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there's my Kaizo Hack.
(A Demo)

Notes: The blocks with a type of baseball can only passed with sprites. The pink ones only passed with Mario.
The blocks with a circle inside is a Walljump Block.
And I'm not taking the death blocks from IA2 and SJ's Preview hack.
I hope you'll play it.
Hello to you, that is reading my post.

The following posts are very bad and shitty, but I have since improved on them. If you really want to see them, go ahead. They weren't interesting anyway. #ab{:P}
There's my hack: Kaizo Chaos. (it's a demo). I delayed a little to make this, then, it's inspired by Shell Puzzle, other hacks and myself. Later i do more levels.

Ninjawolf, you have to kick the shell into a yellow block that contains a vine to pass.
If you really meant to read this post, go to WayBack Machine. I won't copy this older post just to paste in it again.

Anyway, this question is solved.
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
You mean this patch? Not sure why that thing is in the Blocks section...

Yes, it's that.
How I can pass the level "You only die twice" ? It's only 15 seconds in that level.
I'm joining this too.

Link of my level:

My level's name is cutoff land.
Floating and Stacked munchers aren't good as I see.
But this hack is good.
Originally posted by Opossum
Originally posted by miguel21450
How I can pass the level "You only die twice" ? It's only 15 seconds in that level.

"Y22) If Mario collects a powerup soon after dying, he will bounce up a little and will not die. The death music will continue playing, though."

You have to lick a power-up with yoshi just before time runs out

so keep yourself alive at 0 time left and you can jump up ;)

Oh... now I know.
It would be the best if you can't release your hack with .smc and simply replace with IPS.
Edit: The link is broken.
Originally posted by Ninjawolf
I knew that, I did the yoshi glitch, but when I kick it falls off the yellow block right as its about to spawn, or when I kick it a different place, it doesn't get to it, and barely misses.

I'm trying to fix that error, as well as new musics are coming into levels, new palettes and new levels will be created.
Originally posted by Blue_raven
Please give us some screenshots.

Yeah, he's right. Give some screenshots of your hack.
I played this hack and I see that is... bad. Play this hack to see.
Originally posted by Phantom Kid
could you give me the link?? please

This patch is the Counter Break (i think)
Update of my level Castle Hassle.
What's changed:
Removed some rooms and added new ones
Boss changed
I've put a secret and a normal exit

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