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How do I make so goal point don't make all sprites turn into coins?
Instead of having rats tag that consumes rom space, lunar magic could have something were says what space is used so lunar magic don't overwrite it.
			dcb "INIT"
			LDA #$28
			STA $1564,x

			dcb "MAIN"
			LDA $5C
			CMP #$01
			LDA $0DBF
			CMP #$14
			BCS Fail
			BRA Continue
			BRA Continue_Fail

			LDA #$FF	
			STA $9D
			LDA #$FF
			STA $1493
			LDA #$0B
			STA $1DFB
			DEC $13C6
			LDA #$01
			STA $5C

	LDA $15
        	AND #$08
        	BEQ Return
        	LDA #$80
        	STA $1DFB
        	LDA #$0F
        	STA $1DFC
        	LDA #$01
        	STA $1B96
        	DEC $13C6
        	LDA #$06
        	STA $13D9
        	STZ $0109               
        	STZ $0DD5              
        	LDA #$0B                
       	STA $0100
	LDA #$01
	STA $5C

			CMP #$01
			STZ $14C8,x
			LDA #$02
			STA $1426

			LDA $1564,x
			CMP #$01
			STZ $14C8,x
			LDA #$01
			STA $1426

This code should show a message depending if mario has >=14 coins or less and exit to the overworld without events if he doesn't have 14 or more coins or end the level with events if he has 14 or more coins. But instead, it just glitches up the level. WHat's wrong with it?
That makes everithing glitch. I think is because there should be a rts instead of a rtl because jsr must end with a rts... So how can I fix that?

EDIT: Close this I fixed it.
How do I make mario's palette be completely black just in one level?
If the ram of the player pallete is just zeros will it make mario black?
But if I use imamelia's patch, what values I put in the ram to make him black? zeros?
Level 6 screenshot

I would like to request Porky mean's business from earthbound spc midi
Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Um yeah, this one again; actually it's been months now since I last requested this. Either way, still no MIDI for it as far as I'm aware, and I've searched tirelessly for it. Eitherway, if anybody would like to give a try at porting this by ear, I would be very greatful; as I really need this port for a serious part in my latest hacks. (Yes, hacks)

Anyway, Stone Henge Base - Earthbound SPC ; the alternate name for it is "Alien Invasion"

Appears to be 36 seconds long. I'd like it for Addmusic4/HuFlungDu's, sampled as always.


@Galinaceo: It really helps the porters to know what addmusic you want it for. There's a fully sampled version of Pokey Means Business for AddmusicM if you're willing to look for it, otherwise, I recall seeing an older port of it on this site somewhere.

For huflungdu's addmusic
This hack is cancelled. If anyone wants to play the levels made there is the .ips:
I did that glitch of entering a pipe the same time of eating a flower, but for some reason I can't burn the goal. Why?
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
If you did the glitch correctly you got pushed back out of the pipe.

If you did the glitch frame-perfectly (enter the pipe on the frame yoshi swallows the flower) you can still not burn the goal. Also it doesn't work if you are already fire mario when activating this glitch (you need to actually change, although it doesn't matter if you start as small, big or cape mario).
You can check if the glitch has worked by looking at yoshi, he should look strange (rather flat).

Yes, the glitch worked. But how can I burn the goal?
But you said it won't work. And it didn't work for me.
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
My guess would be that either there is something going wrong due to there being a berry involved (though I wouldn't know what. Have you tried eating just a fireflower and not havin that annoying berry around?) or you just pulled off the glitch frame-perfectly. Try entering the pipe earlier and removing the berry. At 0:10 you land on a red koopa, which should not be possible (this glitch should make you lose sprite interaction).

How many frames earlier? I tried but didn't work...
yes, I removed the berry. And if I press down 9 frames before it mario will just go down the pipe
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