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I need someone to check my file bin.
Download the only file and test my first hack.
PLEASE don't complain on any flaws and send the requested info to me.
I need some people to test my hack-in-progress.
Click on my username and view into my files bin.
You will see "Bower's Death Rally [TEST 1].zip"
In the compressed folder will be two things:
1. An IPS file of the hack
2. A readme which you should obviously read first

After your done testing, post a reply.

Thank you for listening.

After GoldenSonic15 replied:
Here are some pictures of the first part of the first level:

Apparently, that is not the info I requested...
What I requested is how the hell do you flip munchers in every direction. I've looked everywhere for a solution but haven't found one. And FYI ninja boy, I didn't mean play, I meant test. There's a big difference. Anyway, doesn't Yoshi Island look good?

About the featured hacks thing, I would like to play one of WhiteYoshiEgg's hacks. He's my favorite.

Hack testing is done for now. Due to A chair's review, it was too horrible to than I thought. For now on, only provide helpful info to improve my hack.

I fixed the cutoffs in the OW. What do you think?
Note that it's Bowser's Death Rally and he invaded Yoshi's Island. Of course it's creepy!

Also--for the people who tested my hack--I've changeed the GFX of the muncher.



For now, call it a Deployable Stationary Mine or a DSM for short. So that means I have no hassle over munchers! And yes, I will give credit to the man behind this GFX.

My question, how to insert custom backgrounds? was already answered by yoshifanatic. Yes this thread is revived, that means, new replies won't be counted as bumping! I will be sending out PMs to the people responded.

Actually, close this thread, it's WAY to hard to find back there; I made a new one.
NOTE: This thread can be discussed about ANYTHING related to Election 2012.


Look at those republicans; they are nothing but a bunch of clowns! Here are the people running:

Crazy Lady (Michelle Bocman)
Mother Bear (Sara Palin) [DENIED!]
Redneck Car Bomber of El Paso (Rick Perry)
Governor Good-hair (Bill Richardson)
Pokémon 2: The Movie (Herman Cain)
Donald Trump [Eligible]

[Reply me if I made a mistake on the list.] I like to see Donald Trump as president, then get fired in the next four years; but my favorite candidate is Michelle Bocman. She is better than Sara Palin, in a dumb way. Bocman went on her bus to Iowa and started off her speech by celebrating Elvis Presley’s birthday on his anniversary of his death. She needs to go to the Department of Research Center, otherwise known as DORC.

Updates will be posted at the end of the thread whenever.
Originally posted by Supertails
Uh... Bill Richardson is a Democrat and the former governor of New Mexico. Unless he has plans to primary Obama for the Democratic nomination (which I've seen no indication of) he's not running in 2012.

Well, this makes him a "follower" of Obama. INTIMIDATION!

Originally posted by Supertails
Also, Donald Trump announced that he wasn't going to run a couple months ago, which wasn't surprising considering his fake campaign was a ratings ploy the whole time (look to NBC refusing to announce the Celebrity Apprentice wouldn't continue for another season).

Eh, I kinda knew Donald Trump wasn't going to run, but thanks for letting me know! He wouldn't continue Celebrity Apprentice because NBC has never been crapier! At least he's not with ABC, where it's allways been crapy! JK, just my sarcasm.

Originally posted by Supertails
As for the others, eh. Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry's statements on issues (Perry's on social security and other programs, Bachmann's on the debt ceiling and U.S. history) makes me surprised they're even considered credible candidates. I've read a couple articles contrasting Perry and George W. Bush and it's surprising how the latter is a lot more laid back and seems to care about people more.

Hm, who to pick; the crazy lady or the redneck?

This is what Rick Perry thinks about Bush:
Hm, Bush was redneck, but he ain't redneck enough. Maybe I ought-a turn it up a bit.

Originally posted by Supertails
A lot of them like Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Thaddeus McCotter have been getting very low numbers and don't really have much of a chance of staying in the race. As for Romney, I'd say he's okay, but I really don't know who he is given how much he's changed his position on nearly every issue, like abortion, whether Obama made the economy worse, etc. It's one thing to evolve your position and explain why you had a change, but just changing them often because it's what people want to hear to me sends a bad signal for a possible president.

Low numbers huh? Maybe Herman Cain should think about moving to Japan and help franchise Pokémon, and I doubt the Electoral Collage will vote for these fools. Seriously, when people are blaming everything on Obama, he can stop that in three simple words: President Joe Biden. That's how he's going to stop them.

Originally posted by Supertails
I do think Jon Huntsman is a really decent guy though, and have contemplated voting for him if he was up against Obama. I wouldn't, mainly out of concern of who his VP would be and the cabinet he'd surround himself with, which would probably be more to the right, as well as his refusal to deal with tax increases like the other Republican candidates, but I appreciate his respectful and decent nature. It's a shame being a moderate Republican is political suicide in this environment.

