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Originally posted by CommieYoshi
Your ISP is likely throttling your connection (torrents are very hard on the lines) and/or TrueCrypt is given less processor power to do it's thing because something else is doing something.

This is likely the issue, but they may only be throttling torrents, so everything else would be fine speedwise.
You can try using different ports but other than that you're out of luck.

If that's not the issue then either turning off seeding or lowering the upstream speed may speed it up slightly.
Minecraft username: Cheeseum
Age: 21
Timezone (UTC offset): -7 (no DST)
How long you've played on CaffieCraft: I remember filling a house with furnaces as a prank because they took like 15 seconds to break, it was a really long time ago
How often you play Minecraft: ~6 hours a week not including idling, more if I get into it
Role you're applying for: Administrator

Reason you're a good candidate for this role:
Though I haven't been around on the server lately, I've seen CaffieCraft go through a lot of its iterations, hate to see it die, and would love to help keep it running.
I am a fairly mediative person when it comes resolving disputes and dealing with other issues. I don't take sides but I also won't stand for something or someone ruining the experience for everyone else. I know how to work with a team, delegate, and when to back off and let everyone do their jobs.
On the technical end, I'm confident I'll be able to manage the server software, ensure everything runs smoothly, and help to set up any plugins we would need. I don't have particular experience running a larger scale server like this in terms of anti-grief and all that but I'm certainly willing to learn.

Relevant experience:
Several years 'administrating' personal Linux systems, both local and remote using the command line
Some experience running Modded Minecraft servers - ran a small ~4 player plain forge modded server and used a script I can't remember the name of to do automated backup
Experience with making Minecraft mods (and hence relevant understanding of the codebase if a plugin misbehaves or something strange shows up in a log)

Server: MC 1.10.X
Open with greylist, ask a mod in-game for build permissions!

IRC Channel: #minecraft @

Everyone is encouraged to help construct a welcoming spawn village in the Mega Taiga.

MAP RESET - Fresh new map, centered in a lovely Mega Taiga biome! The old map will be made available in a multiverse on the same server, either in spectator mode or open to pillaging.

Basic no nonsense rules, more detailed ones in-game (use /rules):
1. Don't be a jerk
2. Don't steal people's stuff (no one will miss some random cobble but don't take their diamonds and stuff, we'll know)
3. Don't deliberately demolish someone's building(s)

Serious rule violations will result in a ban the rolling back of their actions!

As of right now, Kieran has entrusted me with the task of heading the CaffieCraft server.

The current staff team, as decided by the polls and review of the applications is as follows:

kieranmenor #fim{<3}



Console Edition Staff

October 1, 2016:
The map has been reset!

A bit of thinking and planning and feedback have pointed to regular resets as probably not the most effective idea. This is the only major reset planned for the foreseeable future.

July 18, 2016:
Summer building contest, theme is volcano island! See above for details!

July 4, 2016:
Server's open!
The server is open to the public on a greylist.
Users won't have permissions to build or do anything by default, but you can ask a mod or admin in-game, on irc, or with a PM to be given building permissions. You're still free to look around otherwise!
Looks like we don't operate on Valve Time. The server is now open!

Don't be alarmed if there are a few hiccups or things are a little confusing this first week as stuff gets ironed out. Just please bear with us.

We're running on a greylist system, so anyone can join and look around.
To be given permissions to build and actually play you can ask an admin to promote you to "Member" status.
Have fun!
Map has been reset! This was done for mostly 3 reasons:
1. Server was dead, playerbase was demotivated.
2. The plans going forward work out better if we start fresh.
3. 1.11 is the """exploration""" update and a new map would be nice for that anyway.

The idea is to have a changing server build theme, and a dynmap marker/area laid out of what to build on. For right now it's the spawn village. Everyone can participate or not, but this just gives some direction and some collaborative motivation befitting a MULTIPLAYER server.

There is also now a world border on the server, 8000 blocks square (-4000 to +4000 in both directions). The size is definitely flexible depending on what people want. The border is to keep server activity somewhat clustered and to leave some fresh area for 1.11. I'm locking the end out too so some rouge agent doesn't go kill the dragon and steal all the elytra in a week.

I dont plan on any map resets after this. I feel there are better ways to get people playing, throwing away a world isn't one of them. (yeah I know this reeks of irony)

go play minecraft
Because we don't want to leave out our console-peasant friends, Devann has been appointed as head of the caffiecraft console editions.

Look forward to him organizing future events and such on the console edition(s) of Minecraft!
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Cheeseum's Profile - Posts by Cheeseum

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