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For screen number put in the screen number you want, to see screen numbers press the blue pow door, for extra info check the readme, and XY position put the XY position you want.
Can I use the DISPLAY LEVEL MESSAGE ONE command fix for my level?
In here, give an idea for your own game! Or, "advertise" your hack! Or, both!


Players: 1 to 4
Platform: Wii

Story: One day, Mario was going to Peach's Castle. But then Bowser appeared! Knowing what to do, Mario grabbed a Fire-Flower. Bowser grabbed Peach, then made haste. Mario must rescue her.


Shroom: Refills half your life.

Gold Shroom: Refills all your life.

Poison Shroom: Takes down half your life. Avoid if possible.

1UP Shroom- 1UP

3UP Moon- 3UP

Coin- Find 100 for a 1UP.

Money Bag- Worth 5, 10, or 15 Coins.

Fire-Flower- Shoot fireballs until you get hurt.

SuperStar- Invincibility for a short time!

Ice-Flower: Shoot ice cubes until you get hurt!


Goomba: Your common Goomba.

Koopa: You can throw their shells!

Buzzy: See Koopa, but they're fireproof!

Spike Top: Buzzies with spikes on top. Duh!

Lakitu: Watch out for Spinies! If you have a Fire-Flower, hijack his cloud!

Spiny: Yowee! Don't stomp!

Cheepcheep: They swim aimlessly.

Sushi: A shark.

Rex: Stomp it until it flattens.

MagiKoopa: A Koopa that can teleport and shrink you!

Koopa Bro: Comes in 4 variations. Hammer Bro: Throws hammers. Boomerang Bro: Throws boomerangs. Fire Bro: Spits fireballs. Sledge Bro: Throws sledges and causes quakes.

Boo: A ghost that attacks when you don't face it and hides when you do!

Pink Boo: A ghost that hides when you don't face it and attacks when you do!

Bobomb: A living bomb.

Wiggler: A short tempered caterpillar. Don't stomp!

As you can see, most Mario enemies appear. So you can guess what the others are!


Kraz'd Koopa: A giant, insane Koopa. You have to punch and then jump on it to kill it.

Koopa Bros: Jump on each two times to defeat.

Big BobOmb: A huge Bob-omb and their king.

MegaUnagi: A huge Eel.

Junior Troopa: A koopa that appears as a boss in all six worlds!

Kamek: The lord of the MagiKoopas.

Bowser: The final boss??

???? of ????????: An evil being from another universe!


Race: Race through any level that has already been beaten.

Battle: Kill your opponents before they kill you in seven special stages!


*Mushroom Hill

*Mt. Koopa

*Cheepcheep River

*Sushi's Sewer

*Yoshi Island

*Secret: Bowser's Castle Grounds (Beat the game to unlock)

*Secret: Star World (Find Star World to unlock)




















0/5 (can't punch, eats)









0/5 (floats)
















20 years ago, an evil king was born. This king made a plan to destroy the world. He put a huge Bobomb in space. If anyone ever found the six golden eggs, it would crash into the planet. A baby and a dinosaur defeated the king, but they didn't know about the Bobomb. The baby and the king became mortal enemies, because the king didn't want the baby to destroy the Bobomb.

One day, Bowser once again kidnaped Peach. This time, Bowser actually defeated Mario! Yoshi found him and took him to his house. He rested for a week. When he woke up, Yoshi had some bad news. In 24 hours, Bowser's grandson, Evil Master Bokk, would blow up the planet. He would give up the idea if he got the six golden eggs, though.

When Mario and Yoshi got the eggs to Bokk, he revealed the truth. The eggs were actually a power source for his doomsday device! When Mario and Yoshi defeated him, they got a message from Bowser! In just four hours, his Bobomb plan would be set into motion! Mario and Yoshi chased Bowser. At Coney Island Disco Palace, they defeated him and rescued Peach and stopped the Bobomb!
Must is right. The super secret of Bowser's Castle in DWTLC is found by being pushed through a wall.
This is my simple hack of SMW. Currently it has the first world, Yoshi's Property, done.


*Yoshi's House
*Yoshi's Front Yard
*Mt. Yellow Switch
*Yoshi's Backyard 1
*Yoshi's Backyard 2
*Yoshi's Backyard 3
*#1 Yoshi's Castle

It's difficulty is easy to slightly hard, as seen in Yoshi's Backyard 3. You'll just have to wait to see the hack. I'm not posting any screenshots!
Dang it. I'm a freakin' flopping fish. Post-wise, I'm a Goomba.
I'll do it as soon as I get a picture.
People, seriously. None of those websites in the FAQ are working for me. I have the screenshots.
This is what I call Hanggoomba. It's like Hangman, but with a twist: There's a Goomba instead of a really crappy stick-figure.


*Guess three letters OR one answer each turn.
*One person (besides me) can only post here once a day.

Puzzle 1:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
shffler1337, E, yes, A, no, and T, no.


_ _ _ e _ _ _ _ _ _


I choose Sonic, although I expected his move list to be WAY different.
@ Dispari Scuro

Ohhhh... I just want to cuddle up with you, Jiggles! You are so adorably CUTE!!!

But seriously... you are.

1337-$p34k translation: 0hhhh... 1 jU$t w4nt 2 cUddl3 Up w1th U, J1ggl3$. U R $0 4d0r4bl7 cUt3!

EDIT 1: BUt $3r10U$l7, U R.

