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I would help. But I dont know how and where.
Ist tweaker nicht das gleiche wie cfg editor?
Wundervolle Musik...Ich glaube ich werde diese Musik benutzen.
No...very bad. Maybe I can be a Helper. Or I can make some Levels/Rooms.
First: What's with HR 1,3 and 4?...I know only 3 Hacks of the D4 that are finished:H&S Bet I, Randorland 3 and 4th Sector.

Graphic's style: I think NSMB Style is a good and original idea, cause I know only 1 Hack with NSMB style. And that's only a demo.

Team Hack: Its your choice. And its your Character. But after the split you'll be able to work with Chikane. Theres no war between you.

Villian: Maybe Bowser , Wart or another Villian from the original Saga. Maybe Scorpion or Retnuh? Maybe a Clone or a Shadow or a Robot of Randor? Maybe Luigi? Or Peach?
Maybe he want to eat the eggs. Or he need it to make a drink.
Maybe you can make a OW of the whole real World. And the Koopalings are in Towers(Taiwan 101,Colloseum,Tower of Pisa). And maybe he can start in Brooklyn^^.
May I be a contestant?
okay...Must I make a Level or a Room? And where it must play? In the House or in the woods?...What kind of maze?
When the Hack have a Demo?
I'll join the war!...er...I must send you only a Level and Gfx, dont I? And how many rooms I can use?
Can I help ,too?
mhh...Maybe I can design the Title Screen...I don't design well, but I could do this.
Good ExGFX...I hope it will have another update:)
Wow...what a amazing looking Hack
It's not only good, its very good. The only thing I dont like is, that there are two 9-signs.
And where I can help?
What's with a Hack like Doodle Jump? Mario must jump higher and higher and if he fall down, he's dead.
I dont know where the 2nd and 3rd pics are, but I know, that the first from Megaman II and 4 from Warioland comes. The others are unfamilar
You made the Story very well:D

R.I.P. your old Hack
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RedAstaire's Profile - Posts by RedAstaire