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Originally posted by Artemiscat55

300 bucks!? Bleh. I'll just try out camstudio.

As for the TV, I can just set up the camera and point It's a high quality camera, and lately it works relatively well. I was worried about doing that with the laptop because I tend to adjust my position in my chair. And it's a small screen.

But yeah. Thanks ye for this!


Yeah, Camtasia is way too expensive for most people. You might have to test it out a couple of times to get the voice syncronizated with the gameplay for camstudio.

Yeah I don't have a camera so that's the way I do it that way. The quality on WME9 is actually quite flexible ranging from small to HD large.
Thanks AxemJinx. Time for an update.

Okay, I have finished up B4 for the most part. SNN I'm going to PM for the password to the blocks/sprites. I didn't need it the first time around because I used the basic sprites and my own stuff but now that I'm using the desert cat enemies and fire-spitting piranha plants, I will need it.

As far as the level goes, I toned down the difficulty quite a bit as it was way too hard last time around. I did add a quicksand trap, un-guided grinders, and platforms (I think I mentioned it in at the very beginning) instead of the quick fire arrows. Arrow traps are toned down a bit from the last version. The puzzle for the 1st SMWC coin is a little bit easier and shorter than before.

If you want to see this B4 without the Desert Cats and with Messed Up Graphics Piranha Plants, here's the link. The Goal Roulette is also missing too I think. I'll update it once I have those things fixed. Hopefully this is a better version than the other one.

EDIT: I totally forgot but I did fix the arrows, they should be pointed the right way now. Okay, time for me to take a break from this for a little bit.

IPS (With Levels 23, B4, and B6):
I totally forgot about reserving sprites since I was trying to fix one of them. Can I reserve 9B, 9C, and CF for Level 23?:

9B = Arrow Sprite
9C = Falling Wall/Message 2 Sprite
CF = Arrow Shooting Generator
I looked over 116 again and it's much better than before.

The palette 33 was fixed, the clouds look better, the cloud BG is much better, and the Koopa/Kicked Shell is moved down a row or 2. Nice job.
Thank you SNN for sending the password. :)

As far as the comments that RN addressed, I have fixed a lot of those things. Here's the comprehensive changes I've made to them.
- Spikes are now much easier to see and are grey/dark grey in color.
- Removed the ceiling on the 1st platform to make jumping easier.
- Removed the sand and replaced them with spikes (on grinders)
- Removed one of the 2 grinders,
- The breakable floors are brown and the safe floors are green.
- The grinder next to the P-Switches are moved down to the bottom.
- The area with the double shooters and 2nd platform has widened.
- The brown blocks are moved to the optional 1-Up at the top.
- The puzzle has no breakable floor anymore.
- The puzzle's Yellow Koopa is replaced with a Blue Koopa.
- The puzzle also has a reset pipe.
- I've re-inserted the sprites so they should be correct now.

If any of these changes don't seem right I have a copy of the old version so I can start over there if I need to. I have worked on B5 and tried to make it as exciting as possible while not making it too hard (that seems to be my major problem). I will post the IPS down below at the bottom of this post. There's still some things I have to deal with like Layer 1 vs. Layer 2 prioritizing. Dialogue is okay right now but I'm probably going to rewrite some things. Anyways I probably will have time tomorrow to fix stuff but I don't know after that, my schedule is kind of messed up this week. I've got to sleep now.

Originally posted by DiddyKaizo100
I decided to give a name, How about "Collapsed Cave", Or else, anything?

Doesn't that sound similar to Crumbling Catacombs? Don't worry about the name until most (if not all) of the level is done.
It looks okay right now but it's hard to tell with just screenshots. How about an IPS? I'll take a look at it.
Yeah, there's a lot of valid points brought up RN.

- I forgot to mention that I need to fix up the key block. I'll just move that spirit/flame guy to another tile and keep that tile blank 25.

- Yeah the pipe originally had ON/OFF blocks blocking the passage and it made more sense. I still want the ON/OFF blocks to be there, I just have to reorganize the EXGFX file and remove 8 tiles to get the desired result that I would like.

- I think I will put a mushroom somewhere in the level about midway to make it easy to grab and be helpful.

- I can move those tiles I think as much as 2 blocks.

- Maybe 2 small blocks might be a challenge since the ceiling is getting quite low (instead of the shooter).

- I can fix the arrows to not affect Mario's movement by removing 2 lines of code. I see the point where it becomes almost an advantage (but a bad one) to maybe take a hit and help you speed through the rest of Area 3. I think it mainly comes from the fact that Mario goes right-to-left. In the other way it would be a hindrance.

Probably in another post I can post up a fixed IPS. Most of these things won't take me too long to fix (I don't think?? then again something always goes awry for me ... ugh lol).
Sounds like a really good hack, lots of good levels so far.

I was wondering if I can join in and design a level and/or test a level(s). I have read over all of the requirements/specifications and I was thinking of doing Wind Breeze Forest (LVL 120).
Okay, I've fixed up all of those things earlier today, just waiting for the 24 hour repost thing to end.

