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To me it feels more like they just added minecraft in general rather than just steve, he looks pretty crazy.
I didn't really want steve in but at least it's really unique and the thought of new gameplay possibilities is kind of exciting. I just hope he isnt like super-annoying to fight against.

I dunno, at first the lyrics kind of bothered me. They're pretty relatable, to a frustrating degree. Since I'm still thinking about it even several hours after, I pick this one.

Goblin - Phenomena

I heard this song in the movie and was blown away, I really liked that it sounded like it could be in some PS1-era game or something like that, I looked it up, and movie (Phenomena) apparently inspired the art for Clock Tower on the SNES, so it came full circle after all

I think all the songs I listened to for this round were good, so it will probably be a close one. If it wasn't for the fact that I nominated Phenomena, I would have picked toroidal earth society
If cute girls were all that mattered, this song would win this entire thing. I don't expect it to go that far, but here's a vote for it.

Tigran Hamasyan - What the Waves Brought
Toss up between this and the Logic Song for me. Overall I only liked most of the songs in this round. I'm glad I actually had time to vote this time.
DAOKO - 高い壁には幾千のドア

This is one of my favorite DAOKO songs. Actually this whole album is amazing and I'll tell you to listen to the whole thing personally.

R.E.M. - Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)

I think I would actually go back and listen to this one even after the tourney. Pretty close between This, Bear's Vision of St. Agnes, and Linda Juventude, I liked alot of the songs this time.
I started this indie game called Persona 5 Royal. I was able to get it for $20 so I figured it was a good time to play it. I heard that all the additions to the combat made the game much easier, so I just put it on hard mode to start and see how it goes. I enjoy the combat against normal enemies, it's engaging enough, but the bosses were much more difficult. It might be because I didn't grind at all, but I found them pretty tough.
I only beat the 2nd boss because the 4 fucking minions he summons every turn all just happened to be fire element and I had a persona that drained fire. So, with joker as my only live party member, I just whittled the boss' hp until he was dead. Since I never touched the minions, he never summoned any of another element, so they kept healing me each turn. I felt very underleveled for that so for the 3rd boss I might have to do some grinding in mementos or something.
I still think that Banjo-kazooie is the craziest addition, I think geno would have been cool, but banjo-kazooie is the dream pick for me. When I was a kid I remember seeing banjo on the box of the N64 right alongside the mario 64 render and I would imagine him joining the battle, I could only wonder why he wasn't in the game.

(The funny thing about Geno, I probably wouldn't rally so hard behind him if I had never seen a user on smwc with the name geno_4_brawl or something, that's where I had the first thought of, "Yeah, that would be pretty cool huh." I think that dude's actually permabanned or something now, lol)

One more thing I have to say is, I never saw the hype for cloud and when he actually joined the battle, with only 2 pieces of music and a stage that was just 1:1 battlefield I was even less convinced. When Sephiroth joined the battle with multiple music tracks and remixes, a new crazy stage, and even spirits, it felt like Final Fantasy was actually represented in smash bros, cloud didn't bring any of that. I feel like Finally fantasy was finally done the justice it deserved when it first came to smash.
I have a SNES Classic, and I use a Wii to USB adapter to just use the controllers from there on my PC. I played Persona4 Using a SNES controller, it even displays accurate buttons prompts in-game. It also works with my normal Classic controller pro for the Wii, so I can use that for games that require sticks.

However, if you just don't want to bother with adapter nonsense, consider just buying an 8bitdo controller for your PC? I don't own one, but I've heard they're pretty good. If you want a more SNES-like one, they even sell them without the sticks.

I would personally prefer either of these options over trying to fiddle with getting any of my switch controllers on PC using bluetooth
Smash Bros - I literally can't stop playing this game

Taiko no tatsujin drum n fun / RPG 1+2 - I have the drum controller and I suck ass at this game but I love playing it

Kingdom Hearts MoM - Sora's Mom wasn't in the game but I'm pretty satisfied with the switch version, I will still probably buy the PS4 version when it goes on a steep sale

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Megamix - This game is an actual scam compared to the PS4 arcade port, but I love playing it with the joycons, they work better for this game than the pro controller

Animal crossing - kinda falling out of it with this game but I played it religiously for like almost a year, that's gotta be worth something

I like more games, but I play these constantly
I've had my eye on sakuna for a while, if there was a PC version, I would have probably got it already.
Okay, looks like there's a steam version and I've been blind. I didn't want to get it for the PS4 and wasn't so sure about how the game performs on switch. In that case, I'll just wait on whichever version has a sale first.
Honestly? The new mario golf looks funny as hell, the characters running wildly on the green while dressed the part makes me laugh. They apparently leaked
King Bob-omb
as a playable character, fucking sick!!

I pretty much popped off over pyra and mythra. Anytime anyone ever mentioned another xenoblade character that wasn't KOS-MOS, it was usually rex. I hate rex's dumb shorts and I'm pretty sure I've told everybody that I would like to see pyra in smash without rex. I thought that wasn't realistic, but now it's actually happening. I can't believe sakurai 1:1 delivered this just for me.

I really loved Skyward Sword on the wii, and you can tell that it runs at 60 FPS on the switch. That's awesome, but they forgot to mention that the game is also 60 USD on the switch. That's fucking ridiculous.

I didn't think they would do a splatoon 3 on the switch, it really caught me off guard. I was team chaos in the final splatfest so it's finally time to reap what I sowed.

Famicom detective club looks cool, I'm definitely going to check them out and I'm excited for the release, hopefully they will localize Buddy Mission: BOND after it releases.

