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Dk64. Aiming for 101% since i never got it. One of the best games in the n64 but also a very underated one.

I also been playing Guitar Hero: Metallica and Warriors of Rock, i like music games ya know?


Originally posted by Forte.exe
Then again... I'm probably the only one who likes to spend some time with my own daughter when it comes to hunting down mangas online, playing games on the Wii/PS3/XBox360 (COD Black Ops just for the zombie mode, as well as other favorable games you can't find on the Wii or rarely the PS3), singing some Vocaloid songs...


Its quite good you like spending your time with your daughter, doing tings you both like and such. You must be an awesome father.

I wish my dad was a little bit like this. Dont get me wrong, i love him and all that, is just that we really dont get along too much, most of the time he just yells at me when i try to talk to him and gives orders all the time. He also likes to pick on me when my godfather and godmother come visit us to the house but i usually ignore him.


DAMAGE INC - Metallica

I love this song, it kicks Master Of Puppets ass (not saying it sucks because it doesnt....its awesome!). I have listened problably 10 times as im writing this.


Yeah thats right! what is that dream you had, the awake and said "...what the fuck heck was that! Let me tell you mine:

It was a month ago. I was browsing the webz when i found a picture of my friends whit some btw.

Somehow it lead me to a video. Aparently the girl was getting married to some guy wich never appered, all my friends AND family were there....except me. Why? dunno, maybe i felt asleep for a looong time.

Anyway, they werent getting married on a church, it was some kind of stage with lights, water and fireworks. Pretty exotic for a wedding.

Then the girl walks out and everyone starts crying and yelling. Then everything goes nuts.

Fireworks starts to come out, but one of them went wrong and hitted the girl, and she starts burning. Yeah, burning. While she was melting in front of me (i appered in the video) the main theme from "Friends" starts looping and repeating itself, and everyone was laughing.

I woke up when the girl´s melted face did a zoom in and started screaming....i woke up after that.

Yeah one of the many strangest dream i had. what do you think?


You could change the object´s palletes in the map16 editor. To do this, go to the map16 page (the full question block in the toolbar)then select the object you want to be another color. Once selected, press down until you get a blank map16 page, now click "16x16 atributtes" ( i dont have lunar magic right now, so im not exactly sure) and where it says "number of pallete" or something like that, just change it to whetever pallete you want, and change its color.

I hope it helps, i dont have acces to LM rite now :/


I hate the twhomp boss too!

Annoying as hell, just because is overused, doesnt mean you have to use it too!

EDIT: lol typo! ill leave it there for the lolz!


Why insomiac did the mistake of selling the series? imagine what could be the outcome of spyro with insomniac......AWESOMNESS!!
Spyro 3 is the best of the bunch IMO.


Kinect is supossedly the big step in gaming, one of the most anticipated...uhmm....add on?, for the Xbox.

In my opinion, its a waste of money. Yeah the concept is cool and all but the most important thing off ALL consoles is its games, and well....they dont look pretty good.

The only tiles worthy are kinect adventures and sports..but thats it! the other titles are not even worthy of buying the kinect.

I think im going to wait for good games to come out for it but for know i´ll stick with my regular 360.

What is your opinion?


Originally posted by Amos Defamos
Originally posted by Diegh0st
The only tiles worthy are kinect adventures and sports..but thats it!

Eh... Not even them I would say. They're both pretty much just "Wii Sports" without the controller and better motion tracking. There was some dance game that we tried out that used its motion tracking that was pretty fun though. I do not see the thing being well suited for hardcore games however. Though maybe if they did some thing that combined its motion sensing with the Xbox controller.

What interests me more than anything is the tech for it. We've already got Linux drivers for it so we can do some pretty cool things with it on computers now. I have yet to test anything out with it though because I'm lazy.

The tech for it is amazing. Im not going to lie. Maybe in the future we will see some pretty amazing stuff done with it, but for now i´ll stick with the regular controler, just because is more fun.


Les recomiendo que jueguen el Kaos Islands, es uno de los mas chidos de aqui, tambien el SMW2+3, entre otros que no recuerdo.





I showed this one on IRC yesterday




Man it is scary, the is movie is in spanish tough. I think the equivalent to the first rec movie is "Quarentine".


The show was supposed to end after the movie, but they didnt wanted to end it, so the original creator left the show and thats when the episodes started to suck so hard....except Krusty Towers, that one is cool.


Originally posted by MSTR448
Originally posted by Red Chameleon
Mine was actually a couple of nights ago.

I was walking in the hallway alone at school, it was empty, and suddenly a drunk Asian man attempted to kill me.

I don't even know.

I had a dream similar to that once, except of a drunk asian, it was a crazy mexican dude riding a yoshi trying to beat me to death with a muncher. Why, I have no clue...

Yeah.....sorry about that!


Dark and you too nothing else



Yeah thats right, it sucks.


Its Gargos!!-From KI2
Frantic Factory - DK64
MSHVSF - Hidden Character


Burnout 3 is the best, one awesome game!

Did you played Paradise? the game is kinda confusing...


If im still interested in hacks, i´ll probably be playing Brutal Mario 3D!!! :o! with 3d enviroments and HQ graphics, and Neo Cortex as the final boss!!
If not then i´ll leave.

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