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For that matter, why is everyone who doesn't play a fighting game competitively considered casual? I highly doubt most fighting games attract the same audience as Wii Sports.
Not completely Nintendo here, but.

Including Star Fox 2 but not counting Adventures (it's a spin off), the fourth Star Fox game was the first to add ground missions. Not including Wars, the fourth Halo game is going to be the first to add air/space missions.
Stopped watching at 0:25, since the kid doesn't know how to talk without saying um a million times.
I'm kinda concerned about the Wii remake of Goldeneye. The level design was the best part of the original game, and they seem to be changing it.

Also, XBLA version of Perfect Dark is awesome. But Perfect Dark Zero sucked.
I never said that the Starfox/Halo comparison was anything more than coincidence.

Oh, also, once again not Nintendo, but just take a look at these characters.
Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Dr. Wily
Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Dr. Robotnik/Eggman.
On the other hand, Activision hasn't made any truly great Bond games, well, EVER. Also, Rare's 360 games, Perfect Dark Zero aside, have been shown to be really good. Kameo is one of the best games they've ever made and the Viva Pinatas and new Banjo-Kazooie aren't half-bad either. Also, when Rare attempted to release their own version of Goldeneye on the XBLA, it was pretty much the original game with updated graphics (Of course Nintendo put a stop to it since the franchise wasn't owned by Microsoft and they published the original game).

So what I'm getting at is that Rare's version would pretty much be guaranteed to be good, since it's the original game with new graphics and online play. But I'm a skeptic about what Activision will do to it. I'm fine with them changing things that haven't aged well, but the pure level design is what I'm hoping they won't change much.

Also, the reason Perfect Dark Zero sucks as much as it does is because most of the original Goldeneye/Perfect Dark team had left after the sell-out. Then they tried to combine Halo's mechanics with Perfect Dark and we got a big mess of boring.

In any case, I'm not saying Goldeneye Wii will be bad, just that I'm concerned it won't stay true to the original. Even if it doesn't, it may still turn out to be a great game, but like they say, don't fix what isn't broken.

Edit: By the way, does anyone else have the XBLA version of Perfect Dark? I'd be willing to do co-op or counter-op on it. It's pretty awesome considering that, unlike the N64 version, there isn't any lag.
I suppose it's alright if you're a musician. For everyone else it sucks.
Minish Cap has to happen before Four Swords. The sword in it eventually turns into the Four Sword. I actually came up with a timeline that I've yet to find any plot-breaking contradictions in.

Minish Cap comes first, because Link first receives his hat in this one. This is important because the Minish would later evolve into the Kokiri, which is why they would wear the green clothes and hat. There are also no references to Ganon as of yet.

Afterwards, Vaati breaks the seal on the Four Sword and kidnaps Zelda in The Four Swords. A new Link rescues her and imprisons Vaati again. That's when Four Swords Adventures happens, in which Ganon creates Dark Links to trick Link into unleashing Vaati. Link kills Vaati and imprisons Ganon within the Four Sword.

In OOT, a new Ganondorf arises. His backstory is different from the one in Four Swords Adventures, so it's likely that they're different characters, much like how most games have a different Link and Zelda. One Dark Link from Four Swords Adventures had become a minion of Ganondorf. The events of OOT happen and a split in the timeline is caused by Zelda sending Link back in time. On the child side of the timeline, it goes straight to Majora's Mask, a direct sequel to OOT. Twilight Princess happens after Majora's Mask, which has been officially confirmed.

A Link to the Past must take place after Twilight Princess on the timeline, because, sometime between Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess, something happened that caused the Master Sword to be moved to the Sacred Grove. In this, Ganon still has the Triforce of Power and finally managed to take the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda. Thus, when Link defeated Ganon at the end, he was able to obtain all three pieces of the Triforce and complete it.

Starring the same Link, the next games in the series are Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, in either order. Following the end of A Link to the Past, it shows the completed Triforce at the beginning. After defeating secret final boss Ganon, Link tries to take a boat back to Hyrule- But gets caught in a storm and washes up on an island. This is the next game, Link's Awakening. This is most definitely the same Link from ALTTP and OOA/OOS, because the nightmare takes the form of Agahnim and he starts off on the same boat from OOA/OOS.

