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Originally posted by LemmyKoopa
Originally posted by FellipeUzumaki
Are you sure this is a level Kaizer?
I turned the game in less than 3 Minutes!
And OverWorld is with a small mistake on top of where mario gets.
Very easy!


I think he means Kaizo.
Did you got permission to use Boon?
Here's my entry:
Category: Creative
Collab: Yes
This hack is looking nice on.
I also liked the OW.

Nevermind. This hack is looking awesome.
Screenshots updated.
Sad news: While not passing the SMW games I have to another computer, this hack will be cancelled for a while. And I´ll gonna make an new one.
Edit: See Fourteen Hitler 2's thread, I'll be making this hack rather than Thirteen Hitler.
Originally posted by Kaizokoban
Originally posted by miguel21450
Mario Must Die and many others.

What have I done? I didn't mean to make the world end! JK. I'm not sure what point there is of putting the rocks where they are, in that third screen, and I'm guessing that the glass blocks in the fourth screen are like the ones in Yoshi Abuse?

Yes, and only Mario Must Die's Yoshi Abuse that inspired me to do an Yoshi-based Level.
Also, the rocks aren't supposed to be there, but I only put them because of the Yellow Baby Yoshi and to prevent him from feeding the rocks because of the koopas in the right.
Originally posted by MarioFan22
Uhh... can't even get past the intro. Do I have to avoid the switches?

I think you have to avoid the switches.
Screenshots updated.
Originally posted by Kaizokoban
Thirteen Hitler? Maybe that's a better name than 14 because of thirteen being an unlucky number. Also, both names sounded almost like 'X amount of Hitlers.'

Yes, and I also chose this name because I didn't had idea for names, also I think Save and State, my other hack, is *ugh* not filled for the insane hack ever.

Edit: Since I'm too lazy to make atualization of this hack, there will be an new hack that I will release sometime in the future. It will have Hitler Quality!

Edit 2: Maybe I should continue the hack, even if I'm indecisive or not. Later I'll gonna post screenshots of the new revamped Thirteen Hitler.

Edit Number Thirty-Seven: I also think I'll gonna make an sequel of Fourteen Hitler. (sorry for so many hack abandon).
I have a problem in the level Frostbite.
How can I pass this part?

I can't even scroll to the left because of the autoscroll.
I was testing my water level for my new kaizo hack (and no, I will not submit it to the hacks section) and look what happened:

This happened when I was swimming to get the mushroom.
Why does this happened?
Originally posted by xlk
With wich emulator?

I'm using Zsnes.
Originally posted by xlk
Ok, did you aply any patches, rom hacks, custom blocks or sprites???

I applied the block duplication fix patch.

Originally posted by Thehoundsquad
Wow that was totally the most useful thing I have ever seen in my life.
Anyway, did you overwrite any freespace with a patch or something that might be in a wrong spot or something? And are you using any outdated tools?

I think it may be the block duplication fix patch that caused the glitch. I'm not using outdated tools, by what I think.
Originally posted by Thehoundsquad
Okay, well what tools have you used besides Lunar Magic?
And what is the freespace pointed to in the .asm for block duplication fix? Is it pointed to an actual freespace location (if it requires freespace ofcourse)

I was using xkas and addmusic. And the freespace is $15FC4B. For me it's not pointed to an actual freespace location.
Originally posted by Thehoundsquad
That might be why. Point it to a freespace location. Also make sure you are using the most recent addmusic (HFD's addmusic, if you aren't port your hack to a new rom first before using his addmusic, if its addmusicM you are fine also)
So, just make sure you change the freespace of the block duplication fix and it should work.

Oh, thanks. And yes, I'm using HFD's addmusic.
The story of my username is..
I came with Miguel and either number when I haven't decided up for this name.
So I've came with 21450 when I've seen an Iglesia Drive with this number before the name, and later when I've signed myself on Youtube by Miguel and other number, it was already taken by some guy and then I've came with 21450.
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