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I just beat Super Metroid for the first time. Actually, I just beat a lot of metroid games, and Super was the last one that I hadn't played yet. I beat them in this order:

Zero Mission: I played it when I was younger, I don't remember much, but I did beat the game and see the credits.

Metroid Fusion: I got stuck in this game when I was younger. Last month, I finally picked it back up from the start on my modded GBA and beat it. I liked that the computer would tell you where to go, but sometimes it was too much, and I got stuck. Okay, where do I go? It turned out I HAD to go back to the computer for it to tell me what to do next. In some situations, I was bothered by the fact that to progress I had to bomb a very specific corner in an unassuming room to proceed. I'd expect secrets to be hidden behind such solutions, but not main game progression!

Metroid: Samus Returns: I think I was about 2/3 of the way through on my file on the 3DS before I stopped playing near the launch of the game, I don't remember why, I was enjoying the game, except I remember the Aeon abilities were tough for me to get used to. I picked it back up from where I started and it was thankfully really easy to get back into. I immediately recognized how good the game felt to control. Despite using the circle pad instead of a D-pad, the game felt smooth and I didn't feel like I was missing out. The final boss was difficult, but I think it was a really good final battle, in a game that had a lot of repetitive bosses. I also thought the final part was really cute.

Super Metroid:
I just beat this one an hour ago, I was impressed by how good the mechanics were. Only some things felt slightly worse than Fusion. for most of the game, it felt like a pure funhouse of exploration and finding new stuff every 5 minutes. That was great for the majority of the game, but near the end that feeling petered out as I found myself getting stuck a bit more, and resorting to some guides since the game wasn't telling me much and backtracking felt slower than the other games, I didn't want to deal with it. I got stuck at Ridley, I tried to beat him a bunch of times but he just wouldn't die no matter what I did. I had to go back to guides again and apparently, you need 30 super missiles to kill him. I only had 20, and even pumping as many of my normal missiles as I could, he wouldn't die. I had to go back and find more super missile expansions before I came back and killed him. (Canonically, apparently.) The rest of the game was straightforward and the final boss was way, WAY easier than ridley. I enjoyed the ending and overall it was a great game.

Final Verdict: They're all great games, but I feel like I enjoyed the castlevania games that I've played much more than them. I have only played Metroid Prime 1. I thought it was a masterpiece, but I played Metroid Prime 2 and couldn't stand the dark world mechanic. I haven't touched the series since and have no hype for metroid prime 4 as a result.
I was under too much pressure to try the charge beam. I had a feeling that it did good damage, but I was not good at holding the charge while holding R to keep myself angled towards ridley while also actually avoiding his attacks. It doesn't help that my primary strat was to just stand in the lava (acid???) whenever he got me in a corner and just launch as much missiles at him as I could while he stayed stationary at the cost of my health. I didn't have time to charge, literally.
I want the DP remakes to be good, I have yet to see that they even have a single feature that stands up to Platinum version. So far they just seem to be quite literally the same games as diamond and pearl.

Maybe the underground grottos could help with the low Pokemon variety that DP lacked, something that Platinum fixed by just having new pokemon in the wild. I'm still not even sure if they will be running off the DP or platinum pokedexes, maybe the grottos are just postgame too,they give me mirage spot vibes from ORAS.
I beat NEO: The World Ends With You the other week.

All I can say really was that it was excellent, I loved it so much.

The new music was phenomenal, I was surprised that they really included remixes and entire re-recordings of almost all the big songs from the first game. Off the top of my head the only ones I don't think were touched at all were Deja Vu (Really sad this one wasn't) and Give Me All Your Love. The new music is so good, I drove to work with my switch plugged into my aux because that's how badly I wanted to hear it some more. As a person who's listened to the first game's OST for almost a decade now and still isn't tired of it, the music was super-important to me and it succeeded in spades.

I was able to play most of the game on Hard with a few exceptions. I found the combat to be super-fun and slightly strategic. However, sometimes it felt like it was a bit too easy and sometimes I felt like I was just mashing buttons, though still enjoyable.
Plot-wise, I think they did a pretty decent implementation of time travel, but unfortunately it doesn't always translate to a satisfying gameplay experience. There are times where you clearly know that you should be working towards something, but the plot pushes you away from it, only to make you go back and do it later with time travel.

I played it on the switch, and apart from one of the last bosses, the performance was far above and beyond my expectations. I can't believe how much crazy shit was able to happen on-screen at once with all of your party members, the enemies, and attack effects.
Is that the final boss? I was stuck on him for a night and I haven't been able to play since. I don't think he even takes damage until his second form, I just keep slapping him with normal shots and only with the QTES after getting a melee counter does he even seem to take damage that progresses the fight.

I thought the 2nd form was it, I was totally out of missiles and could only hit him with charged shots. I was completely on fire as far as dodging and not getting hit by him. After maybe 6 minutes straight of evading his attacks, a scene plays, and then I found out he had a 3rd form. I died immediately after.
Okay, I beat Metroid dread, I thought it was pretty great and might be my favorite metroid game.
To be brutally honest though, I think I enjoy the castlevania games I've played much more as a whole over metroid, but Dread would totally be up there.

I think I beat him totally faster than I would have because of that tip I read here about using power bombs to blow up the sun
I recently got an android tablet, I've only tried 2 emulators, dolphin and Citra.

