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Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
Looks rather kind for a pit hack.

It's not pit, I'm still not good enough at smw, I think.
What is the music used on ghost houses of super kitiku mario (Brutal mario)?
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I think what he means is the vertical key-jumping, which is a [expletive] to do without slowdown, combined with narrowly avoiding the Munchers. Is it even possible to get on Yoshi without changing the level? I don't really see a use as it is right now, just curious.

The keyjump is the easiest part for me. That part to get past the chuck was insanely hard. And probably it isn't possible to get on yoshi so I'll cahnge the level. And the yoshi will be used to do the enter pipe and eat flower glitch.
I used more slowdown in chuck part. And I don't think keyjump makes a hack a pit hack, because it is easy with only a bit of slowdown.
I know I am not very good at smw. But how is it possible for someone who isn't very good at it to be able to do a pit level then?
Worked now. I did it a bit before and i get pushed out of the pipe and could do everything.
What is the music used in the first level of bib's adventure 2 on mars?
Why everyone says this is an awesome show and stuff like that? I watched a bit and it sure its just for little girls.
ok, nice
About 5 minutes
Hey, I was a member here some years ago, probably noone remembers me, but my name back then was Galinaceo.

Some days ago I started working on a new hack, for which I don't have a name yet. Difficulty will be something between hard kaizo and pit. All I have now is a screenshot of the first level, but more will be added soon:
Yes, actually is impossible, I forgot to change a muncher when editing. I actually thought the pallete looked good, maybe I just have bad taste xD, but I'll change it. Anyway, thanks everyone for feedback, I'll try to be more creative and make better pallete.

Edit: new pallete and fixed to be possible (also, in the message box sprite there's a muncher if you don't see):

Small update, I changed the palette a bit, more beautiful sky and darker dirt. I got idea of making a "flood" level, starts with low tide room , then high tide and finally underwater. I changed the first screen quite a bit and took me 2 hours to test but it's possible, hopefully tomorrow I can make preview video with more screens. Also you need to not hit the chuck, you'll need to follow baseball for later part of the level.

(the NO block kills you, outlined blocks are invisible coin blocks and it's low tide slippery level).
Found a strange glitch with the floating spike ball while working on my hack. It seems to only happen when it is on the second screen of a 2 screen level. The hack was only edited with lunar magic, so unless it's a lunar magic bug, it should work on the original smw by using an arbitrary code execution exploit. I haven't tested the second but here's the video:

Also, about the following glitch:
If Mario is moving fast enough (x-speed of 64-80), then Mario will be unable to jump. Any faster and his jump height will also be significantly higher than usual.

I tried it with a fast autoscroll level. Using memory watch, to check mario's x speed, I noticed that while I cannot jump with a speed of 64+, I also can't jump with a speed higher than 80, even though it says it should be possible. Is it a mistake or could I be doing something wrong?

Mod edit: don't use codes to quote posts since they stretch the tables awfully
No, those values are decimal, not hexadecimal.
@leod Yes, I watched the ram byte that controls mario's x-speed in decimal and after 64 I cannot jump.

@Undertaker Maybe it's a different glitch related to the autoscroll sprite that also doesn't allow to jump since after a while the speed exceeded 80.
I don't think it's a bad idea, but in my opinion, a level in which you don't have to input anything to pass it cannot be considered kaizo, since it is very easy to pass.
I have a very short preview of what will be the first level. The one I showed before will be the second level instead. Sorry for showing so few stuff, but I'm not very experienced at smw and progress is slow:

This will be a easier, more of a puzzle level. I hope you like it.

Also, just me or is smwcentral very slow lately?
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