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I am in the planning stages of making my first ROM hack. I have downloaded Lunar Magic and am trying to put write my name in the title screen. The problem is that in the "8x8 Overworld Tile Selector" window, all of the lowercase letters have black borders around them. The only letters without the black borders are the uppercase letters.

I know that it is possible to write in lowercase without the borders, I have watched Let's Plays of ROM hacks where this was accomplished, such as Super Demo World. How is this done?
Thanks. I had to learn how to use YY-CHR, but it wasn't extremely difficult.
I am attempting to build a level in Lunar Magic that makes use of blue Switch Blocks, but I want the ground, walls, and ceiling to look like those you would find in a Switch Palace. However, the FG/BG GFX setting that supports Switch Palace floors, walls, and ceilings doesn't support blue Switch Blocks, and vice versa.

Is there a way to create a level where both the Switch Blocks and the floor, walls, and ceiling come out right?
I looked at some of the ExGFX tutorials on SMWcentral but still couldn't learn how to use it. I'm so much of a n00b that not even tutorials can teach me to use this feature.
I am encountering a major glitch while working with a secondary exit to a level I'm designing. What I've done is in one part of the level, Mario goes through a pipe into another level. After that, Mario goes through another pipe and is supposed to go to the secondary exit of the level he started on. However, while playtesting the level, instead of Mario coming out of the pipe like he should, we end up at some part of the level with no objects or sprites, Mario appears somewhere offscreen and dies for no reason.

I've looked back at what I've done in Lunar Magic and it looks as if I've done everything correctly. Secondary exits 000 and 002 work perfectly fine, it's only in 001 that this glitch occurs. Any ideas as to what's wrong?
That fixed it. thx yoshicookiezeus. #w{=D}
I was testing out my hack today and I created a Layer 2 event on the overworld. The event worked out fine except for some tiles on the other side of the screen that started flickering and then went black when the event ended.

I used color palettes 0 and 1 for the tiles, which are palettes that are not normally used. I futzed around with the Palette Editor to make the tiles look right.

How can I stop the flickering? Does this thing happen all the time, or is it specifically a problem with the ZSNES emulator?
I looked at the Extra Options and I didn't see any "fade" option. Is that in a newer version of Lunar Magic? I'm using Version 1.82

EDIT: I just downloaded version 2.42 and the option is there. I tried it out and the flickering is gone. Thanks for the help.
I'm making a hack in which the overworld submaps can be completed in any order the player wants. The levels within the submaps have to be played in order, but the submaps themselves don't have an order. Because the submaps can be played in any order, they each have only one entrance/exit (in my case, it's a pipe). I don't want the player to have to move from the last level of a submap all the way back to the pipe, so I want the last level to loop back to the pipe.

The problem is that if I create a direct path from the last level to the pipe, the last level can be attained without going through all of the previous levels in the submap. Is there a way to make the last level loop back to the pipe after completion, but not be able to get directly from the pipe to the last level without having completed the level?
I tried the Layer 1 Event method and it almost worked. The path opened up, and Mario can walk along the path, but the player has to move Mario manually. I was hoping that Mario would walk along the path automatically like he normally does when a level is completed.
It makes sense intuitively, but it didn't work for some reason. Mario still wouldn't walk automatically.

I also tried your 2nd suggestion, having the final level lead to the 1st level, but that didn't work either. Does it matter that the final level is a Switch Palace?
That fixed it!

Thanks for the help Alcaro!
This is not a major problem. I'm probably being obsessive-compulsive about this issue, but I'm a perfectionist and I would prefer not to settle for graphics that I don't think look right.

I am building an overworld and there is an event that involves a bridge appearing over a lake. I want a shadow to appear under the bridge at the same time as the bridge appears, but the bridge is too high for the 6x6 event tiles to cover both the bridge and the shadow. Is there some way to create larger event tiles? The largest event tiles in the standard LM are 6x6, I need at least 7x7 or 8x8.

