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sorry to break your chain but the straight lines are the best!
i liked that one a+down thing in the air, it owned
i heard that people stopped posting characters after some guy started selling them
I got into gaming with Mario (of Course) and it happened when my big bro brought a peculiar box with the words SNES written on it...
heres where you get them:
1.finish Atlantica
2.Finish 100 acre woods
3.Theres a small chest to the side of a big chest in brink of despair
4.Win the goddess of fate cup in Olympus coliseum
5.In sunset terrace in twilight town,get on top of the little train and it should be in a chest on a building
6.In a chest before you fight the mcp in space paranoids
7.Get one of each synthesis material
I've played it, but I wasn't very good at it
It is Pretty fun, although it's Kinda hard to hit your neighbors with the axe.
Can Anyone Ds Emulate Pretty well?
also, What's a pretty good ds Emulator?
Originally posted by SuperMarioSquig
I dont care if Halo 3 wins as long as I get SSBB.

Originally posted by papermario766
I cannot get NSMB to work. :(

Kirby Canvas Curse works fairly well, however.

I Got NSMB to work, but it was VERY Slow and Glitchy
The Minigames in NSMB Had Less Glitches and ran at good speed with No$GBA
Originally posted by Luigi1000

No, wrong. Acording to recent posts on nsider forum it is geno, now common ppl way it with me:

If you belive this is correct use this pic as your msn display pic.

I would rather have Geno than sonic
Originally posted by Bored2tears
lol, sonics final smash update

super sonic! =)


how did i not see that coming?
also, heres an idea!
they BOTH end up in the game!
My favorite one would be Aria of sorrow, but i want to get Dawn of sorrow for ds
Mine is that giant pink Yoshi from Mario and Luigi: Partners in time
its on right now!
Oh crap!
^OR.. I will pick Mario and my Partner will pick...Mario!
I've just beaten Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and I'm wondering what to do next. Does anyone Know any cool stuff to do After you return to Rougeport?
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