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My birthday is on November 27.
OH MY GOD I've never seen an lengthened post ever as the one in one of the removal logs.
So, it's a nice story.
Also, I think Moltov will not be there and I haven't seen his posts here.
Diddyboy, I'll gonna join this collab.
Originally posted by Diddyboy100
@2dareduck yes you do, uh yoshi? make it an devil yoshi, I'll ad you on the list.
@miguel21450 and I'd thought you didn't ^^. witch levels do you want?

heres an list of levels that are open and taken:

means secret exit
means Puzzle Level
means bonus level

(note: ignore the level names in LM)

W1 star world:
1 - Zega mario begins - Diddyboy100
2 - Koopa equals friend - Diddyboy100
3 - Botcrazy
4 - Botcrazy
5 - Botcrazy (Zega Star)
6 - The moon -

W2 Forest:
7 - Castle I -
8 -
9 -
10 - 2dareduck
11 - 2dareduck
12 - 2dareduck
13 -
14 - Castle II -
15 - (Zega Star)
16 - Kirbys house -

W3 heven and cloud hell:
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 -
21 -
22 - Castle III -
23 - (Zega Star)
24 - Zega Switch Palace - (the level 24 ASM is disabled so dont worry about it)
101 - (beginning of cloud hell)
102 -
103 -

W4 Bowser valley/ Living hell:
104 -
105 -
106 -
107 -
108 - Bowsers Castle! -
109 - (Zega Star)

World 5 will be claimed later.

I'll want levels 13 and 17 and sublevels 50, 51 and 57. (Level 13 will be sort of an puzzle level and will have an secret exit).
Music: 48, 49 and 4A.
ExGFX: B6 and C8.
Map16: page 6.
Sprites: 01 (for Giant Phanto)
C5 (for Down Bullet Bill.)
Originally posted by Diddyboy100
13 and 17 are avarible BUT Subtitles 26-28 are taken By Botcrazy so you can take subtitles 50 to 57 (- equals to) unless you want those Sublevels, talk to Botcrazy.

The GFX slots are taken by 2dareduck already so use GFX B6-C8 instead
Map 16 is available!
Sprites are available! (use romi's sprite tool)

just an note that the latest addmusic will not be used in this hack, use carols instead, sorry but its too complicated for me to use that addmusic.

Ok. My post got updated.
Originally posted by Diddyboy100
@mockingod why did you post the same message twice?
@miguel21450 hows your levels going?

anyway Does this give you any ideas everybody

Or this?

maybe this for a cloud level?

i'm still on progress of levels. for a while the levels are 15% done because I'm still making Thirteen Hitler. Later I'll gonna post screenshots of them when they are almost done.
Originally posted by Diddyboy100
Originally posted by EvilGuy0613
Originally posted by Diddyboy100

@EvilGuy613 If you want to help you can make us ExGFX here.

You mean like actually make my own?

Yeah. you can use m16 page 20. you dont have to make levels ya know.

anyway 4-1F is for the level creators and 20-3C is for the ExGFX creators.

1UPdude I'm not use to HFD's addmusic (its an BIG problem really).

miguel21450 okay, does these spriter snapshots help you?

I think they help.
My levels are 70% done.
Looks really good. Can't wait to see this hack released.
Originally posted by NismoZ
I've never gotten chain letters, but I have gotten shit like this:

Originally posted by a spambot
Good evening buddy, How is going on? Everything Fine?
I just watched the videos you uploaded in your youtube profile.. Really nice vids,
Do you know about the site [website here]? Very useful place to get some subscribers , You should check it out.

Okay then, Bye bye. Have a nice day!


It was sent to 20 users, and I literally got like three of these before I made my first upload.

I've got this one too.
For those who don't know, Fourteen Hitler was been cancelled due to me moving out and I didn't had time to put it on my computer, so, I decided to make an sequel of it.
Then, this hack will have 14 levels. This hack, along with FH, is inspired by Hertz Donut and myself.
So, screenshot time:

An autoscroll level that will focus around bullets, platforms and.... koopas and... you know.

Inspired by the first level of Kaizo 2.

This level will focus around the little Spike Top.

I think you may see what's different on this new first level.

Yes, you can do.

Also, the last level from this hack is switched by an space one because I'm pretty satisfied with the castle one and I decided to do it in Donut Aggravation.
Now what do you think of the palette of the Kaizo 2 inspired level?
I really wanted to have telepathy (the power to control things using my mind).
Originally posted by Kaizokoban
Not sure why I didn't think of posting this before, but does it even make sense to work on a sequel to an unreleased hack? I'm not asking you to change the name, but it just seems weird to me. I might play it myself when the demo is released.

The only difference is that FH2 is different from FH, well, except for the final level. I had released FH before, but I've deleted it, and I've planned to post it again in My Files, but I couldn't for some reason. Since then I lost Fourteen Hitler and to recover its memories, I made Fourteen Hitler 2. And I'm making sure I don't lost this hack again.
New screenshots:

What do you think now of this translucent cave? Also, the point of the door is to the spike be in the right way, as I started this level there.

The very beginning of the desert level. Also, I can't find an better music for this level. Any ideas?

Level 5, Aquatic, that focus on Chucks, fishes, Blurp Fishes and some other things.
Originally posted by MarioFan22
Couldn't you just bypass the grey platform entirely by jumping past the cement block?

Yes. Now I've already fixed it.
Things that are for me the worse sides of SMW hacking are:

Freezing the game.
Using custom music that crashes the game at one point.
Being not decisive
Placing floating and stacked munchers
Making super long move faster pokey
Put lots and lots of cement blocks in your level. Also, make an maze with f***tons of invisible coin blocks. Everyone loves coin block bridge!
Diddyboy, can I also use the lightning generator (sprite number will be C6)? It's for my sky level (level number 17).
Also, Botcrazy, you ported the SB Stage 1 music or did you download it? (Because I love Super Bomberman). I've been around days trying to find this music (It's for my Switch Palace on Fourteen Hitler 2).
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