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Originally posted by millieman76
Don't forget Typhoons and Tsunamis #smw{9.9}
Just Sayin..

Tsunamis are as rare as earthquakes (very), and only affect coastal areas.

Typhoons are pretty harmless. There was one on Sunday night. I went out for a walk in it and got some pizza.
Originally posted by Weeabuu

Gah, I know pretty much zero kanji. Learning it seems like more effort than it's worth when I can just write everything in hiragana instead, and ask someone when I don't understand a kanji.

Originally posted by Weeabuu
IIRC all handhelds up to the 3DS are region-free.

Awesome, thanks. I might get a GB Color or GB Light.

Originally posted by Weeabuu
Pac, you don't happen to take orders regarding specific games? Mainly newer ones like PC, PS3 etc.

Well, sure. If it's not quicker or cheaper to buy it directly online, and you can cover the price & postage, I can send you something.

If you (or anybody else) wants to have a better look around in this shop or any other (like the Pokémon Centre) so you can pick out something for me to send you, we can arrange a Skype call while I'm there next.
The store is called レトロげーむキャンプ (Retoro Gēmu Kyanpu -- Retro Game Camp)

Map | Website (translated to English)

Originally posted by Deeke
I still remember when you were telling me about moving there in Minecraft

Was that on dottedboy's server? Good times! What ever happened to it?

Originally posted by Deeke
How much of an abrupt change is it all for you from Ireland?

It was a massive change. Ireland got very boring, and I couldn't think of a more different place to go than Japan #ab{:P} I've been here 6 months now, so I'm very settled / adjusted.
Don Quijote (not sure why it's spelled like that) is a chain of stores in Japan that sell all sorts of crap like costumes, electronics, and tacky novelty items #ab{:P}
It's definitely more difficult than learning another European language like Spanish. A few phrases basic phrases are easy to learn and pronounce.

Beyond that, it's quite complicated, so if you're only coming for a quick holiday, it's not worth your time, but if you plan on coming long-term like me, then I totally recommend taking a good shot at learning it.

Ach, ba chóir duit a fhoghlaim chun Gaeilge a labhairt roimh déanann tú staidéar ar dteanga eile #ab{;)}
So I'm working on a pretty big project. I won't go into detail now on what it is, but some of you already know.

Anyway, I plan on making it multilingual. I can only speak two languages natively (Irish & English), so I'd like some help translating it into other languages. It won't be ready any time soon (could be over a year), but I'm asking now because I'd like to get an idea of who would be willing to translate into what languages.

Here's a quick list, showing which languages I already have under control, and which I need translators for:

Under control

English - Default
French - fsvgm777, aj6666, Seru-kun
German - exit1337, Aqualakitu, WhiteYoshiEgg
Spanish - Slash Man, MaxodeX, aj6666, Neutron, Teff007, Pikerchu13
Italian - Lui37, Silver
Dutch - Ersanio, Patpatpat
Portuguese - Austin, Magiluigi
Irish - Pac
Danish - Kieran
Swedish - Smallhacker
Norwegian - x-treme, Incognito, Sind, Uhrix
Polish - Wormer21, Patryk1023
Turkish - Ersanio
Hebrew - Chargin Chuck
Latin - blackhole89
Russian - blackhole89
Japanese - blackhole89, Masashi27
Korean - PK Ninten

Still need

Suggest another language you can speak? - Preferably one that uses the Roman alphabet

It can't hurt to have more than one translator for a certain language; others can check for mistakes. Please only volunteer if you can speak the language natively or fluently.

Thanks dudes, I look forward to reading your replies #ab{:)}
Originally posted by DaxterSpeed
Kinda depends on how big the project is.

Think of all of the textboxes in SMW, multiplied by 3.
Roman alphabet, chief #ab{:P}
As for and , I'm really looking for someone who speaks the original dialects.

Are there any members from Spain and Portugal?

Originally posted by aj6666
I could help with [...] French.

How come you can speak French?
Originally posted by Austin
Mind if I ask, what are we going to translate? #smw{o_O?}

I'll message you.

Originally posted by Austin
If you ask me, I would find it REALLY more convenient to read something in the portuguese from Brazil instead of in portuguese from Portugal. The way they write is so... Strange, even somewhat disturbing, not to mention there's a bunch of words that have different meanings.

But wouldn't people say the same thing about Portuguese? Are they as different as English is from English?

Originally posted by Austin
But... What bad would that make? [...] I'm not sure if it's like that with spanish, but multiple dialects might be convenient as well too.

I suppose it all depends on how different the dialects are, and whether or not I can get Europeans to do it. If not then I may just get Latin Americans to do more ... "neutral" Spanish and Portguese.
Originally posted by Wormer21
The only language I could do, would be Polish if it'll fit to the list.

I was actually hoping someone would suggest it, so thanks. I added .

Originally posted by Austin
Yes, that may be like what people from Portugal think about our portuguese, and that's why I think you should allow multiple dialects. I think the difference between both portugueses is even bigger than between englishes

Is this the same for ? Are European Spanish and Hispanic American Spanish more similar?

EDIT: Actually, here's what I'll do. I'll have one dialect for each language, written by Latin Americans. You should try to write it as neutrally as possible, and if you're stuck with a term where you have to choose a dialect, use the Latin American term.

Also, I found this flag that's supposed to represent Hispanic America - - is it commonly used?
Originally posted by PK Ninten
Though I could only translate the script- I don't have extreme skills of graphic hacking.

I had thought about Korean ... but aren't there 1,639,011 characters? I know these are just combinations of 24 different strokes, so I'd have to find some way of being able to read the characters and redraw strokes on top of eachother ... probably wouldn't be that complicated ... okay, I'll add

Thanks #ab{:)}
One thing you have to consider is that not many people know they're so similar. If I left one out, there would be confusion when Norwegians are looking for the Norwegian flag, or Danish people the Danish.
Originally posted by Smallhacker
Also, one could in theory use a combined flag


Originally posted by Smallhacker
So yeah, not suggesting that you combine them into one; I'm just pointing out that there seemed to be an inconsistency in your judgement.

Again, an important thing to consider is what people expect, and Danes and Norwegians are far less likely to expect their languages to be merged than Brits and Americans, or Latin Americans and Europeans, are. I had to draw the line somewhere, and I drew it between those two.
Originally posted by aj6666
in spain they say "vosotros" for saying "you" in plural, while Hispanic Americans say "ustedes"

When I was studying Spanish (with a book that I bought in Europe) I learned that ustedes is just the polite form of vosotros #ab{:S}

Well like I said, I'm just going with one dialect each, and I'm happy to let Latin Americans do it, even if it does mean there are a few ... incompatibilities.

I added the rest of you guys to Spanish, but I probably won't need all of you; there are more than enough.
@LunarYoshi that looks awesome. The sky gradient is really nice. Do the ? blocks go yellow when they're being hit? If so, I recommend keeping them yellow.

@ShadowFire perhaps you should make the stream above the waterfall a bit wider.
Well, I don't work very many hours per week, but the hourly rate is $30 so it kind of evens out.
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Pac's Profile - Posts by Pac

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