it turns out that there is a major problem with my level, let me know and I'll fix it.
Actually, I did a few more test runs and noticed a minor glitch with one of the sprites, so I fixed it and am resubmitting my level.

Lines and Stuff (updated)
What, I can't use custom music now? Man, that kind of stinks...
Well, here's my level again, with the custom music removed:

Lines and Stuff
Originally posted by yoshifanatic
Yoshi's been wondering. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the volcano level in the hack Mario's Amazing Adventure?

If you're referring to the level "Molten Volcano", the music is Running Hell from Cave Story.
Originally posted by Kaizoman666
So are we going to get a new challenge? Since this one doesn't seem to be very popular, we should change to a more exciting or challenging one.

I pretty much agree with this. This challenge isn't very interesting, and I think the reversed scoring just makes it worse. Maybe we should do something like try to clear the level by just spin jumping on saws without using the moving platforms or ropes, and grant a few bonus points for each Yoshi coin collected... or something along those lines. It's just an idea I'm tossing out there.
I decided to do some touching up of my level. Nothing major, except for the addition of a hidden extra area that's totally optional.

Lines and Stuff (updated)
It's nice to finally see a new challenge!

Not that this matters much, but I did do a TAS run of challenge 36, and it's not showing on the scoreboard.
EDIT: Okay, now it's there. Thanks.
I decided to have some fun with this one:

SMWVC37, 279 seconds elapsed, TAS.

Yes, it's a crappy time, but I was just fooling around anyway!
I just noticed something (and I should've seen this earlier). Friday is March 4th, not March 5th, so is the deadline actually March 4th, or is it Saturday, March 5th?

Is it possible that you could edit your recent post somehow so that the page won't get stretched out?
EDIT: Thanks for fixing that.
@Glitch.Mr and Dangus:
I downloaded that Guardian Legend song back when it was on SMWC. If anyone's looking for it: Link
I decided to make one last update to my level.

Lines and Stuff (updated yet again)
I just looked at the round 37 scoreboard, and I noticed that you omitted Kaizoman666's TAS entry.
Are we allowed to enter the level with coins already in our pocket, or do we have to start the level with zero coins?
Okay, here we go:

SMWVC38, 21 extra lives, non-TAS

I think this is the maximum number of extra lives that can be gotten.
Well, I did some looking around and I found a Pokey Means Business, but I don't know if it's the one you're looking for.

As for FFA's Last Battle, the only working one I have is the one I downloaded from SMW Central's music section, but I doubt that's what you're seeking. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Here's a challenge for the original SMW:

Level: Chocolate Secret
Starting power ups: Whatever you want, but Yoshi can't come.
1. Take the first Buzzy Beetle in the level, and use it to kill all the Football Chucks in the first room, then take that Buzzy into the second room. (Be careful of the Buzzy waking up as you do this, and don't let it die!)
2. Kick that Buzzy near the top of the second room (anywhere above that room's first Buzzy is okay), and follow it all the way to the bottom, making sure to stay close enough to it so that it doesn't despawn. Then stomp (or cape spin) it and carry it into the third room.
3. In the third room, use that same Buzzy to kill as many Spike Tops and Chucks as you can, then carry it all the way to the goal and turn it into an item (the exact item you get doesn't matter).

Does this sound good?
Umm... I don't suppose I could use this video as an entry, could I? Link
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