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Thanks all, I'm glad you like it. @ft029 I agree that the yoshi feeding part is a bit boring, I'll think of how to change it.

Also surprised noone complained about the floating munchers xD
Yeah, just like the others said, it looks a bit too much like the original kaizo. About the midpoint, I'm pretty sure there's a patch to prevent mario from growing when he touches it, so you could use it instead of restraining the use of powerups in the level.
Question: Which sprites use smw's random number generator? I know the dolphin generator uses it, but does any other sprite use it too? Or, if they are too many, how do I check if a sprite uses that routine? Thanks in advance.
Those are some very creative shelljumps. It might be quite difficult to do without savestates, so for a bridge to kaizo adding a midpoint might be better.
Not a bad level. A bit short (but that's alright) and not too original, but it's quite decent. I would suggest at 0:20 to move the spiny right a bit, to reduce the time the player has to wait for it. I'd also recommend you to watch/play other kaizo hacks (if you don't already), to get more inspired.
I have a question: how accurate are those dissassemblies? Is the code exactly the same/acts exactly the same, or is there room for some difference from the original sprites?
Very good levels, nice use of unused gimnicks, reminds me of cool or cruel. My only complaint would be in the ice cave, because of glitched note block and grinder. Though I understand if you keep the grinders death unchanged, since it might be difficult to change. But keep it up bro, you got some nice ideas.
Originally posted by Katerpie
I have no clue as to what the differently colored dotted blocks are supposed to do

Yellow = yellow switch blocks (will have to do with the puzzle);
Black = invisible coin blocks.
Good intention, but I don't think it's such a good idea. For years there have been a lot of hacks made just with lunar magic, which are very good, because the original mario glitches are not a big issue in smw. In fact, specially in kaizo/pit hacks but not only they are considered a "feature", because they allow doing a lot of stuff with the smw engine. Besides, tasers would be upset if all hacks had walljump fixed. So in my opinion, a "ReadyMario" wouldn't be very useful.
2 new glitches: When you have a spike top in a "Vertical scroll at will" level, it will despawn when the screen scrolls enough vertically;

When you have a coin/yoshi coin in mario's entrance to the level spot, mario will collect it but it's image will stay there. If you go to another screen and back, it will disappear. Seems just like a graphical glitch though.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Are my posts showing up for anyone else or am I the only one that can see them?

Yes, I can see. ANd the level is nice
Well, I searched about the spike top thing and nothing appeared. And about the second glitch here's a video: It works with yoshi coin too.
Just an edit of level 105; level mode 00. emulator is snex9x 1.51
Interesting. Does the wiggler fall when his y subpixel overflows? Also what lua scripting are you using?
Hmm it could be because I'm using an older lunar magic (v1.82).
It might be possible to do corner clips with note block and fast autoscroll. And if you "make the game tas itself" it could probably find a glitch to crash itself before it makes a corner clip.
I'm in too.
Not sure if this is the right thread to ask but, when I download a custom music there's usually 2 .spc's. One of them ends like .amk.spc. What's the difference between them?
Or you could make a tas of a pit level, then add a sprite that simulates the key presses of that tas, and it'd still be an automatic mario level. It would also be a waste of time.
Impressingly well made level for a beginner! You have great potential
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