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I would be okay with this,
but I hate seafoam green.
(Re)install Flash:
Try another browser like firefox or chrome or something if that doesn't work.
Originally posted by UmlautBanana
About Python... how do you actually code it? I want to learn it, but when I downloaded it, all I seemed to get was a console application called python.exe, and there's another one called pythonw.exe.

python.exe and pythonw.exe are both python interpreters, pythonw.exe is the graphical one.

you'd write code in notepad or whatever then execute it with python(w).exe or somesuch.

just running C:\path\to\python.exe in a command line should give you a neat interactive interpreter where you can type python code, it's very handy for learning and testing things. for standard docs/tutorials. Google of course always helpful.
You have to realize that file extensions mean squat as to the file contents.
a text file with an exe extension is not an executable file, programs may treat it as such, but it is still just a text file.

enu/eng/jpy are abbreviations for country/language names, as to why they're file extensions, it could be some kind of locale file or possibly even just some program-specific method of setting locale.

I'd swear there's some standard list for these but I have no idea.
Programming a new editor I see nothing wrong with using plain old C or C++. Keeps the code lean, porting won't be too difficult as long as the code is kept nice and organized.

Things pertaining to manipulation of the game seem better in one central editing program, graphics, asm and whatnot though have no place.

Keeping it open source is good, lets everyone to make fixes and changes easier and allows it to evolve much quicker.

Really though a project like this is probably going to be very time consuming, the results will be pretty damn cool but a lot of blood, sweat, and bengay are going to be left on the floor. lm in wine works fine enough for now, but native, free as in freedom smw hacking is still an exciting thought.
It's likely your isp has blocked ports 80 and 443.

You can try asking your isp if they would unblock it (herp derp purchase business account for 500 dollars).
Another thing is to change the DNS to point to some other port like 8080 or some other random 4 or 5 digit number and set apache to use it, you'll have to http://ip:port/ however. Some ISPs don't like this and might cut your service or something though if you start using alot of bandwidth.

cool computer with no power supply, motherboard or case for $1408 with expensive ram

A scratch built computer from newegg parts can be loads cheaper and much more flexible and upgradable than a prebuilt. Putting it together is like putting really sensitive legos together.
The hard part is buying parts that function together and finding a good deal on the parts, you gotta shop around and know at least some basics on things.

Down the line a prebuilt is pretty much good for scrap or some kind of one drive no-redundancy fileserver, most have little room to upgrade anything.

It all comes down to whatever is a better deal or what's more convenient for you though. I know at the time my pc was only 900 or so dollars compared to the 1200 dollar machines from dell. prebuilts could be cheaper now I have no clue
This could just be your page file fluctuating, but I haven't known someone with a 5GB page file, usually it's only about 2GB or so.
It could also be some odd calculation of file size, fragments of old files, hidden files and folders, NTFS being NTFS, partition tables, or some wacky combination of these.
mid-range desktop + netbook combo is pretty sensible these days, you get the desktop power when you need it (or all the time via ssh) and the portability of the netbook.
On top of that the price would be lower or about the same as a laptop with similar specs (within $100 or so).
Only might be a problem if you want to play crysis on maximum settings or something, in that case go with a gaming desktop machine.

Just please don't get a "gaming laptop" please
hatfortroll rpg 2

frontier justice would be useful, but it only has 3 shots (unless they mean smaller total ammo)
sure you have the pistol but you'll be steamrolled using it

I'm personally excited for the engineer rush and steam forums uproar over unfair play and imbalance, then the resulting gabe bashing
This looks like it's coming along pretty sensibly. It definitely has some promise to go somewhere.
If you weren't planning already I'd suggest maintaing the source with git or svn or something like that, would make collaboration much easier and give a central spot to put changes (not to mention making maintaing those changes easier).

Definitely is some mountain of work but open sourced apps do get going pretty quickly usually. Keep it up really.
unless the original program was programmed to handle multiple files on command line you're stuck to a batch file

something that takes x number of arguments and then just runs snesbrr with some options on all of them

I'd post one here but I know squat of windows batch scripting

edit: spent like 5 minutes getting windows batch syntax this might work or not
FOR %%F IN (%*) DO (
	 snesbrr.exe [options] %%F

just replace [options] with snesbrr options and save that as a bat file in notepad in the same dir as snesbrr.exe and your files, then open a cmd prompt in that dir and "filename *.brr"

should be some way to make that less of a chore to run
this'll strip the .brr from the filename so the wav doesn't have that leftover and make double clicking the thing work instead of having to cmd.exe and all that
FOR %%F IN (*.brr) DO (
	 snesbrr.exe -d %%F %%~nF.wav

god windows batch is so odd
It's likely you suffer from not being able to hold more than a few keys down at once, it's due to the design of the keyboard integrated into the netbook.
You can either get a USB gamepad or an external keyboard that can register more key presses.

pig disgusting membrane layouts
python isn't C people, you don't compile it (and can't)
and immutable strings never seemed to be an issue for me, I certainly prefer them to remalloc and a for loop.

Also op it's alright for a first program, I'd definitely work on code neatness and putting your imports at the top of the file like a normal person.
I've been playing white for a little bit (sparingly since the nihongo makes my head spin) and it's looking to be a splendid game.
Has a deep storyline, beautiful landscapes, new pokemon that are actually somewhat new and not rehashes of old pokemon, and of course

I'm only on route 2 and it's a great game, imagine when I get to the first gym.
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