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I'm a woman, remember?

Everyone on the internet is assummed male unless stated otherwise.

But it was stated otherwise via name coloring, so that sorta messes up that idea.

On topic, this hack looks neat. There's not much to comment on, but the idea is okay.
I request The Mario Journey be taken down. It's pretty much dead and looking back at it, it was pretty sucky.
YES! Finally, a DK update that's actually awesome! And he even uses moves from DK64!

All we need now is K Rool.
Originally posted by DarthRiko

I still like Peach the most, I hope she is better in this version of SSB, she kinda sucked in Melee.

Peach was great in Melee. >_>

Anyways, my top three characters I want would be...

1. King K Rool
2. King Dedede
3. Krystal
We don't need any more Mario characters. We already have Mario, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, and probably Luigi. That's five, 7 including DK and Wario. And even if there are more, they shouldn't be sucky characters like Petey Piranha.
I first played Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros at age 2.

Beat that.
I preordered mine the Saturday after they started taking preorders. I'm not really in the mood to camp out for a video game.
This is really an excellent game, but the music is completely retarded. It really shows how much music can affect a game.
What, nobody's gonna leave both of them trapped in the cages forever?
Eh, the GCN one was okay. The AI cheat too much.

I'd say it goes like this, from best to worst.
1. Mario Kart 64
2. Mario Kart DS
3. Mario Kart: Super Circuit
4. Mario Kart: Double Dash
5. Super Mario Kart
Okay... Lemme give some reasons why.

Mario Kart 64: The courses were all amazing. There were so many shortcuts caused by mere glitches that actually took skill to pull off. Plus, the power slide boost wasn't cheap at all.

Mario Kart DS: Plenty of great tracks, though there were a few that flat-out sucked. However, the biggest complaint I have is that snaking is really cheap. The WiFi was done well, but they, unfortunately, only included 20 tracks and didn't have a cut-off button for friend searches.

Mario Kart Super Circuit: The track design was okay, and the physics were perfect. My complaint? The fact that you have to have two GBAs and two copies of the game to successfully enjoy multiplayer.

Mario Kart Double Dash: Eh, it was okay. Some tracks were fun to play on, while others were boring. The AI cheats way too much.

Super Mario Kart: This was fun when I first played it, but when you go back to it... It's just dull.
I'm gonna try and go through the Music Hacking thread from the old board and recover as many txt files as possible. Bear in mind I have not tested any of these in the hack, nor do I know who made them unless stated otherwise.

Donkey Kong 64-Crystal Caverns

Banjo-Kazooie-File Select Screen

7th Saga-Cave

Rudra no Hihou-Underwater City

Super Mario Bros 3-Pipe Maze

Kirby's Adventure-Forest Stage by Boing Boing Splat

Super Mario Kart?-Koopa Beach by Boing Boing Splat

Card Master-Draven's Valley Pass*

Ocarina of Time?-Ganondorf's Theme?

Kirby's Dream Land 3-Cloudy Park Map

Super Mario Land 2-Pumpkin Zone

Jumbo Ozaki no Hole in One-Rainfall


Yoshi's Story-Theme Song
*I'm not sure whether I put the name of the game and the name of the track in the right order.
I'm pretty sure you can, it just takes more effort. Read SNN's tutorial.

Or maybe you can't and I'm being stupid. But I'm almost completely sure you can.
I'm gonna make a small suggestion here as there's no real better place to put this... I think Wario should use his clothes from the Wario Ware series, as opposed to his classic outfit.
Are you running on Windows XP?
For those who haven't played a Wario Ware before, this should clear up how the stage changes. I tried to find one in the elevator used in the Brawl level, but I couldn't.


Note the actual gameplay starts at about 2:01.
I'd love to beta test, though it may be kinda late to ask now.
Super Mario War isn't a ROM. Thus, this doesn't fall under ROM hacking.
Yeah, a music section is a definite yes. It'd make it easier to keep downloadable music in one place.
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