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My level is ready for general testing: Level 23: Green Switch Palace

If you would like to watch a video of this level (it has 1 change that I made with the mushroom in the falling spike section moved to underneath the P-Switch block): Video

Let me know if I have to fix things in this level.
I tested your level and I think the first third of the level is better than the second third.

It's interesting that you chose sprites to represent the disappearing and appearing blocks. I would have thought it would be more effecient to make ExAnim using ON-OFF switching and then you'd only need to make 2 blocks. These blocks can kill Mario if he's on the side of them next to a wall.

Anyways as far as the level goes I think it was a little bit more on the easy side but with a couple of really tight areas that were very hard to make it through without getting hurt. I know it's supposed to be World 9 and tough but some were just borderline too tough.

As far as 138 goes:

On Screen 7, I found these firebars were pretty tough to avoid (especially if I was Big Mario). Sometimes they just didn't go the right way.

On Screen 9, sometimes if Mario doesn't come at the right time the block is not there and you have to contend with the firebar in an almost unavoidable way having 4 of them in one area.

On Screen E, this SMWC coin was really tough to do in the matter of seconds without taking a hit or getting smashed by the block because it pushed me to the left or right. I like the setup but I think it could be more spacious to give some breathing room.

As far as 1B0 goes:

In general this follows RN's level of FEAR THE SPHERE (backwards) except going in an vertical section. What kind of graphics would you like to use for these bouncing sprites?

On Screen 19, intuitively I don't know if using the tops of Spiked blocks as platforms is really a good idea. I'd just change that to something else, it looks like it's hanging.

On Screen 15, this Koopa jump seems pretty hard if you're Small Mario as Screen 17 had the same idea except the jump was shorter.

On Screen 14, I didn't like using a shell to release a bouncing enemy. Mainly because half of the time I'd just kill it after hitting the block. Maybe try to make this a P-Switch Brown Block or have a reset pipe. It would be nice to have a Power-up on this screen.
Ah, I found those areas that were slowdown-ish in B5. I'll remove/rearrange some enemies to make it have less slowdown.
I've tested the newest IPS and actually it was pretty good and challenging - the kind of level that should be at this stage of the game.

There was only one really strange thing I noticed and it was in 143, I think (I was going to post this yesterday but the site crashed at the same moment). It just seemed weird that the laser was going through the floor:

Other than that it was pretty good. :)
Lolz, it's funny how you've incorporated all of those calculus terms into one post. I don't think Calculus was that bad, there were a couple of moments when I first learned it that I didn't like it at all like the Shell/Disk Method but Integration/Vectors/Sequences & Series were things that I really liked.

What problem was that, that took 2 periods and 4 blackboards?
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by cstutor89
What problem was that, that took 2 periods and 4 blackboards?

Partial fraction with an irreducible quadratic to a power. Required both trigonometric and u-substitution, and I'm sure you know how nasty those can get.

...not to mention the fact that we were integrating with respect to x, and as such had to go back through "u" and "theta" to get the answer + C.

Ah, yeah I've had a couple of those Partial Fractions that can be nasty, it solely depends on the denominator. Nasty denom = Nasty solution, Simple denom = simple solution. +C on everything that is an indefinite integral! Hopefully it won't be on the test.
Looks correct so far.

I did the question out and I got the same thing for A, B, C, and D. Just a matter of trig substituting x = tan (Theta) and that last integral will be good to go.

I like tan^-1 a little bit better as it's faster to write but both are fine for me.
Ah. No problem.

I was thinking since this is more of a hallucination kind of level. Maybe something like happy faces, flowers, or really strange things that normally wouldn't hurt people but are disguised as enemies.
Originally posted by 2dareduck
The only thing i found problematic was the arrow shooter. It blends too much with the other
bricks that sometimes i get hit with out knowing what was the cause. Changing it to a
different shade of green might help. Other than that great level.

