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That's great, its always great to think ahead. (Wish I did that. Haha.)
Okay, the "tpl" files are palettes (which are the colors).
"FM.tpl" = Fire Mario's Palette.
"FL.tpl" = Fire Luigi's Palette.
"M.tpl" = Mario's Palette.
"L.tpl" = Luigi's Palette.

Of course, the "bin" files are the graphics, which the game uses.
"smb3smasmario.bin" = The new Mario graphics you want to use.

Since when you extract the graphics from SMW using Lunar Magic (Don't use shared graphics when extracting.) The bin. file that holds Mario's current graphics is "GFX32.bin", you simply delete that file, rename "smb3smasmario.bin" to "GFX32.bin", move that file to the extracted Graphics folder, and then reinsert the graphics via Lunar Magic.

Also note that in "GFX00.bin" there are some pixels there that Mario uses when he is running, swimming and flying that you might have to replace manually.

Edit: Damnit, Got ninja'd...
Originally posted by Volke
Originally posted by Maxodex
Originally posted by Volke
How the hell am I supposed to remember that after several years of being on youtube?

Even though this is my situation too, then why do you post here? This is for the people who actually remember the first video they saw.

Better question, why do you post to point out the fault in my post?

EVEN better question, why do you guys care?

The first one I remember seeing was some video called "Videogames On Crack - By PivotDr", don't ask why. Its mostly my sister's doing.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I noticed a lack of posts for several days ever since leod posted in "What is your superpower?" Given how active leod normally is, it's kinda scary if he even goes a couple days without posting. If his username went in dark italics, I would vote him for "most missed" if he was still inactive during winter mosts.

Yeah, in all honesty... this guy's one of my favorites around here, I mean, at points he may come off as a bit of a jerk, but he's actually really helpful in areas he's good in.

If he ever got perma-banned, (which I don't see happening...), it would be a great tragedy.

Anyways, anyone here trying some new activities? I've been trying to skateboard, but my lack of balance is making that a bit difficult.
@Giant Shy Guy: Forgive me if you've said it somewhere, but what are those custom Rex graphics for? I've been rather busy lately, so I've been unable to check around here. Unless those are the originals...
Editing the graphics won't be too good, for it shares tiles with the "TIME UP!" routine. What offset are you using to disable it? You might just be using the wrong offset.
Originally posted by Plasma Dino
The one in the ROM map that said it would never appear if I used it.

This one?
This tool can edit THAT and other things. This is one of the only ways I can see you disabling that without screwing up anything else.

By the way, its in the Flags section of the tool.
Originally posted by dixey
how about this - all the blocks will be [bt/btsd] (both bin and asm)per file good idea?

Sorry to say, but block tool can lead to glitches, which is why they want to change all blocks to be BTSD-Compatible. So no, if you're going to continue using custom blocks I suggest you just download NET.Network and get it over with.
No problem, just helping a fellow hacker!
Haha, I find it funny how I thought this was SMW hack. Anyways, still looks great and I plan on playing it as soon as I can.
Wait, what?

Did they seriously change Derpy's voice and remove her name? Judging by those comments, it seems likes nobody else really likes it either. If its just Apple, I have absolutely no idea why they would do that.

What obscure rule to they have that allows them to change that?!
Alright, so it seems like I've hit a record designer's block when it comes to level design recently.

I would like to play a hack that is at least mildly long and has some good level design that can re-inspire me. If you can help me with that, you'd be a life saver.
Originally posted by mathelete
Tell him to make a sequel: L U I G I

Why? What's the point to making a sequel to a creepypasta? To me, it seems like he had named it MARIO just so it was similar to his username, or because he wasn't able to think of anything else.

...or it could be just so it feels creepy, but that doesn't make sense to me....
...alright. Looks like I'm open to test some rom hacks due to designer's block, so contact me via PM if you have a non-Kaizo hack you want tested.
So yeah, recently (and by recently I mean today),I decided that I would start trying to hack Paper Mario 64, so I thought, "Wait, I don't know a thing about coding for the N64." I knew I couldn't use any of my prior knowledge of editing the SNES, so I thought of the only N64 Game Editor I knew (Toads Tool), which hacks SM64.

So I thought if I used the tool's coding as sort of a "template", it would be slightly easier.

Illegal or no?

EDIT: Yes, I know that with a game as complicated as Paper Mario it will take a large amount of time to be completed, I'm ready for that, time isn't an issue for me.
Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop
Also if you want to make a N64 editor, you will need to know N64 ASM.

Alright, I can try.

I'll contact the author about it tomorrow, I don't feel like editing it tonight, I guess I'll just try to learn N64 ASM for now.
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