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Considering there's been about 7-8 reviews for this hack and most people say reject, this hack will be removed and this thread will be closed.
Super Zakaria World
- 5 exits (only 3 are playable)
- Download Link => Download Here
- Description: Just to show you what a 12 year old can do.

For a hack, there are some major problems with it. Just opening up Lunar Magic itself, there are errors that come up saying the ExGFX file is not included. You have to use the Yellow Mushroom button to actually include ExGFX files into your file otherwise you get glitched graphics like the Piranha Plants.

As far as the level design itself, the levels are okay but they feel like they were not tested enough. There are some areas that just don't follow the arc of which Mario moves. For instance in the first level, when Mario shoots out of the cannon, yeah it took into account the Black Piranha Plants, but it blasts you right into a Mega Mole and misses the Midway Point. A better idea would be to shoot Mario into the midway point onto land that he can safely be at without enemies present because Mario moves so fast when coming out the pipe. Also try not to be so spammy with enemies. There were times where groups of the same enemy were used in a short period amount of time like a bunch of Rexes and a bunch of Mega Moles (in the first level). Try to mix up your enemies and have different kinds that work together and get in the way.

The Blue Switch Palace is okay but there's way too many 1-Ups here and it shouldn't be that easy to get 1-Ups. The Ghost level is okay but it has a lot of flat level design and a Fishing Boo that does not take into account its height. The area is way too hard if you are Big Mario where you are constantly having to fend off Fishing Boo without an actual power-up and if you're Small Mario you rarely even have to avoid him, until you reach the middle of the level where the level is at the same height as the Boo. Also there are Sprite Memory problems here (use Lakitu button) with Boos disappearing. The final level is again more spamming of glitchy Piranhas and is broken. You cannot finish this level because you do not have an exit pipe in Screen 8. Also why are there little to no power-ups in this game?

For that fact alone, that the 4th level is broken and cannot be finished, this hack is rejected.
Big Level 9
- 0 Exits (yup, I said it, 0)
- Download Link => Not even gonna post a link here.
- Description: BIG LEVEL 9, Tres Custom alors bon jeu!

I am in agreement with everyone here. The introduction level and title screen play okay but there is just nothing to play after that.

I am really tired of this hacker, apparently they are not taking any advice whatsoever and at least attempting to improve OR at least deliver something that can be played. This is at least the 3rd time this hacker has decided to do that and continues to spam these 1 level hacks that are unfinished, but this one is even less than that now with no completed levels. Short hacks under 5 levels or 10 minutes of gameplay will be rejected very quickly.

If someone knows French, can someone PM him to stop doing this and actually make a hack that is worth the time to moderate. Rejecting now and closing the thread.
Super Aurel World 3
- 0 exits
- Description: Super Aurel World 3, Demo : 01

Okay we've gone from 1 level hacks, to introduction level hack, to a hack that just doesn't work and gives fatal errors in LM. Seriously ... stop submitting hacks that are like this or are too short. They won't pass moderation.
MercuryPenny's Super Demo World
- 96 exits
- Download Link => Download Here
- Description: This hack is an attempt at one-upping FuSoYa's hack.
Do not feel obligated to play this hack, it's not fantastic.
The screens below depict the first 3 levels.

I went through about the first 3 worlds, but unfortunately I didn't want to go any further with the hack. The levels played fine, though sometimes you can get stuck in areas if you don't use the P-Switches properly and there are also no reset pipes.

However, from what I've seen for the first 3 worlds, the hack is overall just boring. Not that boring is necessarily bad, but it feels sort of empty and rather not really populated by enemies or actual challenges. Also there's a lot of levels that feel like blatant level edits of the original levels like the underwater fortress level, ghost ship level, etc. Not to mention other minor problems like Big Mario Discrimination, weird block interaction, palettes and colors, and other things.

As a special note, if you spin jump the Bullet Bills in the Boss stage, weird glitching happens in the BG. Rejected for now.
On request there will be an allowance of a few reviews but not too many.
Super Mario World 3: The Gold Scepter
- 100 exits (though only 5 are actually accessible)
- Download Link => Download Here
- Description: Explore through over 100 levels across 10 worlds. My first hack so enjoy.