Ah, yeah someone else commented about the color too. I might go with Palette 5 and rearrange some of the colors in the block to make it standout a bit more. Thanks for testing :)
Originally posted by Ixtab
well shit. i start my calculus course friday. what's with the + C ?

edit: oh derp

The +C must appear at the end of every answer for indefinite integrals.
I have a quick update. It's been kind of hard for me to work on this because I've been sick this week, but hopefully tonight I can post some kind of progress on LVL 120 today.

I've figured out what I wanted to do with this Ice Wind Forest level, primarily three parts:

Part 1: Normal ground platformer, slight wind that blows only to the left (probably 10 [numerical] screens).
Part 2: Inside a cabin (1-2 screens + Message block).
Part 3: Normal ice platformer, slight wind that blows left and right. (probably 10 [numerical] screens).

Probably will use ExAnim and one custom sprite (21) if possible.
I like piercing palace, a bit.

I'm still thinking about names, I've been a little bit sick this week. Something with having to do with green, a ruins/tomb, and the arrows.
These names are some nice choices. I do like Jade Crusade quite a bit.

As far as updates go, I do have one up:

IPS version 2.5

This one has a few small changes.
- The colors of these arrow shooters are much brighter in the dark area B4 than before.
- Does there seem to be slowdown in B5? Wormer21 brought that up in the general testing thread. I've reduced some of the enemies in that area.
- Some tiles were moved around.
- Mushroom was moved in B5 to underneath the P-Switch.

If I need to backup to Version 2.4 I can do that.

There is one general question I have in B4. Does it make more sense to have the key unlock multiple doors to make it easier to reach the coin (in this 2.5 version) or is it better just to leave it as it was (in previous versions) and only remove one lock? It seems it's a little bit hard with the vine where it is to maneuver into that little spot. Or maybe I should just rearrange some tiles to get it so I don't need to unlock one tile. I'll think about it more tonight.
Thanks for testing.

I've moved the platform up one in B4 and moved the flower in B5 right next to the left side of the pipe as AxemJinx described. As far the Yellow Koopa that RN pointed out, I've changed it to a Blue Koopa.

I guess the name is the last thing that's left. Out of the choices for names, I do like the following:

Piercing Pyramid
Jade Crusade
Emerald Escapade

As far as names on my side, I'm not that great with names. It was difficult to find a 19 letter phrase that fit being (a) green (b) describing arrows and (c) describing a tomb, ruins, or pyramid style. The name that I thought of was:

Chloropoint Crusade

Chloro means green, point could be referencing pointy arrows or point as a place, and crusade as in a tour through the ruins/tomb. But any of those 4 names are fine with me. :)
I waited on this because I didn't know how many SE I was going to need (somewhere between 1-4). Can I get 85-88? Thanks.
Can I get B4-B6 for level 23? Thanks. :)
Can I claim 3 blocks, Tile #'s: 382-384.

382 - Breakable Floor
383 - Lock Block (Doesn't Remove The Key)
384 - Lock Block Replacement Block

Thanks :).
Last one for the day. Can I get 23B-23E for Level 23? Thanks. :)
Okay, I liked both Jade Crusade and Emerald Escapade as a choice so since I couldn't determine which was better I decided to flip a coin. Best 2 out of 3 is the choice. And as a result, Emerald Escapade is the choice.

Here's the (hopefully) semifinal version of Emerald Escapade (v2.6):

IPS for Emerald Escapade (v2.6)

I've fixed most of the things that MrDeePay mentioned:
- The Switch Message reads "Now get out of our temple FOREVER!!" instead of NOWWWW.
- The quicksand is lowered in that picture by 1 tile and added a few brick decorations.
- The light sources on the switch blocks are fixed.
- Changed the music from 5E to 5F (the Desert Theme of B4).

I'm still a little bit on the fence with the theme for B5. I like the adrenaline/intensity that song 5E had in the previous versions but it doesn't fit the desert theme as much as it could. Whereas 5F fits the theme, but doesn't add enough of a pressure or intensity.

EDIT: Forgot about a Video for the 2.6 version: Video
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