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Originally posted by A'nohn Ihmus (TBD)

aas asd asdf as df asdfasdf asdf df a sf

                    dcb "INIT"
                    JSR SUB_HORZ_POS
                    STA $3334,x
                    STZ $338C,x
Yes! That's it! It's exactly what I want! (Now I need to know how...)
Sorry, I'm a newbie! Do I have to save it as a IPS file and patch it with Lunar IPS or save it to a .asm and use XKas?

(I hope it's the first option...)

Edit: OK it's a .ams file.

Re-Edit: Tried everything, it don't work :(
Strangely, XKas did not give a error message...

AC: holy shit, i'm so ashamed of those old posts, you have no idea
AC: okay, i remember why i said that
AC: ams was the name of a rpg maker script i was using
AC: memories.raw
AC: why am I even commenting my old posts?
AC: i'm not a fucking tourist guide for trips down memory lane
AC: from here, you're on your own
AC: good luck keeping your sanity
I tried that, too. I've just discovered it actualy did something, when I pick a Yoshi Coin it split in two and give me 4-UPS and then every of these disappear from the level. Luckily I did a backup ^^ .
It's not that, I used the original level 105 to test. In my levels it already did it, but my others Yoshi Coins where staying on screen and it wasn't giving me 4-UP!
Hi, I have a problem. I can't add ASM patches and Blocks! I tried to use the Mario 64 Long and U-Jump Patch, the New Powerups Patch and a lot more, and a bunch of custom blocks. I always use a clear ROM. Sometimes it triggers something else, like that coins acts like moons...

Please help!
That's not conflict because I tried e'm all in seperate clear ROMs!

Yesterday I expanded my ROM to 4MB and nothing works. I also tried to add music using Romi's AddMusic, but this is my problem since I don't koow how to use it!
I downloaded that block (it is used in every hack :) ) but, like every other blocks I tried to add, it didn't worked... but lately, it was a success using a Youtube tutorial instead of that site's tutorials.

I added it on tile 200, but when I go to it, it's always the old "grey block that Mario can't walk throught" description and the blue tiles.

So, how to choose graphics for a block? And I read in the AMS file and it says to make it act like tile 25, but that one is "air". Well, I understand nothing! Please help!

(And sorry for bad grammar, but I only speak English as a second language!)
Yes, I just found it in another Youtube video! My new problem is that it won't work! I copied-pasted another block on it to have its graphics but I can't change the "act like"! When I click OK and immediatelly re-open the options its still 12A or something like that! After, I tested the "On=Solid" one and whenever it was ON or Off I couldn't pass and on ON I can "brown" it by smashing it. I also tried to choose graphics by 8x8 tiles but when I do it it don't save... I have difficulty to explain because i'm not very fluent in English but I just want a detailed tutorial on how to change graphics. After that I will see for ExAnimation!
Ah, thanks a lot, it works now! There's only XKas that's remaining to work now!
Hi, I tried to use ExAnimation to animate the Solid when ON/OFF block (like everyone) and since tutorials from here were not complete I found a YouTube one:


But I'm stuck at 2:25 when he says to hit CTRL+SHIFT+PGDWN! I used the same file as him, doing every single move exactly as he did, the "Internal GFX viewing unlocked" showed but I still don't have the graphics there! Is there a problem about his tutorial or is it me?

Please help!
I did that already! I looked at all the pages, I clicked on every tile where the graphics should be, just in case, I did nothing!
Yes, I inserted them! Wait...

I just deleted them from the folder. I extracted ExGFX from my ROM and ExGFX80 appeared in the folder! I opened it in yy-chr and they were the graphics I want! I'm serious, I really inserted them! I also clicked on the red poisonous mushroom, I checked the check box on top, chose my graphics like he said, pressed OK and saved!
That's tho one I was using before, but since it was only teaching how to use the "2 8x8 tiles : line" type, I searched for another one. Except that, everything is identical in these 2.

Edit: Yay, it works now! But I don't know what I did. I wrote 80 in that box at the bottom of Super GFX Bypass and it worked! None of the tutorials were saying this!
I know, but I was talking about the type, not the trigger. I wasn't understanding AT ALL how to use the type: 2 8x8 line, but the 4 8x8 16x16 was easy for me.
Hi! I have a question. I wanted to use the background that is in level 1EC (in the original SMW), the one that has some dark rocks. But that level (and every other cave level that is using it) are Layer 2 levels and has a black background that can't be copied in LM but when tested it appears. What is the option to use it? Is it the Layer 3 tileset specific? If so, do I have do something special to make it in the background? I need to know everything!
OK, thanks!
Hi, again I have a problem :p

I wanted to insert the Donut Lift. I followed the instrictions in the read me of SpriteTool (inserted block AND sprite and also changed the value that chooses the block in the sprite's ASM and inserted graphics).

Before choosing graphics for the block via 16x16 tile editor, the block was having garbage graphics and when stomped, the graphics turned into an apple. Now, when I stomp on it the donut lift graphics spawns but when i'm not stomping on it I have garbage graphics. Also, I tried every palette but there's no one that give a Donut Lift that's not pink with green and white in it or things like that.

Have I did something wrong?

Edit: I forgot to say that overall it works perfectly, only the graphics don't works...
Hi, I search for a block that ends the level. There's a ton of them in the blocks section, but none of them are doing what I want.

I want it to fade the screen and return to the OverWorld and trigger the normal or secret exit. No music. No animation. No shattering. No bonus star.

I tried to modify the one that shatters so it won't shatter but I glitched it :)

Thanks in advance!
Thanks, it works PER-FECT-LY!
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