Well, Democrats, on the other hand, are like dogs. They like being told what to do, and being their aid; at least that's what I heard.

Originally posted by Supertails
Either way, Obama's frustrating and far from perfect, but he's the best we've got on the Democratic side. Having him be primaried as some on the left suggest would only fracture the party more and do damage akin to Jimmy Carter vs. Ted Kennedy in 1980. Given how things are going now, my guess would be that Obama will narrowly win reelection against Perry, mainly since many think he's nuts, or would very narrowly pull ahead of Romney. It's too early to tell, but we'll see.

Sure it's too early to tell, but Obama got front seats for this show; he smoking is cigar saying to his wife No, Michelle; don’t start packing up! We’ve got four more years.
Originally posted by K3fka
Ron Paul all the way!

We'll just see... KKK? What the hell is going on! [I'm just kidding, sarcasm]
Originally posted by Chanagaburu
As long as Obama doesn't have a second term, I am fine with anyone winning.

What??? It's not his fault, he was just following orders from Congress.

Originally posted by Chanagaburu
I am independent. Republican goals contradict each other, as do Democratic goals, so that's why I am independent and don't care what party they are.

So you shouldn't care if Obama gets the second term... SCHOOLED!
Originally posted by Jorshamo
I'm going to be surprised if Obama wins in 2012.

You shouldn't, it's obvious he's the best we got... so far

Originally posted by Jorshamo
I know a lot of people who voted for him in 2008 are really not satisfied with his performance. Ron Paul is my personal favorite candidate, but I'm surprised to see how much support Rick Perry has. I really don't know much about him, it seems like he came out of nowhere.

You mean, out of the red.
Originally posted by Mrgoomba909
Originally posted by Chanagaburu
As long as Obama doesn't have a second term, I am fine with anyone winning.

Honestly, Obama hasn't helped, He's only made things worse. Hopefully, He has good intention at heart, but His methods aren't working

Then the others will make it work.
Originally posted by millieman76
I don't care who get elected, but first read what they will change!
If they can keep their word on something for the struggling population towards the economy in this horrid country!
Or rights and education decisions, especially citizen rights towards immigrants
I'm getting tired of hearing all this crap that Obama promised some care plan for the economy and epically failed.

That's not an epic fail, THIS is a epic fail.

...and our education is still decent. There are people around the world who go to collage here!
Originally posted by Chanagaburu
Yeah, but even if Obama was Republican, I wouldn't vote for him. He hasn't done much for America. So, I don't see how you schooled me

So, Obama is best we have; elect the other guys, they will do a crapier job... SUPER-CEDED!
Yes, this hack is back! If you want to see the old thread, click here. Thanks to yoshifanatic, I know how to insert backrounds. So lets start of from where we left off in the old thread shall we?
[Sorry for the screw-up for the people I PM messaged to. I know it meant to go to the old thread but I won't get new people on the thread.] Sorry about the snapshots in the old thread, but here they are:

Yoshi Island/Level01:

Yoshi Island OW:[with cutoffs]

Yoshi Island OW:[fixed]

Originally posted by Biospark88
Well, let me begin: The BG looks nice, but it's a total 180 degree turn from the dark palettes you used before. And show us some more level design and we can play this by ear.

Don't give up. Anyone can make a decent hack if they put time and effort into it.

Well, they invaded in fall, so that's why it has brown colors. After all, the Koopa Army rose in summer! [just like the Nazis, hmm...]

Originally posted by Lost ECHO
you have an interesting concept, I like the idea of bowser "actually doing something" besides kidnapping the princess. Even If you have it like SMB3 where he ends up kidnapping her anyway, it is still a good concept.

Right, no kidnapping Princess crap. This is more or less a war theme, ASSASSINATION!.

Originally posted by Lost ECHO
One question though: The title reminds me of the movie "Death Race" Are you planning to incorporate a sort of "fast-paced" leveling like a "race" or is just a Kaizo variant that is designed to be just plain hard? Either way I'd play it. (once you get the OW fixed)

I like the movie Death Race, thanks for bringing that up; and the first level stimulates a rush to player, since the time is being pressured. Plus, Nintendo already make a game like Death Race,, which is the Mario Kart series; they get hit all the time!

...and what's wrong with the OW?

Originally posted by Lost ECHO
Good work on your hack so far Mastertech.

...and yet, it's only a fraction of a percent; 0.50%!
Originally posted by Chanagaburu
I'm not old enough to vote, thus I cannot and will not vote for him (because I do not want to break the law).

Wuss! I'm just kidding! It's just like in The Simpsons where Principal Skinner goes on his computer:
Agnes Skinner: Seymour! Are you looking at pictures of naked ladies?
Seymour Skinner: No mother.
Agnes Skinner: You sissy!