Much later, the Triforce is split into three pieces once again. The Triforce of Wisdom was split into many pieces and hidden throughout southern Hyrule. The Triforce of Courage was split into many pieces and hidden throughout Northern Hyrule. A new Zelda kept hold of the Triforce of Power, fearing it would fall into the wrong hands. This leads up to Zelda I, where Ganon returns and reclaims the Triforce of Power. Link has to find the Triforce of Wisdom in order to fight him and save Zelda.

After the events of Zelda I, of course, come Zelda II. The same Link from Zelda I has to wake up the original Princess Zelda, who was put to sleep a long time ago. To do this, he has to find the final piece of the Triforce and put it back together to wish Zelda awake again. After defeating the (probably) final Dark Link, Link finds the rest of the Triforce and saves Zelda.

On the other side of the timeline, in which there is no Link, Ganondorf breaks free and tries to take control of Hyrule once again. Because of this, the Goddesses give Ganondorf what he wants- By flooding Hyrule and leaving everything in it, except any life forms, to Ganondorf and his Moblins. As a result, Ganondorf finds a way to break out, leading to the events in Wind Waker. At the end of Wind Waker, Link and Tetra go off to discover a new Hyrule, in Phantom Hourglass. During this time, they find themselves transported to the same world that was in Link's Awakening.

Finally, Link and Tetra discover a new land and name it Hyrule. Link works with some of Tetra's crew, while Tetra herself becomes the queen. Three generations later, the only member of Tetra's original crew remaining is Nico. This game, Spirit Tracks, stars the grandson of the Link from Wind Waker and the granddaughter of the Zelda/Tetra from Wind Waker.

Feel free to try and tear this one apart with theories. But I've found fewer contradictions in it than any other timeline I've come up with (and I've come up with a lot).
Just thought I'd mention that if you have a Crackdown 2 save on the 360, you can unlock Agent 4 as a playable character in Perfect Dark XBLA's multiplayer. Screenshots here.

Off topic: A lot of people laid hate on Nuts and Bolts because of how different the gameplay was, but when you take the time to enjoy it, it's filled to the brim with fanservice, gives you unlimited creativity, and is a really unique experience.
Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Tales of Symphonia
Super Street Fighter IV

And I just beat Muramasa. Will be playing Arc Rise Fantasia and probably Dragon Quest IX soon.
Rare would undoubtedly do a great job making it, but I'm happy with the fact that Retro Studios is behind it. They worked wonders with Metroid Prime, and I confidence that they can do the same with DKC.
Ace Attorney is the best series on the DS by far. Having played every one of them, I'd recommend them all.

Also don't get Scribblenauts. It's fun at first, but turns into a big pile of boring as you unlock more missions.
I have the 360 version of TF2.
And we liked it, too!
Originally posted by Captain Pissweak
According to Wikipedia, the split time line theory is as follows:

- The Minish Cap
- Four Swords
- Four Swords Adventures
- Skyward Sword
- Ocarina of Time

Child Link:
- Majora's Mask
- Twilight Princess
- A Link to the Past
- Link's Awakening
- The Legend of Zelda
- The Adventure of Link

Adult Link:
- The Wind Waker
- Phantom Hourglass
- Spirit Tracks

And Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are unknown, but I reckon they occur at the same time on each time line. IE, after The Adventure of Link, Oracle of Seasons occurs, and at the same point in time on the opposite time line after Spirit Tracks, Oracle of Ages occurs.

imo, this is the most logical timeline. I'd place the Oracle Games before Link's Awakening, because of the boat Link sails away on at the end.

Look at the pieces of the Triforce. It's not even there until OOT. In the Child Timeline, the Triforce as a whole is collected in A Link to the Past, which leads up to the Oracle games where all three pieces are shown at the beginning. By the time The Legend of Zelda happens, Zelda split the Triforce of Power into many pieces and scattered them across Southern Hyrule, while keeping the Triforce of Wisdom intact. The Triforce of Courage was hidden in Northern Hyrule for the events of Zelda II.
Actually, there are perfectly reasonable explanations for that.

The Ganon in FSA is NOT the same one from OOT. I'm pretty sure a Gerudo tells a different story from the one in OOT about Ganon's origins. Furthermore, throughout all three Four Swords games (MC, FS, FSA), the Triforce and The Hero of Time are never mentioned. And Ganon isn't mentioned until FSA.

Edit: Also, I find it likely that the Minish evolved into the Kokiri, hence why the Kokiri wear green clothes.
My god, people are still complaining about the E10 Rating? It's been five years!
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