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(this is a repost with modifications)

Yes, that is a jumping block.

No, those are not dragon heads in the BG.

It's a coin heaven bonus area, what else can I say?

Just another level. There were enemies here, I just killed them all. :P

Another jumping block.

(Same comment as 2 screens back)

Mario climbing a tree.

Another underground area.

Overworld map. Yes, there are a lot more paths, they're just hidden.

here's a video: http://i3.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid3.photobucket.com/albums/y74/smwedit/POUNDLOG.flv
I think this video speaks for itself.
Originally posted by Mario_SuS
You used the sprite Thwimp to make the Jumping blocks?

no, I programmed the sprite myself. It's not perfect, but it's good enough.
My other hack was SMW 1.5, I cancelled it for multiple reasons. It had horrible level design, I started it without any plan whatsoever, The overworld sucked horribly because I used the old SMW paths moved around, and my computer randomly deleted a lot of files, including that one, so I lost it.
The BG in screen 1 is from DoReMi
Originally posted by Luigi-San
how did you rig up the pounding log (in the vid)?

It's multiple custom blocks. On spin jump, the top block changes itself into 25 and the block below it is also changed into certain other blocks based on what it (the block below) is at the time. The block that's for a one-tile high post just changes into the next block in the map16 on a spin jump.
I made them myself. They are custom blocks, but I also inserted a modified version of dhblock.bin from blocktool (the one used for changing blocks into the next map16) into the ROM so I wouldn't have to disassemble the code and have to use reloc addresses in my code. I may release them shortly after I release the first demo, but I'm not ready to release them yet.
Originally posted by The 13th Prodigy
I love the ExGFX, especially the second screenshot. What is that from, I could definetely use it.

FG: Indiana Jones Trilogy
BG: Bahamut Lagoon

Originally posted by Reini
Perhaps you are interested in downloading the GFX I ripped from this link:http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=showexgfx&id=194 .

I usually like to rip GFX myself, so if I use that FG, it probably won't be that.
Is my overworld still bland?

If it is, could you please tell me exactly what to improve on?

p.s. ignore the area with "NOT DONE" as that is obviously not done yet. Also, ignore the small error in the top-right corner, as I already know about it :P
Originally posted by S.N.N.
I'd be interested in seeing some of your submaps if you have any finished.

I haven't finished any submaps yet
$7E0003 is 2 bytes

also, just so people know $7E0004 is not a mistake, you can add "high byte for block #" to it, in addition to what it already has.
Originally posted by KilloZapit
Where IS BMF's HDMA engine?
I use a modified version of his when I test out HDMA effects.
When (or if) you do implement pseudo-multi-layer scrolling, I think your default RAM address for the HDMA table should be something like $7EC100, where there is enough space to fit all scan-lines into individual entries. If you use the same type of HDMA table as BMF's HDMA engine, this would be 673 bytes (or $2A1 bytes hex) that need to be free. The kind of background that would need this would be something like DKC Coral Capers (which uses almost that amount of differently scrolling scan-lines, with the exception of the blue part in the middle)
Originally posted by FirePhoenix0
that BG. Where'd you get it from?

He got it from here: http://tempboard2.te.funpic.org/exgfx/
That's my ExGFX archive.
Originally posted by 1024
There is a way to check if a ram byte is equal to something, right? (I'll figure it out I guess...)

here's one way to do it:
                LDA $RAMADDRESS
                CMP #$VALUE
                BNE NOEXECCODE

The BG in that screenshot uses [the space of] 4 (yes, 4) exgfx files. Yes, it's real.

30 imaginary points go to who can guess what game that BG comes from.

50 imaginary points go to who can figure out how I put in the extra GFX files to fit the BG.
Originally posted by Buu-Huu
If you mean the FG

The FG uses FG3. The BG itself is too big to fit into SMW in any level with or without a FG, without doing what I did.
Here's my visual VRAM map of that level:

I shrunk BG1's tilemap to 256x256 and moved it to take up the last 4 rows of sprite GFX. In it's original space, I put 2 extra GFX files. I don't even need a map16 page for the BG. This is all done by a custom block that executes on the first frame.
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