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too late! my friend did.
I'd do it but i've heard it's VERY hard
dont worry, it'll show up again.
it IS october after all
one quick question with this layout maker. can you make it to have your header and sig on the side like boing does? 'cuz i think thats awesome.
Damn, oh well, im ok with mine
is she really that hard? i beat her on my first try...Ever!
but heres what i did
2 power plus badges
1 power plus p
lucky start
pretty lucky

i used power lift, Supernova, and i got the 3 shines slot
all one time

and for partners, i used vivian and yoshi (named ReptoSlicer lol)
i got the strange sack, and it wasn't even hard!
but when the background changed it looked pretty intimidating so i left and saved it lol
Originally posted by papermario766
Turn this into a PM General Dissucssion thread. That will be better.

how would i go about doing that?

also is the sub buss the one in creepy steeple?
woot for mounts!
so which boss was hardest for you?
Originally posted by Bad luck man

The most funniest thing I ever saw in a Paper Mario games is Hooktail eating Luigi in the audience.

i wish i'd seen that!

@Caped Mario
leave bowsers castle and go do stuff you probably missed
cortez was the only boss i died on that i remember because i was attacking his head and not the bone pile
whoa. Pictochat! Didn't see that coming. and target test looks WAY better outside!
Dedede seems cool...
Actualy, im not sure 'cuz we dont know what he does
Stage Creation seems AWESoME!
and you get new stages every day!
but what if you get one you like and it goes away?
i am going to be an EMO! lol
Originally posted by Bad Luck Man
I still have the costume somewhere...I have it inside my Pikachu plush doll...

You can fit a Picachu costume in a plush pikachu!?
Originally posted by Moxravager
I switched to firefox about three months ago and absolutely love it. favorite add-on makes it so sites that urls you have to copy and paste are them clickable.
I know I really phrased that horribly but I'm really tired and can't think straight

what's that add-on called?
I went to Eb games and after 30 minutes of waiting, i played mario galaxy and i got to do the prolouge myself!
(the farthest i got was to the first star and i stopped)
there wasnt one-_-
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