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Ok, there's this guy I found called "Piky36" and his GFX are AWESOME! I will give him these:

1) Best in Show - 11541
2) Best C3 Attendee *
3) Best C3 Non-Attendee *
4) Best Newcomer * - 11541
5) Vision of the Future (Something you predict will alter the future of SMW hacking) -
6) Best Non-SMW Item -
7) Biggest Surprise - 11541
8) Short but Sweet
9) Honorary Mention (Something worth a trophy but doesn't fit in any other category)
10) Best Use of Floating Munchers
11) Best Finished Hack
12) Best Demo Hack
13) Best Joke Hack
14) Best Screenshots
15) Best Trailer
16) Best Level Design
17) Best Graphics - 11541
18) Most Creative - 11541
19) Most Impressive - 11541
20) Best Sprite
21) Best ASM Hack -
22) Best Music -
I want to download some custom GFX for my SMW hack. Anyone know a good GFX maker? (I already have some from Piky36)
I wanted to participate in the Fall 2010 C3, but I didn't know how to participate. How?
I know this doesn't really pertain to this forum but there was no other forum that it fit in any more.

Ok, so here's the question: why is it taking so long for some graphics to get out of the "Waiting to be Moderated" area? I know that some are getting out almost as soon as they are put in.
try using map16 to change the palette of the vines to the yellow palette (the one that coins and yoshi coins use). it wouldnt be exact but it would look better.
Originally posted by TheDestroyer
Simply put: its seen as a graphical glitch. In real life you never see plants growing on top of each other or just floating in midair, do you? Not to mention alot of people here think its ugly, as well.

Well, in real life, do you see a floating ? block, a mushroom that makes you taller, a turtle that walks on two legs, or hills with eyes? Think about it.
I need to put images in threads, what website should I use to get the url?
OK, now how would i take a file from my file bin and put on my post?
OK, here is a test:

It seems everyone has one, but not me. How do you make them and how do you apply them to your posts?
As this is only a first look, I can't say much yet. But as a fan of SuperSkye, there's no doubt that I will be playing this hack. 'Nuff said.
As a general fan of the original game, I've had no doubt that I'd be playing this game from the first whispers of it in the forums. But now that I've actually seen it, I want to play it more than ever. Your graphics are impeccable. Level design also looks very promising.

Having not played it yet I can't really say anyting, but as of yet it looks like it may have what it takes to become the next top hack.
looks good, if not a tad bland. Overall it's kind of average in my opinio, but level design looks pretty good.
Wow! this hack is really coming along since I last saw it!

new 3d gfx are awesome, really add a lot to the game. The city overworld also looks promising.

Why doesn't this Weegeeben guy get any credit? This hack is one of the best I've seen in a long time.
I agree, those buildings definitely look better than the weird rocks. Once again you've wowed me. really looking forward to seeing the completed city.
Why doesnt this hack get attention? Stupid vanillas get so much love every day while this piece of gold goes completely unnoticed! i dont know why that happens, but Im proud to be a supporter!

That city is looking better than ever with the new Bg. My only suggestion would be that if you had enough room left in the graphics file, to add a few more variants of buildings. I think that would spice it up a bit.
Glad to see that some progress has been made, for a while i was worried the project had died. Well, anyway, it's really starting to look good. those graphics seem to have transferred over into SStl very well.
I've just discovered this project today, and I have to say it's not bad at all! I'm generally not a big fan of vanilla ish hacks but this one looks really good. I'm certainly gonna play it when its out!

As for feedback on newest stuff, I like those pink trees. the graphics are quite nice. And it looks like youve made it a point to keep them consistent. Not many hackers do that so hats off to you my friend! I'll be playing your hack without a doubt!
Hey! You're back! Well it's not like you're the only one whos been away my friend.. I've been off this site for a long time. But Ive decided to come back, and looks like just the right time! One of my favorite projects has come back!

I honestly really like the new custom sprites you've added. The laser vision is hilarious. and I have to say those red laser beams look pretty sexy. Are they bullet bills? Bullet bills replaced with lasers would be pretty awesome in a superskye hack. And what do the bullet machines look like?
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