Originally posted by Chanagaburu
It's sad that our best option is Obama, though. Some people really should step up and make themselves be known.

Yeah, but the problem is, they are not Americans.#w{=P}

Originally posted by BZM
Ooh I finally get to vote in an election.
I honestly don't see how anyone could take Bachmann as a serious candidate. Her promise to make gas $2.00 was one of the dumbest things I've heard. I'm also tired of Herman Cain talking about how he would never let Sharia law be used in courts. I've never heard of such a case, so that argument seems to have no point whatsoever, except to gain support from the ignorant.

The Republican nomination is probably going to be between Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry. I would like to see Paul win that nomination, but it'll probably be Romney. One of the things I would like to see worked on would be Social Security. It's a pretty big chunk of annual spending (more than defense).
I do not believe Obama will win re-election. He's made too many enemies on both sides, and by amassing $5+ trillion in debt in his presidency, he's just about matched what Bush added in two terms. The stimulus package did little to nothing besides wasting money. I'm still not sure how someone with so little experience got elected to the presidency.

Look, here is the thing, your vote doesn't count; it's a "persuasion" for the Electoral Collage to vote for. It would be cheeper if they didn't hold votes for House of Representatives, because it doesn't count!

Originally posted by Wiimeiser
I dare scientists to scientifically prove that anyone other than a white male can lead a country. Just look at what happened here in Aus with Julia Gillard. And the less said about most African countries the better (Though Nelson Mandela didn't do too bad)

Oh, they won't because once they get the results, they will find out that people, other than whites, can do a better job.#w{=P}

Originally posted by FUGGNUTZ
Originally posted by Wiimeiser
I dare scientists to scientifically prove that anyone other than a white male can lead a country. Just look at what happened here in Aus with Julia Gillard. And the less said about most African countries the better (Though Nelson Mandela didn't do too bad)

Are you fucking serious?

Hey, hey; don’t be racist.
Originally posted by Lost ECHO
Really when I think about it there is nothing wrong with it. But it does seem blocky and artificial, not a bad thing if Bowser is changing the island on purpose in you storyline. I dunno maybe its just me.#w{=(}

Eh, but in here at SMWC, we can make islands that will all be part of Yoshi territory.

I wish I could make this hack from Contra. That would be awsome! Oh well, at least I can make it in Game Maker 8, once I get a fast desktop! But the Contra series is so awesome! Several of them I can have on emulators!

But back to the hack, I've been thinking of changing the OW and the first optional level...
Originally posted by Wiimeiser
Well, if people are hating on a black man and a white woman who are failing their job, it's time to do some research. At least a survey.

Yeah... that will happen.

Originally posted by HuFlungDu
You're an idiot if you say your vote doesn't count.

But it really doesn't.

Originally posted by Kaijyuu
All I have to say is this:
These last two presidencies have taught me that no matter what, it's always the president's fault when stuff doesn't work out as planned. For everything. Ever.

Not really, it's also Congresses fault too.

Originally posted by leod
Wiimeiser actually was being racist and sexist, so you should yell at him and not FUGGNUTZ.

Hey, your right! What the hell Wiimeiser! Because of this, I'm going to SUE YOU!

Originally posted by Troopa
I like Huntsman. He seems like the most appropriate candidate.

1. He is anti-imperialist, but takes a neutral stance to our foreign policy. He wants to end our wars and let the rest of the world deal with it so that we can start fixing our economy instead

Hey, Obama tried to stop the wars, but he can't stop on what Bush started.

Originally posted by Troopa
2. He's admitted center-right winged. Meaning he believes in opportunity and freedom from taxes and much wider job creation, however he priorities reality over ideology and social justice is a necessary measure to ensure the ideals of opportunity which republicanism SHOULD be striving for.

Yeah, good luck.

Originally posted by Troopa
3. He can speak Chinese/Mandarin. This is VERY important in this age with China's rise to power. He was also AMBASSADOR to China, meaning he understands out economic partners/foes much better than some of the other candidates.

Especially since citizens of this country has a better credit rate than the county itself! Yeah, that means spending less crap Congress!

Originally posted by Troopa
4. He does not want to dictate his views. While he does not agree with gay marriage, but believes in civil unions and supports the rights of homosexuals in despite of his views. While he is pro-life, he also believes in the reality that we need abortions under certain circumstances as well.

Look, these homosexuals think god is a pervert, because in the bible, it reads that god gave us eyes to appreciate a women’s body, that’s why there are gay people in America. Themselves should be respected, but not their actions.
I don't know if it's this computer or the picture itself, because I see no animation. However, I belive that it is the computer itself, because the computer I'm using is crap.

Man, I wish I had a DSi so I can make animated GIFs in flipnote much easier.
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