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You make custom sprites with ASM.

Quite frankly though, there's a work in progress tutorial covering sprite coding in a detailed way. Additionally, Ersanio's tutorials teach ASM in a more general sense. If you're still unsure, just use the requests forum to have people make sprites for you.
Holy shit. I'm delighted to see this monster finally released after a long, grueling time. woo

Congrats to everyone involved for making it to the end and good job!
Originally posted by Final Theory
Also why were comments removed from the main page (news page) usually I would just write a comment in there, but that is gone as of now.

Here's your reason
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Not sure what GFX Truncator is, but if it has an option that says 2KB or 2BPP, use that.

GFX Truncator is this. Even then, it only cuts the graphics down to 4KB, which is not ideal here for the reasons you stated.
play 100 horizontal
I want Caffie Radio back too. Where do I sign up to volunteer? #ab{;_;}

Now, for the sake of nostalgia, I revisit other people's profiles (and my own) every now and then in the Wayback Machine, and not gonna lie, I miss the old times a lot. I remember even having a MLP avatar or two at some point (back when having pony avatars was a trend) when I didn't actually watch too many episodes lol. Although tons of stuff from that era won't come back, it's still nice to look back and realize how much we changed in every sense.
If he has shown true proof he's improved, then he might return here (depending on the infraction). Until then, don't keep your hopes up.
I've been so used to a keyboard that I don't wanna switch to an actual controller anytime soon.

My "secondary" controller is a SNES we have here from my childhood, but ultimately I prefer a keyboard to that.
My plan is to observe and occasionally comment.
Reach financial stability and be successful in life, especially as a teacher. It's truly hard to be able to work when we're devalued everyday (poor government and all), but I'm slowly making progress through online courses and futurely a PhD. And coupled with that, have my own family and place as soon as things look promising.

Another dream of mine is to date a girl that's NOT mentally unstable and is pretty much up my alley. My past experiences with dating have been stressful for that reason, and I seriously don't wanna deal with that ever again.
Originally posted by Gorrex
do you really play smw sitting on a chair over a keyboard and not laying in bed with the legs over some chair like the developers intended?

Literally. Game over!
Originally posted by Hatsune Blake
To become a video game developer. I've always loved creating stuff, making things for people to enjoy and have fun with. The end goal is to become someone like ZUN: being able to make an entire game by myself. I usually work best alone, y'know?

That's cool! To be honest though, one of my past dreams was to be a video game developer as well. I even took a course of sorts years ago, but I never went ahead with it (something I regret, thinking about it). Maybe I might change my mind and take an additional course. I think my younger self with lots of free time with level creation back in the day contributed positively in some way.

Also, I like your optimism. I hope you can achieve all your dreams one day.
Everyone, place your bets that Chester sniped the billionth view and is hiding it from us. 👺
i agree tbh
Ghost - Square Hammer: This appealed to me a lot more.
Sevish - Starfish: The song is so trippy and so is the video

Modern Talking - No Face, No Name, No Number: Remarkable and so close in beat to their old songs I thought it was an old song. I like it.
TWO-MIX - Just Communication: I'll echo Fullcannon in that this has 90s vibes. It just doesn't come to my top 2, but it shall go to my playlist.
Akira Ishiguro - Aerobics of Alien: A long song that's actually enjoyable? How come? Not gonna place it at the top because it's not usually the kind of song I listen to regularly.
Genesis - The Cinema Show: Cool, but not my thing, especially when its rhythm is very inconsistent all the way through. It does pick up the pace more towards the end, though.
HOME - Hold: It goes absolutely nowhere.
Parokya ni Edgar - Picha Pie: #smw{-_-Z}
Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!: nice.
T-Square - Takarajima: a """vgm""" oh my god. Sounds catchy to me. Was undecided between this and The Bounty Hunter, though.

Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter: This is what you'd usually hear in a very ancient cartoon. Pretty good, even though it progresses weirdly sometimes.
CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery: Another strong contender for VGM, lol, but it's solid.
TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love: Sounds like one of those rap songs I used to listen to as a kid. I dig it (weird taste). The rhythm is out of place, but that's about it.
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk: Okay. Kinda all over the place, but it's a nice listen.
Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark: Very heavy sounding. It doesn't grab me too much, sadly. Also, I swear I listened to one song from Blind Guardian but I don't remember which one
Frums - Options EX: Drags on for too long
Vanessa da Mata - Ai, Ai, Ai...: I could swear I heard this in one of my local radios or something. Nonetheless, it rocks!
The Weeknd - Out of Time: This is very much one of my favorites from Abel, so obviously it had to show up among my top 2

McKinley Dixon - Never Will Know (feat. Micah James & Gold Midas): this is fun as fuck and im tripping.
Maria Luiza Jobim & Daniel Jobim - Wave: I very much expected it to be anything but a Brazilian song. This is something I'd groove to as a peaceful listen!
Casiopea (ft. T-Square) - Fightman: Solid musical performance overall
Francis M - Mga Kababayan Ko: The beginning reminds me of modern VGM, but the rest gives me 2000s vibes. Decent, but doesn't suit my tastes.
Ruby My Dear - Robinet: Sounds more overwhelming in some parts than I'm comfortable with, but it's an alright pick. I just couldn't care less about it.
Ada Rook - 5H4D0W H34R7Z: hell no
The issue isn't sprite buovancy or too many sprites. For some wacky reason, the underground lava was never coded to act as regular lava. You're better off making at least its surface act like tile 4/5.
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