For a first time hack, the gameplay design is not that bad. Unfortunately, the castle cannot be completed (even after the update) because there's no way to get to the red P-Switch door. The problem is the dotted lines are not solid when the P-Switch is activated (can be done with ExAnimation). Another big problem is in the Layer 3 water stage. I'm not sure what is happening most of the time, but I think you have some vertical scrolling in this level followed with water that rises and falls which together kind of creates a mess with you suddenly falling for no reason and dolphins that fly to the sky (o_O). Without ASM or Patching, levels cannot have Vertical Scrolling and L3 water together in the same level as they don't work together.

Other problems in this hack comes from the palettes and graphics. Some of the concepts like creating the cityscapes from the vanilla graphics is actually quite creative and look good. However there are also just bad graphical design and palettes, the Background (BG) surrounding areas around the buildings, water in the BG, glitches, weird or strange sprite colors, etc. All of those things have to be fixed. I also feel like there's a lot of sprites in general and the levels themselves felt a little long and repetitive. Try mixing up the sprites with more than just Mega Moles, Charging Chucks, Koopas, and Goombas and vary what happens in the levels without doing the same thing like hopping across the water or jumping on 3x1 platforms. Be very careful that you block the right side of the diagonal pipe and make sure you don't go blasting into enemies like the Charging Chuck in Stage 1.

For now the hack is rejected as it still needs a lot of work and the castle level cannot be completed.
After looking over this thread there are some things pointed out that are good advice. I'm going to close this thread now because there are enough reviews of this one.

Though after reading your last post above and the description of the hack itself, if there were a lot of problems that you didn't feel like going back and fixing, then I don't understand why it was even in the moderation queue in the first place. If it was a mistake to be submitted or you wanted it removed, that's fine just PM a moderator and they can have that removed for you. However, if it was submitted to get a full moderation, then it's going to go through the entire process -- and if you knew there were problems, there's bound to be criticism along the way.

Maybe I was a little harsh in my statements, but I didn't treat your hack any differently than anyone else's hack. There's only so much I (or others) can say good about a bad hack. Sugarcoating is not going to help anyone improve their hacks in the long run. The hack itself was okay but needed more work put into it and more testing before it was put into the moderation queue. The moderation process should be a last stop to be accepted into the list of SMW Hacks, NOT the first.
This thread will be closed now, it has gotten enough reviews. Someone has done the +1's for me (I really wish it was left at the end once the thread is closed).
Bowser Abuse 2
- 1 level
- Description: <None>

I have to remove this hack because a .SMC file was uploaded. We only accept .IPS files for moderation. To change your .SMC file to .IPS use Lunar IPS or Flips and use an unchanged SMW to create the IPS file. Also the hack is unchanged from the original. It only contains Bowser's Castle which is the same as the original.
Islands of Dragons
- 8 Exits
- Download Hack => Link

After playing this one from beginning to the end, the hack is okay, it plays okay and doesn't crash the game or exit to level 0. The secret exit in the Castle level doesn't work though.

However, the hack is a mess graphically and design is boring in ways. There's all kinds of glitchy or cutoff things everywhere in the new sprites. If you duck while you're in Fire mode, you actually look like you're the Small Dragon even though you're big. Also some of the shells look like they're a bunch of graphical garbage, cutoff edges, and/or things that don't resemble anything. Also for the OW, there's a lot of glitchiness happening and event tiles that activate when they are not suppose to happen.

Level design is okay, but at times look like blatant edits of the original as they are styled in the same way as them. It would be better if you modified the levels by deleting all of the objects Ctrl + Delete and start over and tried to make the levels different from that of the original. Also you have way too many sprites in small areas of the level. Too many sprites can cause them to disappear, have sprite memory problems, and/or reappear just randomly.

A lot more work has to be put in before this hack can be accepted. Only 1-2 more reviews will be accepted for this one. Rejected for now.
Super Mario World 3: The Gold Scepter
- 100 exits (though only 5 are actually accessible)
- Description: Explore through over 100 levels across 10 worlds. My first hack so enjoy.

Just because the name of the hack changes, doesn't mean you can pass it off as a hack that changed. It still has all of the problems that the other version had and has no changes made based on the suggestions of the reviewers in this thread. Denying it for now, don't do this again.
I've kept this opened way too long. Closing now and rejecting it.
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Well then this could have gone slightly better. Oh well, I guess 62.75 out of 80 is still a fairly decent score?