I'm also excited for Bravely Default II, I was adamant about doing that demo survey and they really did fix alot of the problems I had with it and it comes out in like a week
I cry alot, but when I watched coco for the first time, I cried like a little bitch to the end of that movie, nothing had ever hit me that hard before. I'm mexican, yes, but they just really just pulled the right strings at the end there, so much of it lined up with my own family.
It looks like a solid base to work from, but it practically looks like a tech demo-barren and empty. Of course, since it's coming in 2022 they've got time to work on it. Here's hoping there's finally a reason to get excited again.
I've been Playing DJMAX Respect V on steam, this game is pretty crazy.

In games like guitar hero or Project diva I hate whenever it just seems to mute the sound of the song whenever you miss a note. This is a game all about that, except in this game it feels really good to play. It's probably because the game doesn't mute anything for most of the songs, you can mash a button on your keyboard and it will play the sound that was lined up for the next note as much as you want until that note is actually supposed to be hit.

I don't know what the word is.. Tactile? Kinetic? Intuitive? this game feels like all of those things to me. I haven't even gotten into the meat of the game personally, I only play like 5 songs total because I really like them and want to get good at them before I move on. I enjoyed Playing with 4 keys, but I thought I would feel better about myself being bad at the game if I played 6Trax, so that's what I've been playing it on
First Mario game was SMAS+World

First Sonic game was Sonic1, I remember hating marble zone and I don't think I ever got any farther than that. My godfather had some plug and play genesis thing that had altered beast on it and some kind of viking game with strategy gameplay?
Probably learn Kanji and finish learning Japanese sometime. That would be awesome, since I would love to actually translate anime or manga or games or whatever man, javs.

Another thing is I'm kind of in the same boat as RPGHacker. I was never in band in school, and I honestly have no clue when it comes to music. It almost seems unfair. Like, it's kind of embarrassing to admit, but i had no idea how to even -identify- a rhythm until I played rhythm heaven on the DS in 2009. The next day, I heard a song playing and it just clicked. "Holy shit, it's just like rhythm heaven." I would love to learn a way to express what I feel through at least composing a song or something. I haven't tried, but it almost feels like if I don't know a thing about music, I can't get into learning music. I doubt there is a "start from zero" class at my local college. I should put in the effort and figure out how to start.
I thought about this song, but I'm finding it kind of relaxing. Now I'm thinking about the battle music for that same area, it's pretty sick
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Bravely Default II (★★★☆☆)]

I haven't beat the game, I don't want to be spoiled, I only read some of what you said.

I am finding myself in more or less the same situation. Mechanically, visually, and in the music department, this THE sequel to bravely default that I always dreamed of. I was having a freaking blast playing the game, and then suddenly the bosses got super hard for me, starting with the bard boss. I grinded a bit, and then I hit the boss after him, which walled me until I grinded some more.and from then on it was a repeating pattern of grinding like hell until I could steamroll the current boss walling me. It got to a point where if I could tell that a boss was coming, I just started grinding rather than just trying to beat them.

Right now I'm in the snow area, I just got a new job but actually trying to level it up is a miserable time since the enemies are only getting stronger as well and the crappy level 1 job isn't gonna cover it, I've had to fall back to other jobs while only keeping a single character with a job that actually needs grinding.

Like I said, the music, graphics, and battle system are all great, but these op bosses are literally holding me back from progressing the game, it's quite draining.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
MOTHER 3 is probably the game I've played with the greatest balance of story, gameplay, humor, and tragedy, and still fun despite the slow-paced beginning (the kickass soundtrack helps a lot). It has all the story-heaviness of a visual novel with boss battles that would probably rival Cuphead's in terms of difficulty. Sometimes I try to imagine what Pokemon games would be like if the gym leaders and elite 4 played more like MOTHER 3 bosses (with actually having to play with stat buffs and debuffs, their own equivalent of understanding your party members' respective roles, leveling up only getting you so far, etc.) instead of where you can just mindlessly use the most powerful offensive moves to victory all the time if they're super-effective.

dude what I always play mother 3 by just spamming the most op spell the bosses are weak to, tho only bosses I actually consider challenging are the bass guitar in the attic and the barrier trio. Maybe its because I really enjoy the rhythm combat and usually hit the combos pretty high that I find it easier?? I've played and beat the game a handful of times too, so maybe that helps as well, I love that game.

For pokemon, there are so many combinations of pokemon that people can have, it needs to be a little bit easy, you need to give the players wiggle room, some people like to use their favorites and not always what's considered optimal. The problem is that it's just become too easy, practically braindead, and there are basically no options like a hard mode to add a bit of spice to your run
Yeah, I don't like the counters either, I think I first saw them in the bard boss fight, he automatically countered healing magic. What am I gonna do, not heal? that was a big fuck you to the player, and they only seem to get worse from there. I thought it was only meant to counter healing, but the game constantly flips you off with the counters, it's a big factor towards me preferring to just grind up against the bosses.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 - e-Reader Levels

I used to have the actual e-reader and cards, though only the first 10 levels were released in NA, I loved them to death. There was also a card that let me get the SMW cape in the main game, as well as adding SMB2 Turnips in random places in the main game.
My favorite level was the one that had the SMW pink triangles that even worked upside down, that was a rush of nostalgia for me, even though you couldn't actually do that in SMW.

My GBASP was stolen in middle school along with most of my games, so some bastard's got a legit copy with all the NA e-reader content saved to it. I have done that save file trick as well for emulators, but did you know that the WiiU virtual console release of SMA4SMB3 has all the e-reader levels in the game by default? All of them, apparently, it wasn't even possible for the original game to hold all the levels at once, so they must have modified the ROM in some way to do it? I don't know.

Anyways, wouldn't it be funny if someone just extracted that ROM from the WiiU release and it ended up working on the hardware via a flashcart? haha, that would be pretty cool, not that I know, or have tried it out on my IPS LCD screen-modded GBA and got it working without a hitch or anything. haha.
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