Here's the IPS to version 2.3: IPS

Things fixed in this version:
- When Lock Box is unlocked, Tile 25 appears in B4.
- ON/OFF blocks are placed in the transition room between B4-B5.
- Mushroom is added halfway through B5.
- Ground is moved down 2 spots (with some decorations lowered a bit.
- Arrows don't throw Mario around.
- As far as the challenge at the end, just a short hop over a block and a shooter.

Let me know if I need to fix other things as well.
Thanks :) I'll get started right away.
Originally posted by Ixtab
i haven't heard of SOPA once anywhere else but the internet. i believe it's because the media supports the bill and does not want us to know about it. i know FOX supports it.

You are correct. All of the major Movies/TV/Music/Software/Pharma organizations (not really the artists/actors/programmers/etc are really involved with this). Most (if not all) of the Internet/Technological companies are against it - Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

SOPA is more for foreign sites, PIPA is more for domestic sites but both are interchangeable since they're pretty much saying the same thing and are written poorly. SOPA/PIPA is a joke that it's even coming to being talked about. We have people starving in this country, looking for a job, are massively in debt, and are burdened by regulations (I think there's supposed to be 40,000+ new regulations this year alone) but yet it's alright for them to focus on this bill that does nothing to solve any of these problems.

On top of that they've only had 3 committee meetings, one of which was highly biased (I believe on Nov 16 last year) where they had 5 people in favor of it and 1 person (Google) against it. They bashed the heck out of Google on that meeting. Only 1 or 2 people on that committee actually said "it was not a balanced argument" while another wanted to hear from "the people we are going to regulate" and "there's no real engineer or person who can tell us what this will do to the Internet".

On Dec 15-16 they had like some 20+ amendments to the bill but only 2 passed, most of which passed didn't include anything about the concerns of the bills.
Originally posted by Giant_Shyguy
So basically SOPA is VEVO plumped up to the whole internet?

Pretty much. VEVO is blah.

Originally posted by Weeabuu
of course if its about the money, anything else is redundant. its not like these companies make enough money as is but oh well.

that being said i never expected this thing to get this far. looks like its more than just hot air. :I

we'll see how this plays out.

Yeah those supporting companies dumped millions into getting this through. Everything is just bought and paid politics. I'd say unelect all of them that support this bill. If it only were that simple.

I believe the House is back next week, PIPA won't be talked about until Jan 24th when the Senate comes back. PIPA was around for months but has been placed on hold by Wyden to prevent it from being talked about or voted on. That hold though is going away. But as far as SOPA is concerned, I think they wanted a committee vote in the first few days the House goes back which I think is going to be sometime during Jan 17-19th since the 16th is a holiday.

I will note, just because SOPA goes through the committee, doesn't mean it passes. It still has to be voted on in the house, the senate, and the president has to sign it before it becomes law. But the way they are cramming this down so quickly and so irrationally, it won't be very long.
Originally posted by Kieran Menor
Originally posted by cstutor89
burdened by regulations

It's funny how paranoid Americans are about regulations. Fact is that it's regulations that prevent big companies from screwing over regular people. Obviously they market that as a bad thing.

Also, it's not just about money; it's also about censorship. If this passes, the big companies can potentially shut down any indie competition at a whim.

Actually I was referring to regulations like tax credits and loopholes for the wealthy and laws that just go way too far like PIPA/SOPA. These SOPA/PIPA bills are actually regulations in favor of big companies - I don't know how this would make the Internet a better place. It's always bills that favor the top or the bottom hardly anyone in the middle.

I think ever since the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that money is speech, more and more of these bills are in favor of just influence and are even more insane than the last.
Originally posted by moltensnow
I think it's hilarious that the fate of the internet is being decided by a bunch of old people who don't even know what the internet is.

Hahaha. I just had to lol at this sentence. Pretty much agree with what you said. I think the problem for me is they already have laws like this already - the DMCA [Digital Millenium Copyright Act] and Copyright Law. That's sufficient enough, why do they need another law to extend those powers. It's not like they're getting rid of those laws and replacing it with this one. As an example of too many laws just look at taxes they have something like over 50,000 pages of laws. 50,000+, why!?

I think it's more about them being too lazy to police their own stuff.
Yeah that too is pretty lazy as well. I don't even want to go into education system. Everything is a complete an utter disaster. Me too, I'm done for a while ... I'm going to clean the house. lolz.
Here's a video for Version 2.3 of the IPS in my last post. If anyone wants to watch it: Video

Originally posted by Woody
As for the level's name:

Switch Search?

I got nothing because I'm bad at names since It's hard for me to think up a good name for this level.

Thanks for the suggestion. Um, I'm going to think of other names and see which one is best for this level.
Ah okay. I've moved the mushroom down underneath the P-Switch. I guess I will put a post in the Level Testing thread to get this tested by others.

Thanks RN for testing this level. :)
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