Also I think I like the 1-5 score system used for the other recent contests a bit more than this one. cstutor's scoring in particular feels rather... mechanical, with lots of points being attributed to things that feel fairly irrelevant to the actual quality of the level (see: most of the Aesthetics categories), and dividing level design into objects and sprites is just what. To take my own level as an example, judging by the comments it feels like he thought it was pretty bad, but he still gave it 70 points out of 80; it doesn't seem like the actual scores match his opinion on the levels very well.

I see what you mean. It does seem more mechanical because a lot of the questions I had were yes/no. If you had it you got the points, if you didn't the points were taken off. What I did was follow the grade scale given by SNN, 15 of the 80 points were allocated to aesthetics so as long as your hack had these simple things, for the most part it was an easy 14 or 15 points. Actually aesthetics should count for something because no one wants to play a piercingly bright colored level with glitches and sprite memory problems.

If the scores seem high, grading wise, the curve is graded up for me:

A = 80 - 76 (5)
B = 75 - 70 (58)
C = 69 - 64 (16)
D = 63 - 60 (3)
F = < 60 (0)

70.5 does seem numerically high. But when it gets stacked up against everyone else's score it actually ranks 48th out of 82 which is not that great overall. It was an okay level for me, I just liked other levels a little bit more.

A lot of people did okay-to-good levels; nobody did a horrible job in my opinion. It seemed to me most people thought through their design, tested it enough, and had some idea of what they wanted to do which is good -- it's the way levels/hacks should be made. Although I have to say, the number of desert and ice levels that were submitted was quite large and when a lot of people start doing the same kinds of levels, it kind of doesn't stick out.

@Mineyl Oh it's okay, np :). I think actually you had some good ideas in that level particularly the way the enemies were setup at times but, I think there were just too many blind jumps and the lack of margin of error was a little bit too low was really the problem. Overall I thought your level was okay.
Originally posted by Aeon
...I guess I'm the only one who didn't really expect that? I honestly didn't really like the judging this year for various reasons. To (hopefully) make my post more organized, I'm going to make a small list of what I didn't really like:

1. The reviews were made for standalone levels, and not for levels on a collab hack. I really didn't see much sense on this, as the whole point of this VLDC was that it was more of a collab than a competition.

It honestly seems the judges didn't look at the levels next to eachother, as there were quite a few great levels buried under less stellar ones (Underway's level is a great example). Apparently SNN also said all entries would first be inserted and then judged as a whole, which ended up making it a bit misleading.

Another thing I noticed was how there were LOTS of levels that lost points because they didn't have 'creative gimmicks', which is honestly pretty damn hard to accomplish using vanilla. Then there were a few levels that were made to be judged as collab levels and not standalone levels, as I said before, which ended up losing lots of points due to that.

2. The actual reviews were... eh. There were quite a few weird reviews, which gave me the impression the judges rushed the reviews to have them done in a month. Spelling and grammar were worth more than palettes in cstutor's reviews, for example, and Undy's level lost 0.5 points because 'possessed' was spelled incorrectly somewhere.

Honestly, most of the reviews weren't that constructive either, with most of them ending up too subjective, and others simply not being helpful to the level author, such as most of cs's reviews. Then there's the difficulty rating, which was also very strange; it seems that it was rated with 1/20 being a very easy level, and 20/20 being a very hard level, but it was included normally on the scoring. I believe the difficulty shouldn't really be considered when reviewing a level, just if the level was fair or not, and that can go under Level Design just fine.


And that's it. I'm also going to agree with how the judging system used in the previous VLDC was better; I honestly didn't see any reason to switch it now.

Underway's level was graded pretty high for me 72.5 / 80 which is definitely a solid B. I think he did pretty well for the most part. Even if I didn't knock of the 0.5, it wouldn't have changed the rankings.

I graded creativity the hardest on this contest because (a) the level design for the most part was good by pretty much everyone which is a good thing and there's very little to say anything wrong about it other than nitpicking (which maybe it came off that way but that's why the numbers are so high from me) and (b) because I wanted to see how far people can go with using something as ordinary as vanilla and turn into something amazing, out of the box, a risk worth taking, etc. And there were people that did that -- maybe they used the graphics in different ways than imagined, maybe they used enemies in a different way than before, etc. Yes it's not easy to do that because you have to work within the limitations of vanilla, but that's what separated the great ones from the good ones, imo. Pretty much everyone in this contest had an okay-to-good level for the most part which I think from last year the quality went up a lot, but the people who took the risk and executed it well deserved to get the higher grade.