Dolphin: I've only tried 1 game, みんなのリズム天国, and I got through the tutorial just fine, but I felt like there was delay in the on-screen buttons. Only just yesterday, I tried connecting an xbox one controller and mapping buttons to it. It felt much better, but now the emulator seems to be running worse? It's a fully 2D game so I'll have to see how it runs a 3d game, maybe sin and punishment wii is worth trying.

Citra: Runs excellent. The only game I've got is Shin Megami Tensei IV, and boy was I impressed with the performance. It runs almost flawlessly, and taking off the limiter allows the game to essentially go into turbo mode, great for speeding past the unskippable story in the beginning,

I want to try some GBA games but I have a modded backlit IPS screen GBA with a flashcard, I would basically just be trying it out for fun since I already have the perfect way to play all GBA games.
I'm not a big stickler on the method especially when it comes to SNES,I played on zsnes for many years and never found it a problem there, even though I had the game on the actual hardware when I was younger.

I have the snes mini too, but if I really needed to play some SMW, I think it would be faster to just run it on the nintendo switch online app than opening up the snes mini case and hooking everything up.
Have you cleared out that backlog of steam games yet
I've been listening to the OST of NEO: The World Ends with You ever since I beat it. Holy shit, I love all the original songs for the game, they've taken over the most listened to songs list on my phone.

Originally posted by Ice Man
Right now? Babymetal - Oh Majinai

I was super hyped when I heard there would be a 3rd babymetal album, and at first I thought it was great, but I dunno, I couldn't jive with alot of the songs. Honestly, I feel like they should have called it Metal Odyssey because it seems to try to have songs themed around countries in the world? It just reminds me of mario odyssey in that sense. I also don't like that they kept like 6 songs iirc out of the album unless you got the special edition. I mean I downloaded it, but still.

Anyways, my favorite songs off that album are Shanti Shanti and Arcadia. Something about the way she vocalizes in shanti shanti just sounds really great.
I'd rather just run the rom on an R4 than buy a reproduction cart. I've felt like replaying it myself lately, but I'm sure not going to delete my save file with over 500 hours on it!

Feels kind of bad, I was looking forward to the remake since Platinum really made me love gen 4. I still see a lot of people don't have a high opinion of gen 4, but did they even play platinum? Do they not count HGSS? I guess they're not gonna get the platinum experience now regardless.

I'll probably just go buy pearl version next time I see it at walmart, they sell games for 50$ over there, should soften the blow. I'm not in any real rush to buy it since I'm still playing SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI V, A game that has at least 4 years of dev time on the pokemon remakes, so it's probably not fair to compare them.
Yeah, I'm kind of checked out from SMW hacking, all I really do is maybe click the bookmark on my browser once a week, look at the gaming forum, and leave. Sometimes if I feel daring I'll look at general discussion too.

I kind of like the forum layout. A decade ago I remember hearing people say the board was outdated as hell and I still don't see it.
This is the best game I've played in 2022. Just moving and controlling the character is fun, you can even squat down so he chonks up, that's really cute
I don't even remember the cutscenes, I don't think they're necessary. If SE went ahead and made a pixel-style remaster of Chrono Trigger, slapping them in there would just seem out of place.

I haven't played any of the pixel style remasters, I'm really only interested in playing FFVI, and now, I'm pretty excited for Live-A-Live.
Also, I was going to buy kirby no matter what, they really don't need to show me any more of it. Just shut up and let me consume product.
The ability that gives kirby a gun in the newest game lol

I was also obsessed with the ninja ability in planet robobot that could do some kind of cherry blossom attack. I felt pretty cool doing the command for it. I don't remember if that's the power I used to beat the true arena, maybe it was hammer. I like hammer too.
The World Ends With You (Better here than on the Switch)
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon HGSS, Pokemon Black/White, Pokemon Black/White 2
Rhythm Heaven (Try the USA Undub Patch sometime, I don't recommend it for a first playthrough)
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (Get the No Touch Screen Patch, thank me later)
Osu! Takate! Ouendan!
Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2
Elite Beat Agents
Rune Factory 3
Ghost Trick


Your perverted friend might like Rune Factory 1 2 or 3, since you can marry your waifu in that game. I've only played 3 on the DS, and heard it gets harder to go back to the earlier titles because the mechanics only get much better over time.
Originally posted by Falconpunch
I also don't really like the new starters as much; Fuecoco looks too much like an apple to me (and also looks kind of like a fake Pokemon)

Damn, you must have really fucking hated Applin
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by Falconpunch
I have some concerns that it's WAY too soon for a new Pokemon generation, especially after Pokemon Legends: Arceus came out less than a month ago.

Or the developers suffering the effects of crunch time, which if that's the case kinda makes me less excited about the new Pokemon games (if I was any amount excited about them to begin with).

I think they literally just announced that gamefreak employees have the option of a 4-day workweek, which is pretty astounding for Japan. (But whether or not actually taking a 4-day workweek will be looked down upon and whether people will take it is another story.) At least looking in from the outside, they must be doing pretty good.

As for PLA: Even though it is a pretty good game, after playing it for so long I think I can see how simplified it is. I get the feeling it's more of an appetizer while Scarlet and Violet will be the main course? Is there really any reason to fear that the game won't be able to at least match the quality of Pokemon Sword and Shield?
Damn, all they have to do now is release persona4 dancing all night on PC and I can toss my ps4 in the trash
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