I could try to rework the overworld so that the water level is one level higher, but I'm proud of the overworld that I built and I don't want to rework it if I don't have to. I could build the bridge and the shadow independently of one another, but that activates my OCD as well. The only other way is to create event tiles that are larger than the normal 6x6.
I decided to go and create a waterfall. It doesn't look as nice as I had hoped, but it's at least acceptable. Thanks for the suggestions.
Originally posted by flareblade26
Or you could just make a vertical level with the layer 2 falls sprite, make everything above the platform of layer one on layer 2. Infact, this is how most people do it.

I tried this method but it didn't work right. I have a vertical level set to Level Mode 8, and the Layer 2 Fall sprite. I set the level entrance to Screen 4, but Mario spawns on Screen 1 for some reason.
Converting Paint graphics to YY-CHR would certainly be helpful, but I don't know if it's possible. I do all of the tile editing in YY-CHR, but I use Photoshop as a guide to tell myself exactly which pixels to edit. Zoom into an image close enough and Photoshop shows you the individual pixels.

It's time-consuming but vanilla; no coding necessary.
IMHO Lunar Magic is the better option. First of all, not all of us have a Wii U. Secondly, Mario Maker doesn't have an overworld editor.
Most users of Lunar Magic probably already know this, but the 16x16 tiles on the Overworld are composed of 4 8x8 tiles, which are generally used for Layer 2. This makes it really easy to edit how levels/fortresses/star road/pipes appear on the Overworld.

Recently, I came to realize that I could use this knowledge to make the game reveal more than 1 level per event, something that is normally not allowed in LM. All that's needed is to create a new 8x8 tile that has the appearance of a level, but create a new background that isn't transparent. There are a lot of 8x8 tiles that are either duplicates or unused, so you can edit one of them without messing up the graphics of anything else.

Once you have your new 8x8 tile, you have the option to use it to reveal multiple levels per Event. Reveal one level like normal, reveal other levels using the new tile as a Layer 2 event. Yellow levels use palette 6, red levels use palette 7.
There are a few aspects of Yoshi that I want to alter in my hack. Firstly, I want to change which colors of Yoshi have unique abilities. I want Green Yoshi to have the stomp like Yellow Yoshi, I want Yellow Yoshi to fly like Blue Yoshi, and I want Blue Yoshi to have a completely new ability that isn't in the original game. I want Blue Yoshi to have some kind of ice breath, like Red Yoshi's fire but it turns enemies into ice blocks instead of coins.

I also watch to change how Baby Yoshis are hatched. Only the Red, Yellow, and Blue Yoshis hatched from eggs, but the Green Baby Yoshi is simply placed in the level without an egg to hatch from. I want to make an egg for Green Baby Yoshi to hatch from. I also want blocks that contain Yoshi eggs that Baby Yoshis hatch from.

Finally, I want to alter the number of eggs that follow Mario home during the ending cutscene. Normally, 7 eggs follow Mario. I want to change that number to 4, because Mario only visits 4 castles in my hack. I also want each of the four eggs to carry each of the 4 colors of Baby Yoshi.

Any help would be appreciated.
Whenever I do something creative, I think about a certain theme. I then give the project a name based on that theme. For example, I'm currently making a ROM hack with the theme of harnessing the power of the 4 elements. Based on that theme, I named it "Elemental Mario World".

After that mental task is complete, I move on to putting it into action. I start by editing the Overworld. I usually build paths (Layer 1) and the lay of the land (Layer 2) at the same time. I make extensive use of YY-CHR during this stage.

After that, I assign level numbers, edit level names, and set which events they activate.

I then create the events. I use YY-CHR during this stage as well.

If there are any pipes/Star Roads, I link them appropriately.

After all of that, I move on to editing the levels themselves. I do this because I want to make sure that there is proper level progression. I implement all of my crazy ideas for difficult levels and apply those ideas to levels near the end of the game. After I have no more crazy ideas to implement, all of the levels near the beginning of the game will be easy. The games starts off easy and gets progressively more difficult as the player progresses.
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