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I need help.
I installed the Status Bar Editor, so, I extracted the GFX of my hack and only AllGFX.bin showed up in the Graphics folder. But the Status Bar Editor needed GFX28 and GFX2B.
What do I do?
Originally posted by Ninjawolf
I believe I broke your level. I used the shell and did double Yoshi glitch to get by the part I couldn't get by.

Suggestion: Change Yoshi block with a P-switch, move Muncher down and I guess perhaps make a place to ditch Yoshi sooner, but they still can still Yoshi glitch the shell.

Nice break.

I'll gonna post some screenshots later, when some of my levels are ready.
How can I make the screen scrolling pipes work properly in LM 1.71?
'Cause when I insert it, the screen on my game fade to black and doesn't happen anything.
How can I pass the level "The Final Castle??"? I'm confused about which doors I would enter.
I solved your math problems, but I think the doors I entered took to the same room. I think I'm passing the level.
Thx for your reply!
Man, this hack is hard and cool, filled with creative ideas.
I beated the level Makjang Quality. It took me a lot of hours to pass.
I also beated the Pie level.
Now I'm trying to pass the level Shattering the skies above.
Originally posted by Alexander
Originally posted by Botcrazy
Alright, fine, I'll fix it. But honestly, what the heck is wrong with them? None of you seemed to mind when worldpeace125 used them in Cool or Cruel.

C|C was also groundbreaking and set a new standard for Kaizo hacks.

Unless you have something UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING to bring to the table, I suggest you not compare yourself to C|C.

Not to be rude, but it seems childish. Comparisons are for the ignorant.

Speaking on C|C, I'm already creating my kaizo hack and one of the levels will have C|C Quality.

Also, for the video, FLUNCHERS and CUTOFF! Inspired by Forky, huh? But afterwards, it's a nice level.
I've never participated in an kaizo contest, so, can I have:

Levels: 0E and 3E
Secondary Entrances: 0F
ExGFX: 90 and 91
Music: 28 and 2C
Custom Sprites: 85 and 0A
Map 16: half of page 06
Now I have another problem in the level Shattering the skies above.

What I have to do here?
Originally posted by TurkishMario0909
I downloaded your all hacks.
Cool dude!
This is impossiBLe!
And coooooooool ASSm!

And I beated five levels in RRQ's sequel: Funhouse Fun, π is for Pie, Indonesia, All toasters toast toast and Makjang Quality.
Hey there users.

Today, I'm creating Fourteen Hitler. It will have at least 14 levels, hence the name. The levels will be mainly focusing more on creativity than difficulty, while making good use of sprites. Let's take a look on the screenshots?

Dunno if I will post a demo, but I guess it's up to me, though.
Originally posted by Kaizokoban
This reminds me a lot of Hertz Donut except for the second screen. Even the hack length is the same, but I do like the name. Are you planning to change the graphics of the final boss to look like Hitler?

I think I'll gonna do, and yes, this hack is inspired by Hertz Donut.
Originally posted by Botcrazy
Don't do that, please. That would freak me out. But I really like the look of it!

EDIT: Yes, it really does remind me of Hertz Donut. The second screen reminds me of what my first (and so bad I won't even release) hack called Mario's Super World.

Yeah, you know I got inspiration from Hertz Donut.
Originally posted by Botcrazy
But that's good. I like Hertz Donut! What's the difficulty level so far? Is it really hard? Does it have shell jumps (I love shell jumps)?

My hack will have shell jumps.
The palettes are good, but you could, if you want, change the color of the backgrounds.
Originally posted by Botcrazy
Originally posted by miguel21450
Originally posted by Botcrazy
But that's good. I like Hertz Donut! What's the difficulty level so far? Is it really hard? Does it have shell jumps (I love shell jumps)?

My hack will have shell jumps.

Oooh. Now I really want to play this hack!

I'm still working on this hack, so, you have to wait.

More screenshots added in the first post.
Originally posted by Kaizokoban
It seems like not so much an 'almost copy' of my hack, more like a Lost Levels version, since mine will not even use shell jumps. Are there gonna be P-switch jumps also?

There will have P-Switch jumps in some levels, like in the castle I'm creating.
Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
He wants Hertz Donut to be possible without savestates. (like the original Kaizo Mario) Shelljumps wouldn't help that. :/

Also for the love of God don't use P-Switch jumps. I am starting to get better at doing them, but still. D:

Yeah. You know in some levels of my hack P-switch jumps will not be included?
Progress of the 7 levels:

Level 1 (Blue Sky): 99%
Level 2 (Ghost House): 100%
Level 3 (Mushroom Level): perhaps 10%
Level 4 (Water Level): 50%
Level 5 (Red Sky): 20%
Level 6 (Thwomp Level): 99%
Level 7 (Auto-Scrolling): 20% (I've decided to modify the level)

I've decided to do an revamping in 2 levels.
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