(No offense, Jiggles. I just like 1337-sp34k. [@KilloZapit Please have Jiggles reply! Thanks!)
OK. Let's get this started. This could be a real game. Done. Let's start.

Prolougue: An Adventure Begins!

Narrator: One day Mario got a letter.

Letter: Mario! Oh no! It's Bowser. He's got me again. Please come to the castle before anything else happens!
--Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom

Luigi: Oh no, not again! I'll Pack your bags again.

Mario: *Mm-hmm.*

The player now gains control of Mario. Walk outside to see an odd creature attacking a young Goomba. You must fight this guy.


Max HP: ???
Attack: 1
Defense: 0

Trade hits until he kills you. It is impossible to win.
The Goomba wakes mario up 3 hours later. He says that after he defeated mario, he ran off. The Goomba, whose name is Goomster, joins your party.


Normal: Headbonk (1x2, 2x2, 3x2, 4x2)
Secondary: Tattle (No damage)
Super: Charge (Increases Goomster's power by 2 for one attack) 1 FP
Ultra: Multibonk (3, 2, 1, 1 infintite times, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 infinite times) 3 FP
Mega: Quicken Up (Fast) 3 FP

Note: Applies to all partners, damage is shown for every level that is applicable.

Go through the Pipe to read Toad Town. Walk through the opening. You'll notice that another blue Mario is behind you. HE ATTACKS!


HP: 10
Attacks: Jump (1), Paintbrush Whack (2, only uses with 2 HP or less)
Defense: 0
Tattle: That guy looks like you! He calls himself Shadow Mario. Max HP: 10 Attack: 1 Defense: 0. I think he's all talk, though.

After you beat him, talk to the red Toad that saw your fight. He asks if you are Mario. If you say yes, you get a Mushroom. Toadworth appears and teaches you how to use items when you get your first one, which should be this. You can view this tutorial any time afterwards.
@Flow Flow I'm going to keep going here.

After this, follow the arrow signs pointing toward Peach's Castle. Now you're on the Castle Road. In here you'll find some Goombas, Paragoombas, and Spiked Goombas. Try doing a First Strike outside of battle.


Max HP: 2
ATKS: Headbonk (1)
DF: 0
FS (First Strike): No


Max HP: 2
ATKS: Swoop (1)
DF:0, Flying
FS: Yes


Max HP: 2
ATKS: Spikebonk (2)
DF: 0, Spiked
FS: No

Reading the signs with Goombas and mushrooms makes that thing appear. Also, you can hit blocks along the way to get items and the badge Power Jump. at the end of the path is a creature called Garde and he's... on guard*.

*"En Garde"


Max HP: 10
ATKS: Overhead Fist (1), Toad Toss (3 To Mario and Partner, only uses once)
DF: 0
Tattle: That's Garde, a guard. He's guarding the castle and that Toad prison. Max HP is 10, Attack is 1, and Defense is 0. He might use one of those Toads as a weapon.


Max HP: 5
ATKS: Spear Toss (1)
DF: 0
Tattle: That's an Orange Spear Man. He's one of Garde's minions. Max HP is 5, Attack is 1, and Defense is 0. Let's defeat him quickly.


Max HP: 5
ATKS: Spear (1)
DF: 0
Tattle: That's another one of Garde's minions, Blue Spear Man. Max HP is 5, Attack is 1, and Defense is 0. He's no different from the Orange Spear Man, really.


You can attack this prison once during the battle to do 3 damage to each opponent. it only works once.

NOTE: This is the toughest battle so far. Make sure you have a Mushroom or two on you.
Yeah, I know he's a remake, and also, you can jump on them. if you couldn't I would put Spiky next to their defense.

If you want to know what Garde looks like, picture a huge brown furry thing with huge fists. For the Spear Men, picture smaller, blue and orange creatures that look just like Garde except for spears.

By the way, the Spear Men have more HP than the Goombas because you don't fight them in a separate battle.

Now, **coughcoughStuffwellcoughcough** BACK TO ADVENTURE!

After the guards are beaten, a blue Toad directs you to a Big Heart. By hitting the block it is in, you recover fully! Anyway, the Toad gives you the badge Action Command, allowing you to use the action command. Toadsworth appears and tells you how to use it. After the little tutorial, the Koopa Troll under the drawbridge challenges you to a fight.


Max HP: 8
ATKS: Punch (3)
DF: 0
Tattle: That is a Koopa Troll that lives under the drawbridge. Max HP is 8, Attack is 3, and Defense is 0. For being so small and fat, he sure is tough!

After he is beaten, the blue Toad says he is the Head Toad at Peach's Castle, and he has a message to tell Mario from Peach...

Now we see a flashback as Bowser takes Peach.

Bowser: Now you'll be FORCED to marry me! See, I always WIN! Wait, no I don't... That's Mario I am thinking of... But I WILL win this time!

Peach (Shouting): Let me go! Head Toad, I overheard this. Tell it to Mario... "The Man of Flowerpot lives at the Fort of Sucker..."

Head Toad: OK... that's what I'll tell him, Princess Peach!

(Now in the Present) Head Toad: And that's why I'm supposed to tell you this. And since I promised the Princess, well here goes: "That Man of Flowerpot lives at the Fort of Sucker..."

Yeah, I know I stopped at a climatic portion of the story, but that's on purpose... I'll update tomorrow, around 8 PM Pacific time.
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