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I Just downloaded the "Best Teleporter" Sprite, inserted it into my Rom, and when I clear all the sprites in a room, I never get sent to the level I chose.

Does anyone know how to change it so it can be assgined to a certain level?

Right now mine is assigned to a secondary exit. Does that affect anything?

Secondary Exit: #001
Destination: Level # 002
Screen 14

Any help would be appreciated!
The Sprite and Exit are on the same screen. There is only one screen in this part of the level so I guess that means it's on all screens. Correct me if I'm wrong. lol
I Just downloaded the "Best Teleporter" Sprite, inserted it into my Rom, and when I clear all the sprites in a room, I never get sent to the level I chose.

Does anyone know how to change it so it can be assgined to a certain level?

Right now mine is assigned to a secondary exit. Does that affect anything?

Secondary Exit: #001
Destination: Level # 002
Screen 14

Any help would be appreciated!
The New Teleport Worked, but the only problem is that it plays thet victory music instead of the music in the level.

Anyway I can change that, or am I gonna have to deal with it.

Using Custom music if it helps at all.
That did the trick. Thanks!:D
So, I'm trying to get Mario to start at a different point in the Overworld. From my understanding (and from what I've seen in video tutorials), you're just supposed to use the Sprite Editor Mode to change his starting point.

Here's where the fun begins, I do exactly that and no matter what happens, Mario always starts where Yoshi's House is. (In the Yoshi's Island Sub-Screen). There's a pic below.

Can anyone shed some light on this situation? Any help would be appreciated. :D

Also I'm using the latest version of Lunar Magic, if that helps at all. was that simple!? XD

Alright thanks for the help. It worked.

....I Gotta stop being such an idiot. lol
I'll take a shot a this.

Dense Forest Area

Good Luck to Everyone! :D
I'm pretty sure you can't edit the coin using that file. You would have to make ExGFX for a custom coin in a different .bin file,import it into your Rom, and use Exanimation in order to animate it.

Correct me if I'm wrong...or if there is an easier way.

Dense Forest Area (V 1.1)

Found some cut-off in the original, can't let that happen now can I.
Here is the updated version.
Tied for 28th? Im good with that. Congrats to the winners and such. :)
Originally posted by Atternia Ix
This hack actually looks really nice. Shame the actual hack looks something like this right now, so you might want to look into that.

Yea, Same Thing Happened to me. The hack looks good too, but you can't even start the game because of this garbled mess. Should I be using an emulator besides ZNES, or is this same problem happening to other emulators?
I love the idea of this hack, and I liked the new controls that went with it, but there were some small problems I found. I've only played up to Amethyst Arches, and there are some minor things I just wanted to point out.

1. Cutoff

In these two places, the net bars dont exacly touch the ground. Editing the GFX of the ground will easily solve this problem.

Also when Saph is running up a hill and turns the corner, his sprite changes into this:

The cutoff here makes it look like Saph is floating in mid-air, maybe some GFX editing would help? No really too sure, since I've never made my own character.

Fixing the cutoff will make the hack look nicer.

2. A Glitch *EDIT* This Glitch has been Fixed!

At Granite Grotto I was at this part of the level:

And then.....this happened when I ran back across it:

And when I ran across it normally:

I'm not sure what happened here, but that layout of blocks (The three gray blocks) needs to be changed. Also if this block layout exists anywhere else in the hack, I would change it because this might be level breaking.

He shouldn't be able to reach here.

3. One More Thing
At the start of Amethyst Arches, why can't Saph run up this wall?

Yeah, I know its the wall next to the beginning of the entrance and not many people would actually want to go back up, but there should be an 'X' block to signify you can't go up there. Otherwise it is inconsistent with the rest of the cavern walls in the game.

Otherwise, this is a great hack. The Music choices were good, the ExGFX were nice, and the concept and new controls were something new. Most of the problems here are minor and could easily be fixed.
Keep up the good work! I'm looking foward to the later levels.
Just Finished Playing this hack, and,in short, it's amazing. The idea of the notebook paper with the drawings in the background and the design of the blobs made this hack remind me of when I played Yoshi's Story. Liking what you did with the fireballs and coins as well.

Didn't find any problems in your hack, except stopping to press down on one of those bridges, then trying to jump on an enemy only to find yourself on the bridge you just dropped from got kind off

Anyway, Great hack you got here. Nyan!
Ice Cold Kaizo

Here is my level for this Contest

Level Name: Ice Cold Kaizo

(The Level Titled "About Custom Blocks" is pretty much a tutorial to explain what the custom blocks look like and do. It is NOT the level I am entering for the contest. You probably would have figured that out on your own, but just in case I'm pointing it out. Lol.)


Category: Creativity

Collab: I'm going to stay out of the collab. #w{:s} ....maybe

Good Luck to everyone!

Credits Included in the Zip.
When using Romi's VWF Cutscene Tool, the tutorial I'm reading says Then open the file named "perl.bat". This will create a new "vwf_data1.asm"

Only problem is, this asm never shows up. Command Prompt Opens and just says "Press any Key to Continue", and then vwftool.txt opens up.

I know I have everything in the right position because I did get the "hello_world.txt" (forgive me if I got that one wrong) to work perfectly. I also have ActivePerl installed. I've tried moving everything in the same folder, and next I tried having the msg related files in a separate folder, both yield the same results.

If anyone can shed a some light on whats going on, it would be much appreciated.

Here's a few photos

Making Sure I have the Same Files

Now I run the perl batch

But this happens, and I never get an .asm file anywhere.
Now that I think about it, I think there were a few things I skipped over because I was in a rush to get the whole thing installed, I'll uninstall then reinstall and see what happens.

EDIT: Yup, That was the problem, Thanks A lot! :)
3rd Place? Alright!

Congrats to all the winners! I gotta check out some of these other levels......or at least try to (goes to youtube to watch all the TAS's) #w{=P}
Bouncy Bonanza

Didn't take me long, but I hope you enjoy... And Don't Hate Me because of this.
My Favorite Games?

-Super Mario World #w{=3}
-Super Mario 64
-Super Mario RPG
-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
-Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Super Mario World was my first game,(yeah I skipped a few other great Mario titles),and I used to love it as a kid.

I grew up with most of the other games, and I'd gladly play any of them fact....*runs to N64*

The only exception is Super Mario RPG which I didn't to play until it was released on Virtual Console. I would reccomend this game to anyone who loves RPG's and, to me, has one of the greatest soundtracks for a video game. Period.

*cough* Especially this track.
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