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Originally posted by TheKazooBloccGosh

I was just about to mention that.

810TOXIN (made by one of the creators of South Point Hotel) also has a great usage of points.
On the other hand, someone should update rcx's age. The bot displayed their age as -17 based on their first post with the joke date here #smrpg{argh}
Which filter did you apply? Because as far as I've searched, the oldest (accepted) hack is from 2013.

Also, thanks to Zandro, you can find all sorts of hacks on their database (yes, even most of those that were removed).
The JUMP/YUMP series came out exactly in the order you did :P

e: owait I'm dumb. JUMP came out first and YUMP second. JUMP1/2 and YUMP 2 were released last.
+TEK - Agonizer's Return
Black Country, New Road - The Place Where He Inserted the Blade

(Honorary mention: The Who - Baba O'Riley)
Have fun, all!
I've been waiting for this after so long. #w{<3}
d^4's tool is cool indeed, but I like how not only yours is an accurate recreation, it also identifies which levels they came from. I'm currently testing it with some hacks and found no glaring issues so far. Thanks a bunch and good job!
What is a "copy flower"???? #wario{-_-?}
I didn't think I'd see you making kaizo hacks again. Awesome!

The asceticism patch is actually a neat concept to mess with, and the screenshots prove that. Please finish this!
Damn. You guys come up with the craziest ideas ever, no matter which game.

I've never played Baba is You before so I have zero knowledge on the engine, but I'm sure to give it a try and find my way into it. Keep it up! #smrpg{<3}
This is such a generous hack, more in the sense that it doesn't require you to forcibly tank a hit to pass. I like how it's doable even by people who haven't played kaizo before, so thanks for making!

Just one thing to point out - in Richter Scale, the part with one throw block and two spinies can be done without the throw block if you perfectly time the earthquakes before the spinies hit you. You could space them out a bit or move the block several tiles up (if you're small, though that would probably be somewhat unfair even for beginners).
I was so excited when you made that post in the C3 discussion thread that I obviously had to come in as soon as I saw this thread.

Overall, very clever and busy levels so far. The BLDC baserom leaves enough room to think of cool obstacles for sure. There's some weird glitching with some firebars in level 2, but nothing that compromises the gameplay. Also, that one koopa you missed in the first half could be removed or made useful but more difficult, I think.

Really, really thrilled to see how the rest of the hack develops!
I'd like a haiku about this very thread, in the most Hobz way possible.
Originally posted by Valentine
I think it's fair to call it a lack of effort when a hack meant for a serious cause shows clear, obvious and provable situations where there was a lack of playtesting, or playtesting with savestates (the ones mentioned in my post are only a few of the situations). If this was a regular hack I would not have batted an eye, however since this is apparently "Pride Month" themed, a topic which is currently very relevant and important, I think it deserves a higher level of scrutiny.

None of my criticism was unfounded and I appreciate the fixes that were provided, I've refrained from commenting on the design of the hack and only focused on the objective functionality issues for the reason that only they provide definitive evidence for a lack of effort. If there were only a few of these then this wouldn't be an issue, however there is one in nearly every single level.

There's a visible difference between bluntness and unnecessary rudeness. Nobody said your criticism was unfounded. What we're saying is that your tone was completely uncalled for and worded as if it's a jab at the person. Feedback doesn't mean you should discourage the author between the lines. I get your experience with this hack wasn't the best, but uh, just try to chill down next time, especially if the hack's proposal is "controversial" or something.
I stared at the clouds. Do I lose?

It's uncommon to see a glitch hack released nowadays, so I applaud you for doing so. I'm still figuring out how to even get past the first half (I only know few glitches with Yoshi) so bear with me, lol.

Also, I'm looking forward to futurely watching the walkthrough if I give up in the next few hours #ab{¬_¬}

Amazing job, Biob!
Originally posted by Hobz
hot cross buns hot cross
buns one a penny two a
penny hot cross buns

070 Shake - Blue Velvet
niki feat. lily - ARROW

(Remind me to never listen to the first few seconds of I Wanna Be The Very Kilon again)
See ya #smw{:peace:}
Very ingenious sprites all around. That bouncing fishing boo looks terrifying as hell.
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