As far as Aesthetics goes that should have been giveaway points. I do think it is important to spell and write grammatically correct sentences.

@Koopster For me, yes it does seem quite nitpicky but literally I sat here for 15 minutes after playing through most of ROM 1 and saying to myself these are some good levels. It seemed to me everyone took advantage of the 1 month time limit to really get a good level down which makes me really happy to play the levels. In general, most people did a really good job hence why the scores are so high from me, so it really comes down to details.
File Name: Super Mario in Element World demo 2
Authors: Daniel 115
Demo: Yes
Length: 12 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: I fixed something I sent in the previous version (the tube at level 1) and charge here in Central SMW updating the hack!
IPS: Link


The first 2 levels are okay and play fine for the most part. They do seem a little bit short and can be completed within a minute.

Removal Reasons:
The 3rd level has a pipe that takes you to Level 0 and cannot be escaped from. Any pipe that leads to level 0 that is inescapable, is a removal reason. Make sure that your Secondary Exit exists on this level (using the Button Door 2 on Lunar Magic).
Refer to this review: http://smwc.me/1139284

Mario & La Sphère de Toad 2 [Demo 2] v0.6
Authors: Aurel509
Demo: Yes
Length: 26 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: "Bowser has stolen the magic of the Sphere Hurry up before it reduces the world into chaos."

Download Link: IPS


Levels have no immediate fatal faults that warrant automatic removal - like submitted ROM, bad ROM, exits to Level 0, etc. Levels play fine from beginning to end (including secondary entrances and exits). Graphics are fair for the most part, a lot of it is adequate nothing that displays glitches or is outstanding for the most part. Music is fine for the most part, nothing strange or out of the ordinary.

Level Notes:
- Extra Night: Nothing.

- Dark Forest: Be careful with the number of enemies that are present in this level in the same screen. These can cause massive slowdown. Key is a little bit too low in terms of height -- can be reached from below.

- Black Rain: See Dark Forest, too much slowdown.

- Sunrise To The Sea: Nothing.

- Castle 1: Mainly there's way too many jumps that are BMD (Big Mario Discrimination). See Photo below. Also the whole level AD feels anti-climatic and boring for the most part since the screen moves very slowly and it's almost impossible to get hurt unless you accidentally run into a spike. Too many power-ups before the boss.

- Grassland Plains: Again too many sprites in certain areas that just cause overload and slowdown.

- Desert Plains: Green Patooie Plant is not located well. Getting the 3 turtle shells into the Plant is difficult because they are located such that screen has to be moved. Unless you have a Cape which kills it automatically or just take a hit which will make this a lot easier. Also too much slowdown again with the turtles.

- Epic Platform: Color schemes are a little bit bad (cutoff ropes + colors of trees/platforms/pipes). "!" Blocks can be maneuvered around if you have a Cape.

- Grassland Plains 2: Nothing.

- Koopa Beach: No Power-Ups at all in this level. Pretty much all Koopas for the most part and nothing else.

- Castle #2: Cutoff with the lightning against the bricks. Also this annoying jump (Photo below) that has BMD. Chains of the Ball and Chains sometimes can be walked through while others cannot. Kirby Boss (not related to the hack) seems to be spammable to being attacked and also goes above the ground.

- Snow Hills: Too many Koopas in one area (Screen A).

- Frozen Cave: Again too many enemies in the same area (Screen D).

- Fast And Slippery: Nothing.

- Castle #3: Spike Pillars are too hard to see and tell because they are behind the FG and are colored the same thing. Boss area seems a little too small and too easy to get hit especially with Thwomp going at max speed.

- Lake Poisoned #1 (Change to Poison/Poisoned Lake): Nothing.

- Pipe Bazaar: These kinds of problems irk me like the BMD.

- STAR ROAD (Change Please): Nothing, except needs a name change.

- Castle #4: Add a Side Exit to exit this level.

- Green Switch: Nothing, but it doesn't seem to appear at all in this game.

- Blue Switch: Nothing, but it also doesn't seem to appear at all either just like the Green Switch.

For the most part, this is a decent start. However there are things that do need some more work. For me, denied at the moment but leaving open for review.
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