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Tip: Use this patch to fix the bug where editing the upper right 8x8 tile of the sideways walking Koopa Troopa in GFX01 makes the coin sparkles look glitchy.Not logged in.
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The original Super Mario Bros. 5 was created back in 2007. It was scrapped later that year after one too many instances of hackers' block while working on the seventh world. Three years later, the hack has been resurrected and is being almost totally reworked to improve what I believe to have been flaws in the original.

Below is a screenshot of the first level of the game. It uses the Island/Beach ExGFX I recently submitted.

A demo will be available when the third world is completed.
Originally posted by Tomato
Looks good!
I was actully thinking about if there was SMB5 and well now I see this. Wierd B)

The two-world demo of the original hack is in the Hacks section. This is a revamp of that hack.
Originally posted by Spud Alpha
That graphics set is great...

Wait... are you "The V"?


I am. Yeah, it's been ages since I was last here. I got burned out on hacking and never thought I'd go back to it.
I recently learned how to do ExAnimations thanks to the tutorial on this site. I managed to successfully make a 2-frame torch flame and a 4-frame waterfall. The problem is that, while the animations display correctly in Lunar Magic, they glitch in-game, reverting to the frames of the animation they replace. I'm not sure what I did wrong.
The 3-world demo should be up before Christmas. I just have to take some screenshots, make some minor adjustments, and create the IPS patch.

EDIT: Well, the demo WAS up, but it was removed due to an oversight on my part. I'm currently working on a FIVE world demo that'll include custom bosses and a few ASM patches.

Here are some shots showing off my recent progress.

This section of the fortress is inspired by Super Mario Bros. The fortress isn't a remade level though.

This is the Overworld map for the underground section of Misty Mountain Mines, the hack's 5th world.

Misty Mountain Mines 2. I actually built this level prior to starting the hack, using Hacks 101 as a sort of sandbox.

That black-shelled Koopa is a Koopa Bomber. Stomp on him, and his shell will explode.

Venus Fire Trap. Unfortunately, Classic Piranha Plants who share the stage with this enemy have red stems since I couldn't get the Piranha Fix patch to work.
Here's mine. It's mostly video game fanart, though I'm considering previewing some hack-related things there.
Here are some screenshots from the 4th world of Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn, Verdant Woods.

Verdant Forest 1

This is an underground section of a Verdant Forest stage. Those blocks are my replacements for the Skull Raft.
Grabbing the final Star Coin in Verdant Woods 1

These acorns are falling spikes with alternate GFX. I took advantage of the fact that the sprite's tilemap is occupied by filler tiles in the Forest sprite tileset.

That sap is recolored lava. It acts as one of the hazards for this section of Verdant Woods 3.

Stumps with arrows near them contain warps.
Originally posted by Green_raven
Acorns are a nice idea(although i think it's been done before)
Also, nice idea for the warp trunks.

Thanks. I imagine the falling acorn idea has been used before since it's a simple GFX edit that just about any hacker could probably do. I just never played the hack it appeared in.
The trunks in Verdant Woods take the place of pipes to better fit the world's theme. It's similar to what happened with clay pots in Dry Ruins.
Here are a couple screenshots from Cerulean Lake, the first water level of SMB5R

This is actually pretty old and can be found in Super Mario Starlight Remix. I was going to be used for a level that was scrapped.
That looks like it'll be a really good hack. It'll definitely beat my first hack, which was really no more than a bunch of blatant edits. May be neat to hear some of the music from the pirated Super Mario 4 game for the Game Boy. That was actually some decent music, but I don't think there are MIDIs for it anywhere that can be ported.
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
Zoom x2 and x4. Especially on the overworld. With a huge screen resolution, the overworld is really hard to select and build accurately. This could apply to the tile pickers as well.

I can DEFINITELY get behind that one. My eyes aren't the greatest eyes in the world, so it's hard for me to work with the Overworld Editor. That's why the overworld in Super Mario Bros. 5 is on the blocky side.
Mario is Missing is one of those games that had the potential to be great, but was ruined. In this case, it's because the dev team wanted to make it educational. Were it a platformer, as this hack would be, it could've been great.
Here are some screens from the first level of Pipe City. The level is still unfinished.

The main part of the level. It's full of different types of Piranha Plants.

The first sublevel. That's WhiteYoshiEgg's FLUDD sprite. Originally, Gaddly's comment about FLUDD in the Ruins Secret Area was going to be just a reference to Super Mario Sunshine, but seeing WYE's custom sprite here gave me the idea to do this. You need FLUDD to access the secret exit.

Even the sublevel is infested with Piranha Plants. Good thing Yoshi's stomach is a bottomless pit. XD
Originally posted by marioVSshadow

V: Nice screenies but I'd change the BG palletes in the first screenshot and the FG palletes in the other two.

I might change the BG on that to something more green. As for the FG on the sublevel, I liked the teal-green myself. I suppose it could be darkened a bit if you think it's too bright.
What's the song that plays in Quicksand Quandary from Essence Star? I'm considering using it in my hack if it's in the music section.
Originally posted by Lightmaster
Originally posted by Gamma V
What's the song that plays in Quicksand Quandary from Essence Star? I'm considering using it in my hack if it's in the music section.

Surface part or cave part? I don't know which is the one for the surface part, but in the cave part is Cave Story - Geothermal.

Sorry that I can't help you with the other one, if it's the one that you are needing.

It is the one on the surface. I know the underground tune because I have it in my hack too. I'm wondering about the surface one because I'm looking for a good Egyptian-sounding tune for athletic levels.
All of the levels in my sixth world are composed of pipes in various sizes. The underground areas use the SMP3 underground theme while underwater areas use Bubble Man's theme. I'm wondering what would be a good theme for a general above-ground level with a pipe theme. It has to be something that doesn't use sample banks.
I saw this thread while browsing the forums for possible hack inspiration and figured I might as well post before it dies.

Drawing FG ExGFX
Picking fitting music (I may actually be a little too picky since I couldn't find a good athletic desert theme that sounded Egyptian enough and ended up settling for Desert Hills from Mario Kart DS.)

Overworld design (My OW in SMB5R is on the blocky side. This is mostly due to my vision impairment. It's very hard for me to see those tiny tiles. I also don't have the patience for plotting Layer 2 Event paths.)
ASM and music porting (Both seem far too complicated for me.)
Would anyone be interested in playtesting and bugtesting Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn? I want to make sure my hack is as good as possible before it gets submitted. If interested, PM me.
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Gamma V's Profile - Posts by Gamma V

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