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Hola,me acabo de registrar en SMW Central ,y tengo un poco de experiencia con Lunar Magic ,Block Toll, etc.

mi duda es con el parche de los koopas de SMB3 , como puedo hacer que el koopa amarillo , tras haber saltado en este pase a su modo alterado?

(cuando parpadea de varios colores)


Edit:ya lo arregle.Sorry si el post fue inecesario.
Hi , Im a new user in SMW Central , an this oviously is my first post in english

Simple Bag , I think that Fakescaper made one that can hurt mario ,maibe you should ask the sprite.
Im not sure if this is the correct place to this.

I have a problem with this patch , I want to make the yellow koopa
shine after being jumped on (when a shelless koopa jumps in it), but....

this says in the patch:

CMP #$08 ; Check if sprite = Yellow Koopa. Change this to #$08 if don't want the Koopa to flash.
BEQ YellowKpa ; Branch if it is. Delete this line in conjunction with the above if you don't want the Koopa to flash.
BCC BuzThrBluKpa ; Branch if less.

the patch already has CMP #$08 in default.

I dont know what to do there...

can someone help me , and fix the patch in case that the patch is the problem ?


(my english is not very good , but i hope that it can be Understanded)
Thanks,MrDeePay,it works perfectly.
I like the blue,because... I like that color.
(why to the most persons likes the blue,anyway?)

(My english is not very good,as you can read right now)
I've tried to insert the teleport block that comes with the original block tool, but every time that im inserting it in the block database,
it appears a error message like this:


Invalid imput. Must be hex values separated by commas with no spaces including a trailing comma and the end of last entry.

(I don't understand what it says or have to do)

this is what I ve put in the block database:

BIN Path :Blocks\teleport.bin (i've changed the name of the block)

Mario Below: 0
Mario Adobe: 0
Mario Side: 0
Sprite Vert: -1
Sprite Horz: -1
Fireball: -1
Cape: -1


Please Help (I don't speak english well)
Did you save the map 16 page pressing F9?
You need to Insert the teleport block with Block Tool , and then put the block where you want to make mario fall.(my english is not perfect)
EXTREME Thank you,the block works perfectly.

By the way, in the original BT,the Relocs of the block were -1,so...

The Deluxe edition doens t need relocs for other .bin blocks?
Open block tool ,click in the option that says add block , set the block that you want to insert ,set the map 16 page where it will be the block, open the rom , and then press save.

(opening the rom in that moment is not nessesary, you can do it earlier)

IMPORTANT EDIT: the block map 16 page is not in Hexadecimal ,is in normal numbers Ex: "A" must be remplaced by "10" , etc
Set add block , seach block N 101 , set the map 16 number for the block.
save, open lunar magic,seach the map 16 thile where did you put the block , with 8x8 editor make act that block like 25 , but WITH THAT BLOCK ,open the add objets windows , put the block where do you want in the level ,and press save.

Edit:set an exit in the screen where is it the block so the block will warp you where you want.

(I hope that you can understand me, I dont write english well)
K, thanks Ramp202.

The telepotr block ALREADY comes wiht block tool , is already set in block Tool , so... don t move anithing from the block Tool , then you have to move the rom to de directory where the block tool is , and then do it what i ve saying you in previous post.

If you keep dont understand me , seach a tutorial.

I think that ramp202 is triying to say is to change some options with the background in the option "Change other Properties" in Lunar magic
(the the fish option , if im not wrong) and thange the backround scrooling rate to H Scroll = Constant, V Scroll = None .

And the speed which it smash the ground varies with the screen, and the document posted by him can help you in that.

I hope that you can understand me now, Falconpunch.

Edit: by the way, I hope that you aren t angry with me, Falconpunch.

Try porting everything to a new rom , in case that it happens again ,
it may be a patch.
What is the block used to make the quicksand trap (the mud that catch Mario) seen in Mario Lost World in level Bob-omb Bayou and SMB3 World 2?
Thaks again ,Mrdeepay.
It Looks Good for me, but I recomend to make the overworld not too square, and like others users says,try to make the story more interesting.

Short Story:Looks good , but needs to be fixed a bit.
Your Hack looks cool MrDeePay,The only that I worries me is the name,
but that can be fixed later.Try to redrawn a bit more the Chargin
Chucks, so they can fill in the graphics style.


Keep Working!#w{>=)}

(By the way,thanks for fixing the SMB3 koopa patch)
Its possible to make that the yoshi coins give you a life when you have collected 3 of them?
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